Multi-Touch Scanner Table

Table recognizes objects and pictures with integrated camera

Objects on the Multitouch Scanner Table after scanning the pictures
Multi touch table interacts with users via LED lightning
Scanner of the multi touch table recognizes objects and business cards
User at a trade fair shows his business card to the multi touch table who scans and processes it
User interacts with the multi touch software looking at videos, pictures and texts

Multi-Touch-Scanner-Table recognizes objects and pictures with a built in camera

In the beginning of 2016, Garamantis fundamentally increased the interactive options of their own multi-touch table. The latest version of the multi-touch table is equipped with high‑resolution cameras and LED-enhanced scanner systems, and now offers additional new features: As the table is capable of “seeing” and recognizing items, visual ways of interaction have become available to users for the first time.

The multi-touch scanner table has LED‑lit recesses in two of its corners into which objects can be inserted, and the table then immediately recognizes and scans them. Business cards, for example, can be captured, and their digitalized version on the scanner table becomes available for further processing and editing. The table recognizes the user’s name and e-mail address and hence can forward information to him/her via e-mail. By means of bar codes and QR codes, the table can retrieve any information from the web, such as images or video footage. The user can decide what to do with the digitalized object: By dragging it onto an action panel, for example, he can easily sign up for newsletters or raffles, and thus, an on‑screen keyboard becomes obsolete.

The multi-touch table can be trained to recognize specific objects it has already scanned and then complement them with a digital dimension. For example, you can show flyers to the table and then teach it to supply the corresponding additional information.
One might think of the following scenario taking place at a trade fair: A visitor shows the multi‑touch scanner table a flyer he is interested in, and the table then recognizes it and presents matching digital content like, for instance, video footage; but also a service-chat or suggestions about matching products are feasible. When the visitor is finished, and has retrieved all the desired information, he can show his business card to the scanner table and therefore keep in touch with the company.

Project facts

  • Client: Garamantis
  • Context: Multi-Touch-Table with object recognition
  • Finishing date: February 2016
  • LED supported scann unit

Utilized product

VDI Plattform "" - 11/14/2016

The Berlin company’s "multi-touch scanner table" incorporates true object recognition and a radio person detector, which makes it especially suitable to serve as an autonomous interactive information desk.
Jetzt können sich Messebesucher von einem Tisch beraten lassen

VDI Plattform "", 11/14/2016

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