Multi‑touch tables, Augmented Reality, interactive display cases – and that’s just a blink of the Garamantis portfolio. Keep your eyes open for more! We conceive, develop, and design unique interactive worlds around your product, your brand, or your experience. We make complex subject matters look like a piece of cake (and your content look terrific). With custom-made technological innovations, with high-quality design, and –admittedly– always with the same outcome: trade show visitors, clients, investors, and staff with their mouths agape.


Impress visitors and customers with an interactive corporate showroom

Trade Fair and Event

Inspire visitors with an interactive trade show booth. Innovative technologies are eye-catchers and trade fair magnets.

Shop and PoS

Proactively shape the digitization of your retail locations. Create shopping experiences that will be remembered.

Museum and Exhibition

The digitally enhanced museum storytelling space: visitors immerse themselves in exhibitions and themed worlds using multimedia and interactivity.

invidis consulting

FFT, based in Fulda, Germany, supplies the latest production systems to the automotive industry. The group showcases its robots and driverless transporters in a futuristic showroom designed by Garamantis from Berlin.

Futuristischer Showroom in Fulda

invidis, 3/3/2023
Die Deutsche Wirtschaft

Garamantis GmbH from Berlin was identified by DDW “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft” as one of the 3,000 German companies in trend and growth markets.

Zukunftsunternehmen Garamantis GmbH

Die Deutsche Wirtschaft - Stimme des Mittelstands, 12/21/2022
German Innovation Award 2022

With the »Procurement Future« showroom, Garamantis has set new standards in B2B product presentation for Lingemann GmbH. With this multimedia showroom, industrial customers can put their processes to the test using model concepts.

Winner of the German Innovation Award 2022

German Innovation Award, 5/24/2022
invidis consulting

Gesture control enables new immersive experiences at the POS and is therefore becoming increasingly popular. The Berlin start-up Garamantis realized a touchless shopping experience on 21m² with laser-based sensor systems. Customers can use gesture control not only to control digital signage systems but also interactive 360-degree turntables.

Gestensteuerung für Display und Drehteller

invidis, 4/11/2022

If you’re wondering how to plan an interactive showroom from initial idea to opening, there’s a very detailed explanation in Garamantis’ whitepaper. I highly recommend this one to you.

Interactive showroom from Garamantis – how to inspire your guests, 2/2/2022
BASIC Thinking

When companies offer products or services that are difficult to explain, they face a challenge: How do new customers understand the concept? This is exactly the problem that an interactive showroom helps with. We show you how Garamantis helps with planning and design and what an interactive showroom looks like in real life.

Interactive showroom for companies: How it works

Basic Thinking, 1/26/2022