Virtual Reality

Virtual Realities as special highlight at your trade fair booth

Virtual Reality as special highlight at your trade fair booth
Virtual reality experience space for up to 12 people at the BMZ booth
Virtual Reality - usage of tools in VR environment
VR environment with HTC Vive Controller
Augmented reality (AR) goggles Magic Leap at the booth

VR-technology is an unstoppable mega trend – also at events and trade shows, where it offers visitors an impressive experience. With VR the user immerses himself completely in your brand landscape and product world while at the same time having a unique experience

Conception and planning of VR events
Many of our customers at first have little experience with the use of VR environments and the necessary hardware. This is why we first lay out and explain the technology’s basic and fundamental possibilities and point out potential problems in its practical application. Then we start to develop first ideas for the realization according to the respective company, their products, and the event in planning. Upon this, conception and planning ensue in order to create a solid foundation for the development of a VR environment.

Individual VR software development
The use of VR is particularly helpful in cases like the following:

  • The product’s physical dimensions are simply too large to fit into a regular trade show or exhibition environment (for instance, a factory assembly line, which with the help of VR becomes possible to walk through for visitors).
  • The product in reality is so small to become virtually impossible to grasp to the naked eye (for instance, the intricate cogs and wheels of a watch’s analogue clockwork, made accessible in larger scale in VR).
  • The “product” in question is a special far-away or otherwise inaccessible place (e. g. users can visit the destination of their next vacation or a place’s famous tourist attractions in VR).
  • You want to adopt a certain playful approach where users can participate and engage as much as possible (like steer an engine with the help of VR controllers or assemble something VR).
VR headgear and other hardware
When it comes to choosing the right VR-hardware, we usually offer a HTC Vive headset with controllers. Especially the wireless technology for free and unrestricted movement within a few square meters radius, its high reliability as well as its good price-performance ratio are strong arguments in favor of the HTC Vive. In special cases of applications where an Oculus Rift, a Gear VR or even Google Cardboards are better suited, we develop hardware for those, too. In the end, the choice of the optimal hardware depends on the individual concept and the budget available.
Apart from the VR headgear and base stations for spatial location, a high-performance PC as well as a charging station for the batteries are needed. In any case, an extra monitor to display the visual field of the person wearing the VR headgear to bystanders or supporting trade fair personnel is also very useful. In order to warrant a smooth operation, the entire hardware at the trade show should be bundled at a VR-station matching the booth’s design.
360-degree videos on VR-glasses
360-degree videos are a particularly cost-effective, if somewhat limited application of VR headsets. By comparison, they are easy to produce and save you the development of a “real” complete 3D environment. In those videos a user can have a free look around, but he cannot interact with what he sees and thus remains a passive observer.
Pros and cons of Virtual Reality at trade shows and events
If you are currently deliberating the implementation of VR at your trade fair appearance, you should be aware of the technology’s following advantages and disadvantages:

  • Many visitors so far haven’t had any experience with VR and hence are likely to keep your booth in positive and lasting memory.
  • A professional VR environment offers undreamt-of possibilities for the presentation of your products.
  • With an immersive VR environment, users get an immediate experience and deeper understanding of your product.
  • By integrating a VR station in your trade fair appearance, you present yourselves as a progressive company well acquainted with modern technologies.
  • The acquisition costs of VR hardware and a professionally made VR environment are rather high.
  • Maintenance and supervision at the trade show booth itself are a cumbersome affair, as ideally, at least one person at every VR station should be available in order to explain and support its proper usage.
  • The number of VR users is limited, because at every VR station only one person at a time can enter the VR environment, while the bystanders are left with “only” watching the action on the screen.
  • A new and exciting technology doesn’t make up for the lack of good and interesting content. If the concept and the VR software are not professional enough, visitors are going to be disappointed.
For nearly every business company, the implementation of a VR at their trade show appearance can be a rewarding and expedient enhancement. After all, with the help of this technology the strengths of a company as well as the advantages of the products become as immersively perceptible and understandable to visitors as possible. However, as it requires quite a lot of effort while the level of experience with VR technology among companies is generally low, a thorough initial planning process right from the start of the project is of the essence. We are always happy to give you comprehensive and non‑committal advice.

Virtual Reality

  • Conception and planning of VR events
  • Individual VR software development
  • VR headgear and other hardware
  • wireless headsets (HTC Vive)
  • VR-Stations especially for trade fairs
  • 360-degree videos on VR-glasses
  • Other technologies: Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest
  • Augmented-Reality, Magic Leap and Hololens on demand

m+a report Messemagazin - September 2019

In a 360-degree video, visitors were given an insight into the living conditions and challenges of the local people via VR glasses. They not only saw and heard how the inhabitants of the African island state dealt with climate change, but also felt the heat and dry air in the steppe, or the cool ocean breezes on the coast.
Am eigenen Leib

m+a report Messemagazin, September 2019

Events Magazin - 04/2019

Up to now, VR has been difficult in the event context, as it usually only offers experiences for individuals. The climate dome allows several people to immerse themselves in virtual reality at the same time.
Erlebniswelten 4.0 - Interaktive und multisensorische Installationen auf dem Vormarsch

Events Magazin, 04/2019

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Example of use

360 Degree Climate Dome

Multi-sensory immersive experience installation with VR goggles (Oculus Go) for trade shows and events for visitor groups of up to 12 people

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Virtual Reality - 360 Degree Climate Dome

VR Gasometer Visit

Virtual tour through the EUREF Campus gasometer with HTC Vive pro

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Virtual tour through the EUREF Campus gasometer with HTC Vive pro

Digital Factory Planning for the University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig

Interactive collaborative factory planning by means of multi-touch software and VR interface (HTC Vive)

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