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Amaze your clients with an interactive exhibition booth

Schweißen und Schneiden 2017 - interactive trade fair presence by Fronius
Trade fair booth of Umdasch Shopfitting - interactive shopping wall as eyecatcher for trade fair visitors
Virtual Reality Erlebnisraum für bis zu 12 Personen am Messestand des BMZ
Product samples and flyers at the interactive booth with Multitouch table by Fränkische
interactive multi-touch Twitter table at the re: publica 2017 in Berlin
Interactive projection mapping as an eye-catcher at trade fairs and events

Make more trade fair contacts by means of interactive product presentation. Eyecatcher effect: long distance visibility for greater attention of visitors and clients at your trade fair booth.

First and foremost, it is of paramount importance to stand out amongst the mass of exhibitors, to attract people’s attention with a visual highlight, from afar and right away. For this purpose, our interactive projections are the ideal solution. The large‑scale projection shows appealing images and videos, but the truly stunning moment for trade fair visitors is the one they realize that their presence and actions actually have an impact on the projection itself. This can happen, for instance, when they pass the projection and their silhouette reveals an “underlying” image on it, an eye-catching effect made possible by a special depth-sensing camera.

Your advantages:

  • Higher public interest in your trade fair presence
  • more prospective clients at your trade fair booth
  • easy start into info conversation and sales talk
  • more contacts = more sales conversations
  • positive effect on your business’s public image
  • increased involvement of visitors due to interaction

Suitable trade fair product:

Interactive multi-touch-wall on trade fairs and events attracts visitors

Multi-touch walls

Multi-touch walls possess an equally good long-distance visibility. They can be integrated into every trade fair presence, in any desired size and design, and they also offer visitors the opportunity to interact with them: multiple trade fair visitors simultaneously can playfully gather information or perform virtual product configurations. At the same time, multi-touch walls are optimally suited for the display of presentations at your trade fair booth and can be of assistance in info and sales talks.

Product presentation in an interactive display case

Surprise visitors to your booth with a worldwide novelty: our interactive display case which puts your product in the foreground. Visitors can freely move the product via touch gestures on the display case’s crystal clear glass surface. The product on display is rotated against a dynamic 360° backdrop, while additional screens illustrate the product features in multimedia fashion.

Immersive experiential spaces

Turn a simple visit to the trade fair into a long-lasting experience by inviting your clients on a trip into virtual reality.Thanks to our high-quality wireless VR headsets and impressive VR environments, your clients can immerse themselves in a world far away from all the trade fair hullabaloo. Via projection of the headset’s VR perspective onto large display screens other visitors as well can benefit from this installation.

Virtual Reality (VR) at the trade fair booth with the wireless HTC Vive

Multi-touch scanner table

The multi-touch scanner tableis a genuine trade fair all-rounder: it recognizes visitors within a range of up to 20 ft. and attracts their attention with its circulating LED strips. Then it asks them to present info flyers or business cards to it, which it then processes digitally and, for instance, complements with matching video footage or product information. Lead generation on trade fairs and events has never been easier! Thanks to entertaining multi-touch games, like AirHockey for up to 4 players, you can rest assured that your booth is a constant magnet for visitors.

10 reasons for multi-touch technology at trade fairs


If you would like to learn more about the benefits of multi-touch installations at a trade fair, you can find more information in our blog.

Multi-touch-table as eyecatcher at a trade fair - infographic

Our service for trade fairs and events:

  • Free and nonbinding advice on interactive technologies at your trade fair appearance
  • Hire (for once-only use) or purchase (for use on multiple events or trade fairs)
  • Customization of hardware and software to your individual requirements
  • Transportation and on-site assembly and disassembly.

Stephan Kleinschnitz - Director Operations Marketing, Weigang Pro GmbH

The collaboration with Garamantis was refreshingly uncomplicated and perfectly target-oriented. We as an agency provided the contents and ideas, and Garamantis consummately put them into practice and developed the matching design. Our client was very pleased with the result and, with the multitouch table, had a real highlight to show at his trade fair presence.

Stephan Kleinschnitz, Director Operations Marketing, Weigang Pro GmbH

Marie Okuniek - Event & Location Management at Zächel GmbH

The multi‑touch table as a part of the BMZ’s trade fair appearance at ITB 2017 was a complete success. The interactive map of the world helped to rapidly attract visitor’s attention to the fair stand.

Marie Okuniek, Event & Location Management at Zächel GmbH

VDI Plattform "" - 11/14/2016

The Berlin company’s "multi-touch scanner table" incorporates true object recognition and a radio person detector, which makes it especially suitable to serve as an autonomous interactive information desk.
Jetzt können sich Messebesucher von einem Tisch beraten lassen

VDI Plattform "", 11/14/2016

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