Interactive signage control and CMS

Efficient content management for interactive exhibitions

Interactive signage control and CMS by Garamantis

You are looking for a user-friendly interactive signage control that centrally manages all your exhibition’s media contents?

With Garamantis’ interactive signage control system via central content management system (CMS), you keep your head clear for creative thoughts instead of having to worry about the system’s smooth and efficient operation.

Product characteristics

  • Customized CMS
  • Efficient content management
  • Cost-effective universal media player
  • Central configuration of all media players
  • Fail-safe infrastructure
  • Monitoring and exhibition control

Location independent collaboration
Safe worldwide access to the CMS via internet browser
Efficient content management
Fast and easy content upload, e. g. with bulk import
Seamless updates
Altered content is distributed to all applications in real time without disruption
Data security
High security through encryption and data recovery option via backup

Administration of distributed installations

The Garamantis CMS is fully scalable and can manage between one and several hundred devices (e.g. multi touch screens). Upload images, videos and other content simply via the web interface into the central media library and decide which device to deliver what content.

Overview of CMS functions:

  • central, secure web access
  • compatibility for various hardware and resolutions
  • roles and rights system for different user rights
  • highly flexible media library
  • bulk import and API connectivity from other data sources possible
  • uninterrupted updates on the devices
  • and much more...
Multi touch content management system (CMS) by Garamantis to manage content efficiently over multiple installations

Cost-efficiency through the use of versatile standard PC-hardware

Instead of using expensive and rapidly outdated specialized hardware as media players, we install configurable mini-computers by renowned manufacturers that are selected to exactly match your individual needs. Thanks to the cost-efficient deployment of standardized PC‑hardware, you have the option to flexibly decide anytime which content format you want to show: images, video footage, audio files, 3D models and more – the choice is all yours.

The media players are delivered with a unified software image that contains the individualized software including an update-option. Immediately during the initial boot process, the media players are automatically registered with the CMS – and all you need to do is feed them with content. In case of a hardware failure, either the manufacturer’s on‑site assistance takes care of the problem or you simply exchange the faulty device via plug‑and‑play.

We program the media player’s varying configurations natively, which allows us to exploit the full potential of the available hardware performance. Unlike web-based content, we thus achieve a perfectly smooth and fluent rendition with 60 frames per second – even on interactive high‑resolution Ultra HD screens.

Central configuration and control of all media players via CMS

In our custom‑made solution developed for you, all media players are controlled via a central network-based CMS. The CMS neatly lists all media-players within the network, monitors their system status and provides information on their configuration; e.g. on resolution or screen orientation. That means that every single passive display or interactive touch screen in the exhibition is integrated into the system and connected with the CMS via network. The CMS allocates the respective matching configuration to it and supplies it with the digital signage content to display. If a new media player is added, the CMS automatically recognizes it as new and assigns a distinct installation number to it. The system then displays a notification on the installation screen, so you can easily and conveniently administrate the new device. As a result, the system made by Garamantis allows you to handle and control an entire exhibition or trade fair presentation containing several hundred interactive signage screens.

Web dashboard of the CMS to control interactive installations

Fail-safe system with high‑performance media players

The high-performance media players automatically download any altered or new content which is of relevance to them from the CMS via incremental update and save it to their local SSD hard drive. Thus, even in case of a temporary network failure or disconnection from the CMS the players remain fully functional.

Customized digital signage control

And what’s best: thanks to the CMS developed by Garamantis exactly in accordance with your application’s requirements and our native media player configuration, all you have to care about is the content itself. You don’t have to deal with details like font size, formatting and layout issues anymore – the CMS and the digital signage control take care of that for you. A strict separation between content and form of presentation is maintained at all times: according to the media player’s respective configuration, each device is assigned its individual and optimized concept of interaction and mode of presentation. As a result, you can always add or update content without having to pay any mind to its design or layout. Once entered, all data or content can simply be transferred to other types of installation and into different resolutions or forms of presentation.

Monitoring and control of the digital signage system made convenient per app

Monitoring and control of the interactive signage system is very simple, thanks to remote control via tablet PC: You can conveniently boot the system every morning and shut it down again at night. The controlling system was created especially for the reliable and efficient operation of interactive exhibitions. Apart from the simple handling of day‑to‑day tasks like start-up and shut-down, it also offers special programs for planned (or unplanned) exceptional events, such as maintenance work or power failure. So even after extraordinary incidents, you can swiftly and easily restore the system.

With Garamantis’ user-friendly interactive signage system you’re always on the safe side –your exhibition’s digital components are under the sound and reliable control of a central CMS that guarantees the best possible representation of media content matched to your particular application. Content management becomes conceivably simple for you and you stay immune to hazardous incidents – all the while keeping up both cost-efficiency and full flexibility in your choice of content.

Claus Zweythurm - Business Manager, Ars Electronica Solutions

No matter whether we’re in need of creative software solutions for one of our outlandish ideas or rather like to fall back on tried and tested technologies like their CMS– with Garamantis we’re always well cared-for. In all our projects Garamantis has been the guarantor of straightforward communication, solution-oriented work and high-quality results. Also because of their friendly, accommodating and reliable support we, as satisfied customers, are always happy to return. Thank you!

Claus Zweythurm, Business Manager, Ars Electronica Solutions

Franz-Michael Günther - Curator at German Spy Museum

or me, the collaboration with Garamantis on this – in every aspect – very complex and complicated project in the German Spy Museum, Berlin, can be summed up under the following three results: First, "This won’t work" is not in their vocabulary. And even if so, this was rather because our wishes and requirements were phrased too vaguely, and Garamantis helped clarify them by suggesting possible solutions. Second, Garamantis’s ideas and networks, like the interactive display cases, have opened up new and innovative ways of presentation for our exhibition concept as a whole and have consequently been integrated into the permanent exhibition. Third, this project took an immense toll on everybody’s nerves and strength. The entire Garamantis team was always an important "filling station" of "garamantic" sense of humor and mediating easiness for all of us. It has been great fun and we consider a recommendation imperative!

Franz-Michael Günther, Curator at German Spy Museum

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