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With our interactive installations all over the world, we are on the cutting edge of technology, always the first to put the latest visions in hardware and software to the test of reality. Projects connected to interactive media installations are in fact our passion, and our business partners come from the world of culture, art and free economy.

We are a Full-Service Provider for interactive Projects

Consulting and Conception

  • conception – ranging from single installation to complete exhibition
  • temporary or permanent interactive installations (rent/purchase)
  • advice on small-scale as well as major projects

Software Engineering

  • development of interactive software for virtual reality and multi-touch technology, projections, mobile applications etc.
  • CMS-development for managing content
  • control software for interactive installations
  • graphic design and screen design
  • roll-out and test-run on hardware

Hardware Configuration

  • selection, technical planning, supply and installation of hardware
  • hardware adjustment of Garamantis products
  • on-site assembly and start-up of hardware

Service and Maintenance

  • quick troubleshooting in case of malfunction
  • updates, enhancement and upgrades of software and hardware
  • evaluation of user behavior and statistics
  • adjustment and optimization of installations

Manuela Naveau - Head of Ars Electronica Export

I´m sure you know what it’s like: You come up with an idea, and if you find the right partner for its realization you’re perfectly happy. But are you also familiar with a situation where this partner inspires you to an implementation of your idea with an even better result? Such a partner you’ll find in Garamantis!

Manuela Naveau, Head of Ars Electronica Export

Lola Güldenberg - Founder of LOLA GÜLDENBERG - Agentur für Trendforschung

I can come up with the wildest futuristic ideas – with Garamantis I am always guaranteed to find a way of turning them into an experience.

Lola Güldenberg, Founder of LOLA GÜLDENBERG - Agentur für Trendforschung

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