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Future of shopping is digital - even at the point-of-sale location
Interactive multi-touch shopping-wall with six screens by Umdasch shopfitting
Multi-touch-scanner-table scans and compares products for the customer at the POS

Innovative solutions for your POS: reach more customers with interactive product presentation and increase your sales revenue.

Our multi-touch scanner tableis an interactive multi-interface all-round talent. It can welcome customers, provide information and point the way towards the product they are looking for. But its qualities are best put to use if the customer uses it to inform himself about a product in a playful way, individually configures the product at the table, and eventually buys it.
This is made possible by technologies like a person detector (within a range of up to 20 ft.), genuine object recognition (optical, RFID and other technologies) and integrated light and sound systems. With the help of a customized software and a connection to a central CMS and other systems (e.g. check-out system, ERP system/ merchandise management system), this smart table is always up to date; theoretically speaking, it can also offer individually matched product suggestions and individual pricing, depending on the customer.

Benefits for store operators:

  • Raised awareness among casual customers
  • Reach out to young and sophisticated target groups
  • Absorb the customers’ full purchasing power

Suitable store product:

Genuine interaction with the product

Interactive display case: this worldwide novelty displays your product in the foreground at all times! The customer swipes across its clear glass and thus moves the product inside which rotates against a high-resolution 360° panoramic backdrop in its “natural” surrounding. Dynamic spotlights, videos, an audio system and additional screens create a dense atmosphere in which the customer can occupy himself with the product and its features intensively.

Every content is available in various languages, and the web-based CMS makes it easy to change the objects on display within just a few minutes. Our interactive technology is completely flexible and adaptable to almost any desired display case or even entire store windows.

Adaptable and scalable to every store

Shopping wall:From single info terminal up to large-scale walls: interactive monitors attract attention and encourage even the more sophisticated customers to use them.

Our ready-made shopping wall is prepared for immediate use but can be customized and adapted to your clientele’s requirements. Whether the shopping wall is to be implemented for information purposes, for product configuration or as an incentive to buy – all that is optionally configurable via the software and CMS. - 3/5/2019

At the PoS, the futuristically designed, interactive installations are a crowd puller: they make people curious, arouse the interest of customers and invite them to find out more about an article or an offer. Descriptive products can be presented in an attractive way, for example in an interactive display case. An integration in the shop window enables customers to shop 24 hours a day at the digital POS of the stationary retailer.
"Omnichannel total", 3/5/2019

Anna Ohlsen-Mangold - Senior Project Manager at Spielfeld, Roland Berger Digital Hub

With Garamantis we were lucky to win a professional partner for our Retail Experience Lab. Their technologies and solutions are very innovative and creative, and never cease to thrill our clients. Within no time, together we have developed a concept for the interactive wall. The realization went swiftly, and the ongoing support is extremely service‑ as well as customer‑oriented.

Anna Ohlsen-Mangold, Senior Project Manager at Spielfeld, Roland Berger Digital Hub

Zukunft des Einkaufens - 2/21/2017

Overall, very remarkable and interesting technologies that can improve the shopping experience considerably. Via already ingrained behavior patterns, like touching or controlling with swipe‑gestures, the customer triggers information on the product or "experiences", but one can also design further product descriptions and explanations in that way. It remains to be hoped that the use of these technologies in the retail industry will increase in the near future.
Mit Multitouch- und interaktiver Technologie das Einkaufserlebnis steigern

Zukunft des Einkaufens, 2/21/2017

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