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Multitouch Table with object recognition and 4k screen
Objects on the Multitouch Table after scanning the pictures
Multi touch scanner table with ultra HD resolution screen
Multitouch Table with mobile metal rack and multitouch screen

Multitouch Table with ultra HD resolution, genuine object recognition and person detector

The multi-touch scanner table by Garamantis is a configuration made of state-of-the-art hardware and true product innovation. Its basic structure is an ultra HD resolution (4K), high contrast multi-touch display that allows 80 parallel touch inputs. In order to maximize this product’s interactive features, we have integrated additional hardware components.

Person sensor
The multi-touch table possesses a sensor able to detect people within a range of up to 6 meters and process their exact position. Two crucial ways of interaction thus become possible for the table: First, it makes its presence known to people in its surroundings (e.g. by light or sound signals) and encourages them to use it. Secondly, the table adjusts the multi-touch software to the user’s position by, for instance, moving content into his direction.

Genuine object recognition
Gone are the times of multi-touch tables only being able to recognize QR codes and items with a special marker – thanks to the table’s LED-supported high‑resolution camera system, it recognizes any object, such as flyers, business cards or products. The user simply shows an item to the table and the software reacts to it, for instance by playing a video about that specific object.


Multitouch Table

  • Screen size:  43‘‘ / 55" / 65“ inches
  • Resolution:  UltraHD resolution(4K): 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
  • Multi-touch technology:  fully transparent InGlass touch or PCAP with sensor by 3M
  • Maximum number of touch-inputs:  80 parallel touch points
  • Computer:  min. Intel i7, 16GB RAM, SSD, WIFI, Ethernet
  • Object recognition:  optical, capacitive, RFID and others (optional)
  • Graphic board:  min. Nvidia GTX 1070
  • Audio-system:  stereo close contact speakers
  • CMS:  web-based, included
  • Multi-touch software:  software suite included
  • Measurements:  W.: 4,7 ft.; H.:2,9 ft.; D.:3 ft.
  • Body:  MDF, Corian, Metal
  • Colors:  entire RAL-range
  • Shipping, assembly and implementation:  included
  • Additional features:  person detector (optional)
  • Additional features:  circulating RGB LED strip (660, individually controllable)
  • Operating time:  24/7, "real public display"

Garamantis Multitouch Scanner Table - infographic

Genuine object recognition
Thanks to the built-in HD cameras, the table detects and recognizes objects, such as flyers, business cards or products, without need for a special marker or QR code (unlike conventional multi-touch tables)
Person detector
The table recognizes people in its surrounding and attracts their attention on its own accord. It knows the exact position of every user and adjusts the application accordingly
Ultra-HD resolution
This extremely high resolution rate (4K) with four times as many pixels as in Full HD renders every content and application razor-sharp
Maximum flexibility
Our multi-touch table’s size, shape, and integrated hardware are always customized to your corporate design and your desired overall concept

Multi-touch table with LED lighting, personal sensor, optical object recognition and 3D globe

Multitouch table detects products using RFID technology - Interactive booth of Fränkische Rohrwerke

Secunet Showroom - 55-inch multi-touch table with design metal frame

 Multitouch Table scans analogue drawings and transforms them into a 3D model

Initiative Mittelstand - 3/16/2017

The “Initiative Mittelstand” (“Initiative for MSE”) awards the Innovation Prize IT 2017 to particularly innovative IT solutions of high benefit to medium-sized enterprises. In this category, the expert jury grants the award to Garamantis for their multi-touch scanner table. The prize-winning product has convinced the jury and counts among this year’s Innovation Prize IT winners.

Initiative Mittelstand, 3/16/2017 - VDI Verlag, 11/14/2016

The Multi-Touch-Scanner Table of the Berlin company integrates genuine object recognition and person detector - therefore it is particularly suitable as an autonomous interactive info counter.
Multitouch-Scanner: Jetzt können sich Messebesucher von einem Tisch beraten lassen, VDI Verlag, 11/14/2016

Monolithic MDF body

The particularly shapely MDF body is a real eye-catcher. The eye-catching design is further enhanced by the LED illuminated scanner niches and the surrounding LED band. We tailor the coating, prints and lighting individually to the customer's corporate design.

Multitouch table with ultra HD resolution

Mobile metal frame

For fairs and changing locations, our mobile metal frame is ideal, which is easy to transprot in a flight case. The design frame, which is coated in the color of your choice of powder, is very robust, safe against vandalism and has an invisible cable guide.

Mobile multitouch table with design frame made of powder coated metal



Multi-touch wall for presenting product information at the exhibition stand

Multi-touch wall with iPad control in the ESA showroom

Multitouch Shopping Wall with Grid out of 16 Full-HD Screens

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