Interactive Showcase

Directly interact with the exhibit via transparent multi touch glass

Interactive Touch display case by Garamantis
Crystal clear front window of the multi touch showcase by Garamantis
The exhibit is rotating while the background screen and the info screen adjust dynamically
Interactive watch case by Garamantis in the Goldschmiede Zeitung

The interactive display case is a product innovation suitable for trade fairs, museums and point-of-sale

This product combines multi-touch technology, interactive screens and means of immediate interaction with the object/product on display. The user controls the object and various screens by touching the display case’s crystal clear multi-touch glass surface, and the focus is always on the object or product itself.

Transparent multi-touch-glass
The most remarkable and important feature of every Garamantis display case is the clear, unobstructed view on the object it provides, made possible by the multi-touch glass designed especially for this novelty. The interactive display case is constructed to always keep the object in the foreground, in front of the monitors with additional information.

It is exactly this feature from which you will benefit and that makes it superior to any other digital display case, where the object is placed behind a “transparent” monitor – in fact, in those the object always appears slightly blurred, as the semi-transparent monitors used in them have a light transmission of only 15 % max.

Interactive turntable
Movement of the object inside the case is achieved by means of a powerful and noiseless turntable that reacts to intuitive touch-gestures on the multi-touch glass surface without delay. In addition, an LED light on the turntable visualizes the user’s control (e.g. by indicating “left” or “right”, depending on the direction the user’s hand moves in).

Product characteristics

  • glass surface:  anti-reflective, oil-repellent museum glass, multi-touch
  • body:  high-quality corpus made of metal, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and Corian®
  • standard measurements:  W: 2,6 ft. (79 cm), H: 5,75 ft. (175 cm), D: 1,7 ft. (51 cm)
  • lighting system:  five dynamic spotlights, individually dirigible
  • turntable:  powerful and noiseless drive
  • display screens:  32’’ (2,536 x 1,444) and 8’’ (1,536 x 2,048)
  • computer:  Intel i5, 16GB RAM, SSD, WLAN, Ethernet
  • connections:  power (240/110 V), network (Ethernet)
  • CMS:  web based Content Management System including usage statistics
  • Audio-system:  stereo close contact speakers
  • Colors:  entire RAL-range
  • Additional features:  person detector up to 20 ft.(optional)
  • Shipping, assembly and implementation:  included
  • delivery time:  6 weeks starting from order (within Europe)

Worldwide novelty
This display case for the first time allows crystal clear view on the exhibit while at the same time ensuring full multi-touch functionality
Object movement
The user can rotate the exhibit in front of a dynamic backdrop via swipe motions. Spotlights and monitors serve to highlight and explain further details
Person detector
The display case recognizes persons in its vicinity and can draw their attention to itself. It detects the position of each single viewer and optimizes the application accordingly
Maximum flexibility
The display case’s size, shape, and integrated hardware are always individually adapted to your corporate design and your desired overall concept


The lighting inside the display case consists of several dynamic spotlights that change in accordance to the object’s actual position. They can point out interesting details and create a harmonious lighting concept, together with the monitors.

Ambient Screen

The large high-resolution background monitor serves to embed the object into its “natural environment”. The backdrop rotates along with the turntable and thus creates an atmospheric 360°-setting.


Depending on the viewing angle an additional smaller screen shows morde detailled information or videos about the illuminated parts of the object. By touching a "button" on the surface the user is able to change the language of the display case. The operator himself manages all the digital content of the display case via the Garamantis CMS.


Audio explanations or background music can either be played with the display case’s built-in speaker system or received via smartphone: if the user scans the QR code printed on the display case he immediately gets the matching audio content, in synch with the video footage and in his own language.

Interactive technologies for you

All this is just a selection from Garamantis’ interactive display case’s possible configurations. We also can integrate our multi touch controlled turntable technology into existing museum display cases or even into store windows. Just let us know your ideas for your display case’s utilization, and we will get back to you with suggestions about configurations that meet your needs!

Interactive multi-touch showcase by Garamantis in white

Infographic interactive showcase by Garamantis

Goldschmiede Zeitung - 08/2018

Now the company, launched only in 2014, has revolutionized the concept of a classic presentation display case. The once-passive observer becomes an active user and interacts intuitively through the transparent multi-touch glass with the exhibit.

Goldschmiede Zeitung, 08/2018

Initiative Mittelstand - 3/16/2017

The “Initiative Mittelstand” (“Initiative for MSE”) awards the Innovation Prize IT 2017 to particularly innovative IT solutions of high benefit to medium-sized enterprises. In the category "hardware", the expert jury rates the interactive showcase by Garamantis with "BEST OF 2017". The rated product has convinced the jury and is within the top flights among this year’s Innovation Prize IT participants.

Initiative Mittelstand, 3/16/2017

Zukunft des Einkaufens - 2/21/2017

The interactive display case is an innovative product designed for exhibitions, trade fairs, museums, and for stores as well. This item, too, employs multi-touch technology paired with interactive screens that allow immediate interaction with the product on display. The genuine novelty about it is the display case’s fully transparent, crystal clear multi-touch surface.
Mit Multitouch- und interaktiver Technologie das Einkaufserlebnis steigern

Zukunft des Einkaufens, 2/21/2017

Dr. Friederich Kupzog - Senior Scientist at Austrian Institute of Technology

Our product, an intelligent control unit, is technically complex and requires intensive explanation. In Garamantis’ interactive display case, we were able to put it on view in an attractive fashion and at the same time comprehensively explain all its functions to the viewer. The display case was a high-quality experience for our visitors. It enjoyed a lot of attention, and many people interacted with it.

Dr. Friederich Kupzog, Senior Scientist at Austrian Institute of Technology

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Example of use

watch showcase

Our latest product innovation, the interactive watch showcase, invites customers to a playful “hands-on interaction” with the watch!
By swiping across the showcase’s clear multi-touch glass surface, the customer turns the watch on a barely noticeable turntable. A movable high-resolution 360° panoramic backdrop serves to embed the watch into the desired brand environment.


This demo application with a Porsche model car shows the possible usage in an automobile museum. The model car rotates on the glass surface, controlled by touch-gestures on the display case’s glass pane. The user can scroll in text or additional information with touch‑gestures as well. The car rotates in front of a high-resolution backdrop and appears in varying lighting conditions.

Museum showcase


An interactive showcase offers museums a number of advantages over a conventional museum showcase. The screens embed the exhibit in its original surroundings and give the visitor a great depth of additional information. The most important thing, however, is interactivity. The visitor can turn the exhibit and look at it from all sides, but it is still protected.


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