Inside Out

Ambient lighting Video Installation

Ambient lighting Video Installation
Multitouch Terminal of the Video Installation
Users selecting video content on the multi touch terminal

Innovative combination of multi touch terminal, projection and screen useful for trade fairs and events

From the first request until the final realization of this ambient lighting video installation only a few days passed.
Using only a very limited amount of hardware, video footage was supposed to be presented attractively and on a large scale, and, if possible, to possess interactive features as well. As an additional challenge, the installation had to work in very bright surroundings.

Thus, we came up with the idea of combining a monitor with enough luminosity for a bright environment with a projection that expands the field of vision but in itself is not bright enough to meet the requirements, and the concept of the “Inside-Out” video installation was born and implemented soon after. To achieve the objective, Garamantis designed a software that extends video content from a central monitor to the surrounding projection screen, which means that the projection serves as a slightly blurred ambience lighting for the actual video. The essential part of the video remains bright and clear in the middle.

An additional multi-touch terminal in front of the installation offers users a selection of videos to choose from. During the selection process, the multi-touch surface is displayed on both the central monitor and the surrounding projection, so the user can drag the video preview from the projection frame to the center and thus start playback.

Project facts

  • Client: Ars Electronica Solutions
  • Context: CIRC Unternehmensausstellung
  • Finishing date: July 2015
  • The projection enlarges the recognized area
  • Display delivers clear and sharp images in spite of bright environment
  • Touch screen terminal to select videos

Utilized product

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