A multitouch wall offers space for amazement

For Those Who Think Bigger.

Granted, in times of near-professional home entertainment equipment a large flat screen no longer is a jaw-dropping thing. That’s why we won’t settle for anything less than an entire wall. If it‘s blazing down from 16 screens, your message is really hard to miss, to put it mildly. Thanks to people sensor, gesture control, and ToF camera, you can pilot an aircraft, gaze into the future, or take a good look on our planet from outer space (not to mention spin, zoom, and alter this planet). You’re not very likely to find any of these features in your cozy living room. But maybe soon you’ll find them at your upcoming trade show, your next exhibition, or in your company’s lobby.

Features guaranteed to eclipse any wall decal:

One wall, multiple users: the notorious Battle over the Remote Control? That’s a thing of the past, ancient history even. Our multi-touch software allows multiple users to interact with the wall at the same time. And peacefully, too. Unless of course you want to use the wall for a virtual re-enactment of the Battle of Verdun.

Lots of options for interaction: your multi-touch wall can greet passers-by with animations, adapt content to the users’ position or react to gestures and touch. Behind these miraculous abilities stands a combination of people sensors, ToF camera, gesture control, and multi-touch technology. Before them, however, probably no-one’s left standing, because everyone’s swept of their feet.

Premium hardware: No matter whether it’s a small wall with just one screen or a large one made of 2 x 8 monitors, all options feature high native resolution, non-reflective glass, and near-seamless, high-luminosity and high-contrast screens made for attracting attention 24/7

Combination with different modules possible: object recognition, remote control via tablet PC, gesture recognition, light and/or sound systems – there’s hardly a technical finesse we haven’t already implemented in one of our monitor walls. If you can think of one, please let us know – we’re all the more interested.

Flexibility of content: from product info video to virtual housing construction – in close consultation with you, we design the software exactly according to your needs and requirements. And if these should change over time, no problem: via CMS you can conveniently update and change everything by yourself.

Multitouch wall with 12 screens: interactive globe of the Reference Wall
High-resolution screen wall consisting of nine monitors in the ESA showroom
Museum visitor touches multi-touch wall in the German Spy Museum
Multitouch wall with audio system in MED-EL's interactive corporate exhibition


For trade fair visitors there is no way around your large and luminous wall.


Let your clients and visitors become part of the installation – directly and simultaneously.


Save money and nerves right from the start with expert professional technical planning.


Adapt the content according to the occasion, thanks to cloud-based CMS.

Multi-Touch Wall Details

The way to your custom-made multi-touch wall in 7 easy steps

  • You contact us – by phone, email or chat.
  • We give you free and non-binding advice and offer helpful suggestions concerning your    project.
  • You receive a detailed offer and a project schedule from us.
  • Based on your corporate design and briefing, we make sketches and create software mockups for the multi-touch wall.
  • We integrate your content (images, text, videos, documents) into the CMS.
  • We keep you updated during the agile software development process.
  • We assemble and set up the interactive wall at your premises and train your staff.

Free Consultation

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Stephan Pointner

There are obviously good reasons why we keep enjoying to work with Garamantis. First, the outcome is always a good one, but apart from that we also value the interaction with them outside of work. In this project, the fairly tight roll-out schedule was once again mastered superbly and efficiently in the usual Garamantis fashion. Content-wise, especially the flexible use of the monitor walls has to be stressed: by means of the CMS, the ten and twelve screens, respectively, can be subdivided by the customer into different individual formats – a feature we are surely bound to use more often in the future.

Stephan Pointner, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions