Multi‑touch tables, Augmented Reality, interactive display cases – and that’s just a blink of our portfolio. Keep your eyes open for more! We conceive, develop, and design unique interactive worlds around your product, your brand, or your experience. We make complex subject matters look like a piece of cake (and your content look terrific). With custom-made technological innovations, with high-quality design, and –admittedly– always with the same outcome: trade show visitors, clients, investors, and staff with their mouths agape.

Corporate and Showroom

Impress visitors and customers with an interactive company showroom

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Trade Fair and Event

Inspire visitors with an interactive trade show booth. Innovative technologies are eye-catchers and trade fair magnets.

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Shop and PoS

Proactively shape the digitization of your retail locations. Create shopping experiences that will be remembered.

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Museum and Exhibition

The digitally enhanced museum storytelling space: visitors immerse themselves in exhibitions and themed worlds using multimedia and interactivity.

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With their innovative products, the cultural and creative pilots from Garamantis are also making a constructive contribution to the transformation of cultural content into the digital space. For example, they produced a multi-touch table on which information can be experienced interactively. The team develops custom-fit and novel solutions for communicating complex contexts for a wide range of customers.

Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland: Bereit zum Abflug!

t3n, 2/25/2021
Kultur- und Kreativpiloten

A small team develops customized and innovative solutions to communicate complex interrelationships to a large number of customers. One of their vehicles is the interactive table, but the Garamantis team also designs virtual exhibitions and immersive projection rooms without any real furniture.

Garamantis zählt zu den “kreativsten Köpfen Deutschlands”


Kultur- und Kreativpiloten, 1.12.2020
Technologie Stiftung Berlin

Compared to conventional multi-touch tables, which are often seen at trade fairs and events, the Garamantis multi-touch scanner table is much more interactive. Interaction barriers are removed and the table is much more accessible and interactive due to the person sensor and object recognition.

Berlin Innovation – “Multitouch-Scanner-Tisch mit optischer Objekterkennung und Personensensor”

Technologiestiftung Berlin, 05/20/2020
Berliner Zeitung

Virtual Reality, infrared lights, and odor‑emanating nozzles facilitate this omni sensory 5‑minute trip to regions where climate change already affects people’s lives. […] With VR, even journeys into the past or into the future are no longer a problem.
Klimawandel in der Kuppel

Berliner Zeitung, 2/26/2020

Visitors to the Green Week can experience how climate change is changing people’s lives in Madagascar today – until Sunday in a so-called climate bubble. A seven-minute film takes you to the island in the Indian Ocean in a dome-shaped tent. The special thing: With virtual reality glasses, you can look around freely in the film, as if you were really on site.
Virtuelle Reise in die Welt des Klimawandels

Tagesspiegel, 1/24/2020
Berliner Morgenpost

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of digital presentation aids. Especially at trade fair appearances, the know-how of his company is in demand, according to Elias. Particularly large corporations have long since adopted old-fashioned forms of advertising such as flyers or cardboard displays. Rather, solutions are needed that make a business model or a product tangible.
Wenn Besucher auf Dinojagd gehen

Berliner Morgenpost, 08/10/2019