Interactive Showcase Prototype

Multitouch-Showcase with controllable turntable

Crystal clear front window of the multi touch showcase from Garamantis
Light spots pointing on the exhibit inside the interactive showcase
The exhibit on the rotating platform of the showcase is controlled via the multi touch glass plate
Visitor in a museum interacts with the novel multitouch showcase by Garamantis

Interactive touch display case with controllable turntable

This interactive display case makes it possible to interact with an exhibit, as it allows the object’s rotation on a controllable turntable via simple touch-gestures. Two screens show additional information on the object, depending on its rotation angle.
In this way, different pieces of information can be linked to different rotation angles of one object or, if multiple objects are placed on the turntable, to different objects. Even the lighting inside the case is adjustable in dependence on the exhibit’s rotation angle, and an additional dirigible spotlight can be used to highlight details.
Users can interact with the exhibit by rotating it in real-time and examining it from every angle. The large monitor in the background makes it possible to embed the object into its “natural surroundings”; for instance, if a soccer trophy is put on display, an image of the fully packed stadium during the final can serve as a 360° backdrop and thus create an authentic atmosphere. Of course, high-resolution video footage or augmented-reality renderings using real-time data from the web are conceivable for that purpose as well.
The case’s second, smaller monitor can be used to show varying additional information on the object, in dependence on its rotation angle, such as texts, images, animations or enlarged details. Special effort was put into the design of a noiseless and flexible drive for the turntable, with a freely selectable and adjustable acceleration and rotation speed.

The interactive display case is scalable and thus adaptable to various desired sizes of either small-scale or larger exhibits.
This system is also available in an “interactive storefront window” version.

Project facts

  • Client: Garamantis
  • Context: Interactive showcase for museums
  • Finishing date: April 2016
  • Touch sensitive front glass
  • Precisely controllable turntable
  • Powerful drive - also for heavy objects
  • Dynamic Illumination
  • 2 high resolution screens for additional content

Utilized product - 12/1/2016

The technology offers a whole new way to get visitor feedback. Computers can capture usage. The museums learn which content and presentation forms are accepted by the visitors and which are not.
Garamantis: Vorsicht Vitrine, anfassen erwünscht!, 12/1/2016

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