Interactive Touch-Showcase for the Austrian Museum Day 2016

The interactive showcase presented the winners of the “Museum Seal of Approval” at the Austrian Museum Day

Garamantis interactive showcase - museums day Austria 2016
Garamantis interactive showcase - museums day Austria 2016

In 2016, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Austria awarded another sixteen museums with the highly desirable “Museum Seal of Approval”.

The presentation of the Austrian Museum Seal of Approval took place during the 27th Austrian Museum Day in Eisenstadt. Together with Ars Electronica Solutions, we introduced the prize-winning museums in an interactive touch display case that visitors could handle intuitively.
The display case’s multi-touch software was fed with data on the respective museums via our Garamantis CMS, so that the display-case showed the museums’ locations and outlined their distinctive qualities.

Project facts

  • Client: ICOM Austria
  • Context: Austrian Museum Day
  • Finishing date: October 2016

Utilized product

Elke Kellner - Managing Director of ICOM Austria

The display case demonstrated state-of-the-art museum technology and excited the Austrian museum community with its elegant design and intuitive user interface. In this way a lot of additional information on and around the object on display becomes available to the visitor, in the best sense of the expression “modern museum storytelling”

Elke Kellner, Managing Director of ICOM Austria

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