Interactive watch showcase

Innovative form of product presentation for high-quality watches

Interactive watch showcase - Innovative form of product presentation for high-quality watches
watch showcase with clear multi-touch glass and interactive turntable
The interactive watch showcase by Garamantis provides dynamic illumination with light spots
Interactive watch showcase by Garamantis featured in the Goldschmiede Zeitung

You produce or sell unique high-class watches? If so, why not make their presentation equally unique?

Our latest product innovation, the interactive watch showcase, invites customers to a playful “hands-on interaction” with the watch!

By swiping across the showcase’s clear multi-touch glass surface,the customer turns the watch on a barely noticeable turntable. A movable high-resolution 360° panoramic backdrop serves to embed the watch into the desired brand environment.
The showcase’s lighting system is dynamic as well: five dirigible spotlights highlight every detail, and the customer can marvel at the watch in various lighting conditions.
Additional monitors show, for instance, videos on the product, small details of the watch, or demonstrate and explain the manufacturing process. This way, the customer can enter the manufacturer’s brand world and playfully study the watch’s special features.
As optional features, a person detector and a sound-system are available for the showcase to maximize its multi-media possibilities.

Product features of the watch showcase:

  • eyecatcher effect: absolutely novel way of product presentation
  • playful interaction with a high degree of customer involvement
  • facilitates “storytelling”: every detail of the watch can come with a story
  • protects the watch from direct access, but at the same time allows interaction with it
  • dynamic lighting for optimal presentation
  • showcase available in various sizes, models and colors

Goldschmiede Zeitung - January 2018

The interactive showcase by Garamantis, which responds differently to horizontal and vertical touches on the clear multi-touch glass.
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Goldschmiede Zeitung, January 2018

Goldschmiede Zeitung - December 2017

The interactive display case by the Berlin based company Garamantis is a world premier. By touching the glass you can explore the exhibited object and learn about its history.
Ein spielerischer Zugang

Goldschmiede Zeitung, December 2017

Interactive product presentation

The interactive watch showcase attracts customer’s attention because of its novelty and encourages them to occupy themselves intuitively with the watch, which makes it particularly suitable for

  • showrooms in company headquarters
  • trade fairs and events
  • jeweler’s and watch shops

The showcase’s technology is adaptable – size, form, color as well as its technical equipment can be customized to your requirements. And it is even possible to retrofit it into already existing displays and shop windows.

The interactive watch showcase is perfect for showrooms, trade fairs and jewelers

Infographic interactive watch showcase by Garamantis

Technical specifications of the showcase:

  • glass surface: anti-reflective, oil-repellent museum glass, multi-touch
  • body: high-quality corpus made of metal, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and Corian®
  • standard measurements: W: 2,6 ft. (79 cm), H: 5,75 ft. (175 cm), D: 1,7 ft. (51 cm)
  • lighting system: five dynamic spotlights, individually dirigible
  • turntable: powerful and noiseless drive
  • display screens: 32’’ (2,536 x 1,444 pixel) and 8’’ (1,536 x 2,048 pixel)
  • PC: integrated Intel® i5 processor
  • connections: power (240/110 V), network (Ethernet)
  • CMS: Content Management System including usage statistics
Interactive watch showcase with Multi-touch glass and dynamic lighting system

Martin Heinz - CEO at Jörg Heinz GmbH & Co. KG

The interactive display case by Garamantis provided the perfect platform for staging our 50th anniversary jewelry-highlight at the Inhorgenta Munich 2018. The audience was thrilled by this interactive mise‑en‑scène. Despite a very short lead time, the entire execution met the highest possible standards. Thank you very much for the pleasant and uncomplicated cooperation!

Martin Heinz, CEO at Jörg Heinz GmbH & Co. KG

Zukunft des Einkaufens - 2/21/2017

The interactive display case is an innovative product designed for exhibitions, trade fairs, museums, and for stores as well. This item, too, employs multi-touch technology paired with interactive screens that allow immediate interaction with the product on display. The genuine novelty about it is the display case’s fully transparent, crystal clear multi-touch surface.
Mit Multitouch- und interaktiver Technologie das Einkaufserlebnis steigern

Zukunft des Einkaufens, 2/21/2017

Initiative Mittelstand - 3/16/2017

The “Initiative Mittelstand” (“Initiative for MSE”) awards the Innovation Prize IT 2017 to particularly innovative IT solutions of high benefit to medium-sized enterprises. In the category "hardware", the expert jury rates the interactive showcase by Garamantis with "BEST OF 2017". The rated product has convinced the jury and is within the top flights among this year’s Innovation Prize IT participants.

Initiative Mittelstand, 3/16/2017

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