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Impress visitors and clients with an interactive installation

Revolving multi-touch steles in the interactive company exhibition by Palfinger
Interactive information system for employees at the SAP training center
Interactive company showroom with projection at the SAP Inspiration Pavillion
Interactive media monitoring newsroom by Garamantis
Interactive Showroom - ifesca Future Technology Centre

Impress your company’s visitors, clients and investors with a unique interactive installation. Multi-touch screens offer countless possible applications for your business.

More and more companies set up interactive showrooms in their headquarters to invite clients, business partners and investors.
Particularly when it comes to products that require further explanation, to services or industrial goods, a multi-media enhanced presentation, or better yet, an interactive presentation, makes a lot of sense.
Don’t spend a lot of time explaining in theory what your business can do, but rather let your business partners themselves explore it – with an innovative installation tailor‑made for your company.


  • A multi-touch scanner table serves as your showroom’s central information hub that holds multi-media information on every product or project at the ready. The smart table even digitally links up to any desired physical product.
  • An interactive display case digitally enhances your products and has an interesting story to tell on every detail (e. g. the manufacturing process).
  • Immersive spaces generated by, for instance, expansive installations or VR headsets, create an immensely dense, impressive atmosphere none of your visitors is likely to forget soon.

Benefits for companies:

  • Impress visitors, clients and investors
  • Make it easy to experience digital transformation
  • An interactive showroom is an innovative way to present your company
  • Positive relationship of the customer to the product through interactive engagement

Suitable product for showrooms:

Corporate exhibitions

Permanent exhibition or corporate museum – allow your target groups a look behind the curtain of the company’s history with highlights such as product developments, your corporate philosophy or the presentation of your business’s important minds.

Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with Ars Electronica and to numerous projects with museums, we possess a treasure trove of experience with corporate exhibitions.

SAP Inspiration Pavilion - Interactive insight into company history

Corporate events - Interactive projections and VR stations

Corporate events

Even in these days of online communication, "real" events have not become any less important. The challenge now is to organize them innovatively and embed them into a digital environment/surrounding.

Present yourselves as a modern company, which lives and breathes digital transformation, e. g. on road shows, company anniversaries and staff events. We provide you with interactive projections thematically matched to your company, with VR-environments, multi-touch games and interactive photo booths. There is virtually no limit to the possibilities, and we are happy to support you during brainstorming and conception right from the start.


When it comes to product presentation and the presentation of projects, interactive elements also offer countless opportunities to make your offerings even clearer to customers and business partners.

Upgrade your company's showroom with interactive installations. These help you, on the one hand, to communicate the benefits of your offer to the customer. At the same time, they gain a lasting and positive impression through the experience of the presentation.

Multitouch-Wall presentation in the ESA Showroom

Knut König und Christine Dahm - Berlin Hyp AG

“150 years make a good start!“ This was the motto of the year to celebrate our bank’s 150thanniversary. For us as a modern real estate bank right in the middle of a digital transformation process, Garamantis have developed an interactive application that managed to depict our history, to visualize changes taking place in the world of work in a playful way, to venture a look into the future, and to provide a digital guest book at the same time. All of that rolled into one in the form of a multi-touch table which was designed according to our specifications and demands. Its roll-out during our jubilee celebration was a huge success and a real eyecatcher for all our guests. A big Thank You to everyone at Garamantis for their great ideas and the perfect and relaxed implementation!

Knut König und Christine Dahm, Berlin Hyp AG

Clemens Kießhauer - Chief Technology Officer, ifesca GmbH

The objective of our project was to make Artificial Intelligence and human-machine communication in the energy sector both accessible and tangible. In order to achieve this, we apply Garamantis' multi-touch technology in our showroom. The collaboration with Garamantis is characterized by their creativity, pragmatism, flexibility and commitment and thus to us has been greatly enjoyable. Even last-minute requests for changes or modifications were duly realized, resulting in a successful and excellent outcome of our project. We are thrilled and looking forward to the future collaboration on further scenarios for our showroom.

Clemens Kießhauer, Chief Technology Officer, ifesca GmbH

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