Multi-User Operating System for Multi-Touch-Application and App

multi touch software development by Garamantis
Multi-Touch-Software for presentation of pictures, videos, texts, PDF and powerpoint
Multi-touch-software with Twitter-API for scanning analog postcards
multitouch software with 3d objects developed in Unity and C#

Individual business class multitouch software

Our 3d multi-touch software unites every subcomponent of an interactive installation (concept, hardware, content, screen design) and makes them come alive. For us, the software is the heart of any interactive installation, and a software finely tuned to every single individual application can be crucial. After all, it is the software that is responsible for the choice of content and interaction possibilities presented to the user, and also for the way this is done. So ultimately, the software decides about the quality of the user’s experience.

The Garamantis multi-touch software is a software suite combining all modules and applications in one package. It contains frequently used components like multimedia presentation (images, videos, text, PDF, powerpoint, 3D modells), business card recognition, object recognition, social media integration (e. g. Twitter streaming) multi-touch games etc. Should new features become necessary for a specific concept, we design them ourselves and add them to the software suite. Consequently, you as a customer benefit from the ongoing advancement of our software without having to buy and manage a multitude of separate modules.


  • 3D globe
  • 3D multiplayer games (e.g., airhockey, quiz, painting)
  • Animated infographics with POIs
  • Real-time physics calculation
  • Flyers recognition
  • Gigapixel images
  • Interactive timeline
  • Media Newsroom
  • PDF-PowerPoint Viewer
  • product recognition
  • Product presentations with 3D models
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Business card scanning
  • Paths and maps

High quality standard

With every one of our applications we strive for perfection and set our standards of quality very high. Our software engineers have an average of 10 years of experience in software development, know what is essential, and, while working efficiently on agile development, keep a keen eye for details. One of these details is our products’ position sensing feature. Our installations are aware of the users’ position and automatically optimize content for their line of vision and perspective.

In Unity software development, Garamantis relies on state-of-the art technology, like OpenGL, to get the most out of the hardware’s performance and keep the software architecture modular. We avoid technology that conflicts with the general idea of multi-touch (many simultaneous control commands).

Individual multi touch software development for multi touch installations at companies, museums and trade fairs

This comprehensive software includes features like multimedia presentations (images, videos, text, PDF, powerpoint), business card recognition, object recognition, social media integration (e. g. Twitter streaming), multi-touch games etc.
Native software environment
Smooth and fluent representation with very high resolution (8K or 16 Full HD displays minimum with only one PC), more frames per second than achieved by any rival product
24/7 operation
The software is very robust and not susceptible to malfunction, even under continuous operation (24/7)
Evaluation and statistics
Usage statistics and evaluation of the most popular content facilitate constant content optimization

Individual Software Development

In our software development, we are not limited to multi-touch technology, but we worked on many projects involving mobile apps, motion tracking, gesture control, robot programming, projections and VR, as well. Please contact us, if you need advice or the design of an interactive software project.

Michael Busch - CEO Landau Media GmbH & Co.KG

A newsroom used in corporate communication needs applications for crossmedial visualization of content and news streams and for planning and producing new content, while ensuring a 360 degree view on all the different media channels. With their professional multi-touch technologies, Garamantis have created the perfect implementation of all those requirements for our customers. For each and every user in the field of corporate communication and marketing, Garamantis develops the exactly fitted interactive newsroom solution – ranging from entry-level to high-end and flexible as well as modular. We’re thrilled!

Michael Busch, CEO Landau Media GmbH & Co.KG

Claus Zweythurm - Business Manager, Ars Electronica Solutions

No matter whether we’re in need of creative software solutions for one of our outlandish ideas or rather like to fall back on tried and tested technologies like their CMS– with Garamantis we’re always well cared-for. In all our projects Garamantis has been the guarantor of straightforward communication, solution-oriented work and high-quality results. Also because of their friendly, accommodating and reliable support we, as satisfied customers, are always happy to return. Thank you!

Claus Zweythurm, Business Manager, Ars Electronica Solutions

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