Social Printer Installation

Live printing of Instagram photos at the Long Night of Museums 2016

On the occasion of the Long Night of Museums Garamantis developed an application to live print Instagram photos with certain hashtags at the event.
Instagram photos with the hashtag lncoberlin at the interactive installation "Social Printer"
C/O Berlin flyer for the Instagram application live photo printing by Garamantis

Instagram hashtag activates live printing of photos

On the occasion of the 2016 Long Night of Museums, Garamantis developed an application for C/O Berlin that prints Instagram photos taken during the event, on the spot and immediately upon upload, if they have a defined hashtag (e. g. #Incoberlin). The photographs were printed using a template designed to resemble polaroids. Visitors could pick up their photos from the C/O Berlin counter at once, which made the installation very popular with them. Consequently, this installation has left many traces, both digital and analog, beyond the actual event.

Project facts

  • Client: C/O Berlin
  • Context: Long Night of Museums 2016
  • Finishing date: August 2016

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