SAP Inspiration Pavilion Beijing

Interactive Gigapixel-Projection for SAP Beijing

Video content is shown in combination with giga pixel projections
Visitors can navigate in a more than 800.000 pixel broad giga pixel picture of Beijing
The windmills of the installation are rotating depending on data like the number of web visits
The multi touch screen are changing depending on postcards visitors put on
Opening ceremony of the interactive installation for SAP China
Visitors at the interactive giga pixel projection for SAP Beijing
Press at the Interactive giga pixel projection at SAP Beijing

Interactive giga pixel projection for SAP Beijing

The SAP Inspiration Pavilion – originally designed for SAP Headquarters in Walldorf by Ars Electronica Futurelab – is an interactive exhibition on the subject “Big Data”. Already having developed the software for the original site, Garamantis was assigned by Ars Electronica Solutions to install and partially adjust both software and content in SAP’s newly-acquired offices in Beijing, China.

Garamantis designed this application for the smooth and acute rendering of large images with a width of 800.000 pixels; visitors can zoom into details without the image becoming pixelated, which creates the stunning effect of clear and seemingly infinite vision for viewers. This interactive projection also comprises an installation of actual spinning pinwheels to visualize data; their rotation speed, for instance, changes according to the internet access rate or the amount of current social media activity.

Project facts

  • Client: Ars Electronica Solutions
  • Context: SAP China
  • Finishing date: January 2015
  • Application for high-performance display of giga pixel pictures
  • Giga pixel pictures with more than 800.000px width
  • Interactive storytelling based on giga pixel pictures
  • Installation of spinning pinwheels to visualize big data

Utilized product

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