Social Media Table

The live interface with Twitter, Facebook and Co. right at your event

Interactive Twitter Table for innovative event marketing
Social Media Table at trade fairs and employee events
Twitter Table scans analog messages at the trade fair booth
Multi-Touch-Software of the social media table works a an info terminal and also for program information

The social media table not only is an eye‑catcher – it can also serve as a point of contact and an info box at your event. Just like a digital playground, it quickly attracts visitors and encourages them to broadcast your event via the different social media channels. The table’s users increase your social media coverage and web presence and enjoy themselves at the same time! This unique event marketing tool comprises three key features:

1. innovative hands-on play-along action for visitors and attendants
2. the latest state-of‑the art interactive technology
3. direct conversion from analog to digital (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)


From analog to digital in a playful way

It’s becoming increasingly popular to involve social media usage in trade fair and corporate event contexts. Any public event taking place automatically generates a lot of output in the form of photos, impressions, results, and feedback – visitors and attendants want to participate and communicate. That’s exactly where the social media table comes in: it picks up on the visitors’ analog input and turns it into coverage and content on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Co. The table automatically converts handwritten messages into social media posts and spreads them via the social media platforms at the push of a button. The result is a win-win situation in which visitors and attendants have fun, enjoy themselves and stay focused on the event’s subject matter, and your company increases its social media coverage.

Twitter Table for innovative event marketing at trade fairs and corporate events

Quick user guide for the Twitter table:

1. design postcard: design and write your individual analog postcard
2. scan postcard: insert the postcard into the table’s scanner recess and edit tweet, if necessary
3. send: post tweet and take your postcard as a souvenir

Twitter Wall 2.0

The table has a live interface that connects it to Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels, so it actually serves as a Twitter‑ or Facebook wall which displays posts about your event and your brand under pre-defined hashtags – simple and intuitive, even if neither your business nor the user has an own social media account.

More than a Twitter Wall - the Multi-Touch-Software turns analog cards into live Tweets automatically

Andreas Köster - Head of Communications at Garamantis

Event marketing’s central communication tasks are information, emotion, motivation, and action. And that’s exactly what the Twitter table achieves wherever people get together.

Andreas Köster, Head of Communications at Garamantis

Info point - Twitter Table informs visitors of the event about the program

Info counter hub at trade fairs and events

The table shows, besides social media posts, the event’s program schedule as well as detailed information on individual program topics. It can also provide trade fair guides, info material and videos for the visitors – thanks to optical object recognition, all it takes is to show one’s ticket or a flyer to the table.

The table is multi-user capable and operable from all four sides; it recognizes people and directs any content on its high-resolution display towards their viewing angle.

Scope of services

  • free telephone advice and conception for your event
  • customized graphic user interface in your corporate design
  • full-surface print in your corporate design on table corpus
  • design and production of 2,000 postcards plus postcard rack in your corporate design
  • creation and design of Twitter profile or integration of existing profile
  • content-related adjustment to any event and occasion
  • lease of hardware and software
  • transportation, assembly/ disassembly and user instruction (within Germany)
  • optional: personal on-site support from trained booth staff during the event
  • evaluation and measuring of Twitter and Facebook coverage
  • full service and personal support at a fixed price


Analog cars are being scanned and turned into tweets by the twitter table at the place of the event

Idea for trade fairs and events

All you need is your idea to book the social media table as your next event’s highlight – we take care of everything else!

From hardware design to hashtags – everything will be customized and ready for your event. We deliver the technical hardware and give you in-depth user instruction; this way you won’t need an event manager or an event agency. If so desired, we also provide on-site assistance for the table from our trained booth personnel. After the event, you will receive a comprehensive success analysis and an evaluation of Twitter/Facebook coverage from us.

invidis consulting - 5/11/2017

"Love Out Loud!" was the motto of the re:publica 2017. The Berlin based digital and multi-touch experts from Garamantis Interactive Technologies carried out a suitable interactive action with their 4K multi-touch table.
Digitale Liebesgrüße von der republica 2017

invidis consulting, 5/11/2017

Simone Orgel - Head of Project, republica GmbH

Garamantis at the re:publica? Technology and innovation meet fun, attractive design and community interaction. Thank you for this exciting project and the good collaboration!

Simone Orgel, Head of Project, republica GmbH

Blach Report - 5/23/2017

The whole process works as simply and intuitively that even visitors lacking any basic knowledge in social media application in no time manage to broadcast their individual messages via Twitter.
„Social Media Tisch“ mit Multitouch-Funktion

Blach Report, 5/23/2017

Daniel Dombrovsky - Federal Office FDP, Dept. of Organization & Finances

The social media table by Garamantis was the highlight of our Liberal Market at the last federal party convention. Thanks to the creative and ambitioned team and their self-sufficient work style, only a minimum of input on our part was needed for them to develop the content for a media-effective interactive desk. It garnered a lot of interest from young and old alike –particularly because of its interactivity and its use as an information point. Due to Garamantis’ professionalism and know‑how our expectations have even been exceeded. We greatly appreciate the good cooperation and look forward to future projects.

Daniel Dombrovsky, Federal Office FDP, Dept. of Organization & Finances

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