Interactive Showroom

For All Those Who Want It All: The Full Package Immersive Digital Showroom Experience

We sympathize with you. Because much as we love every single one of our interactive installations, linking them up with each other has an even greater appeal. So, let’s put our heads together and design your very own trip through space and … oh, well …the perfect time, immediately at your company headquarters! Which means, your visions’ very place of origin. Why not share them right there? And why not funnel them into an interactive, multimedia experience, set within an experiential background designed to thrill your stakeholders? The answer to these (admittedly rhetorical) questions is – you guessed it: there is no good reason why not – in an interactive showroom.

Multitouch Table Screen

Multi-touch Scanner Table

Accessible from all sides, a multi-touch table makes an excellent central hub for your showroom. There, your visitors can travel through your corporate history along an interactive timeline, they can explore project sites across the globe, or they can playfully browse through your product portfolio in an impressive 3D environment. In presentations for larger audiences, you simply swipe the content from there to a monitor-wall.

Screen Wall

Monitor/video wall

The ‘bigger picture’ within your content reveals itself the moment it is displayed in ultra-high resolution on the vast expanse of this luminous monitor wall.

Multitouch software on multitouch table from Garamantis

Multi-touch Software

Do you like PowerPoint presentations? Neither do we! This is the reason why our multi-touch software is their exact opposite: dynamic, intuitive, collaborative and, first and foremost, pretty to look at. Furthermore, your content is not restricted to the confines of a linear presentation. Instead, you can spontaneously select the right content relevant to your train of thought and the line of argumentation you’re pursuing.

Immersive lighting and audio technology - LED lighting in showrooms

Immersive AV Technologies

Thousands of individually dirigible high‑performance LEDs unite into one big, stunning interactive lighting system, suitable to convince not only your visitors’ eyes, but their ears as well – thanks to an integrated dynamic surround sound system.

Multitouch table person sensor

Person sensor

The perfect host: due to its laser-based sensor technology, your showroom is always aware of your (or rather, its) guests’ position and automatically launches the matching content, exhibits, and visual/sound effects.

Lingemann showroom with screen wall and interactive table for product presentation
Showroom with LED wall and interactive touch table in white design
Multitouch table with presentation screen shows 3D satellite data
Interactive showroom with multi-touch table and screen wall
Innovative showroom designed for Daikin - concept rendering
interactive showroom at Daikin Chemical Innovation Center Europe - concept rendering
interactive ShowArea at the FFT Technology Center - concept rendering


let your potential clients and stakeholders delve into your brand universe, 24/7 and 365 days a year


a cleverly designed and well-organized showroom constitutes a profit-generating hub within your company – you can increase lead generation, turnover, and employee satisfaction by means of an interactive exhibition that is fun for everyone concerned.


adherence to hygiene and social distancing guidelines as well as privacy – you have everything you need to vouchsafe a relaxed experience for your visitors.

Your “Wow!”

is where our standards are set. We only leave you (and your new showroom) to it if and when you are fully satisfied and thrilled. This is why we also do not save on striking effects and impressive interactivity options.

Complete Solution: Interactive Showroom

  • The most interactive multi-touch table on the market: 55’’, Ultra HD resolution, 80 possible parallel touch inputs, person sensor, object recognition, LED-lighting, customizable with different color and design options.
  • High-resolution monitor wall: approx. 3 m wide, with 5.760 x 2.160 px and minimal bezel-width. Interactive control options for presenters and visitors alike.
  • Individualized 3D multi-touch software: your corporate design, your content (corporate history, trends, product portfolio, options for configuration, sites, projects, references, etc.) all orchestrated in one attractive UI.
  • Arguably the world’s most convenient CMS: upload any desired content via browser, and our CMS makes it look gorgeous.
  • Sophisticated light and sound environment: for instance, with ambient light that actively adapts to a visitor’s focus of attention, or with sound effects that follow him on his course through the room
  • Central control: all technical components are controlled via tablet PC or smartphone – on/off, presets or special effects included.
1. Efficiency through experience

Spare yourselves costly consultations and instead invest your money in a showroom that lives up to your requirements. Over the past years we have dedicated a lot of our time and resources to the realization of various interactive exhibitions. We know all the associated imponderables, simply because we have managed to cope with them every single time. Therefore, we also avoid beginner’s mistakes in conceptualization and implementation. Something which, by the way, is also going to save you time is having your own project manager with us who stands at your side to answer all questions.

2. Conceptualization

In a workshop, we define the goals of the showroom together, bringing about a common consensus of all stakeholders so that everyone involved knows exactly what we’re doing, how we achieve these goals, what the showroom is going to look like, when it is going to be finished, and how much it will cost. And of course, we provide all that info also in a comprehensive documentation including all the technical details.

3. Software development

Over the years we have assembled a large and powerful software library, which for every imaginable content provides the right mode of presentation and sophisticated visual effects. Which for you means: we can work highly individualized and still be fast. Adapted exactly to your premises, your content, and your corporate design we devise a unique concept of dramatization and develop an individualized presentation software in Unity 3D. For your visitors it means: they’ll hardly be able to keep their hands off the high-performant UHD user interface. In other words, exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

4. Content Management

We make sure you don’t have to wonder which content best to assign to what category. Simply because we match, adapt, and tailor the categories and functions to your particular content, which makes uploading and updating it considerably easier and faster. From wherever you are. Because our CMS is web-based.

5. User Interface

We have a lot of experience concerning the best way to visualize all different kinds of content on our interactive terminals. By using the most effective visual tools and multimedia effects we get the most out of pre-existing media content, or we assist you in creating new one. And we keep on optimizing until we ourselves are, once again, surprised by the outcome.

6. Interactive hardware

Not only in terms of looks a Garamantis multi-touch scanner table is one of a kind – its patented technology too yet has to find its equal in the world. In addition, we design monitor-wall and the sound and lighting system to blend in perfectly with their surroundings. In short: we devise a room concept that is going to let your visitors momentarily forget the real walls surrounding them. And yet we keep an eye on the ground to watch out for pitfalls, always deliberating where investing a little more is the wise thing to do in order to achieve the desired result and where on the other hand costs can be saved.

That’s the way we like our showroom: responsive, entertaining, and innovative

For years now we have been developing and realizing showrooms and interactive exhibitions for companies, museums, and all different kinds of organizations. Every room and each presentation is different and one of a kind. Because of that, in our work as well we like to take an individualized approach, adapting applications and usability to the content at hand. However, among all the options, in a majority of showrooms the combination of an interactive multi-touch table, a monitor wall, and an integrated lighting and sound system has turned out the most successful “centerpiece”. Therefore, this dream‑team might be interesting for you as well if you want to save time and money without having to invent the wheel all over again. In that case, you would be in the good company of several renowned European companies, plus you also had your own state-of-the-art showroom. The first steps are always the hardest. Unfortunately, this particularly applies to showroom projects. These typically involve many people, each with different kinds and levels of prior knowledge and with their own different notions. And on top of that come the uncertainties concerning the when and how. The answers to all the question marks in your head, however, are part of our daily business. We are happy to support you all the way from the first draft until the showroom’s eventual opening. And because showrooms are our pet subject, even before our potential collaboration we provide you with useful information and key facts – completely free of charge. Right here and now, for instance, we’d like to make you aware … … that from brainstorming to the completion of a showroom it takes at least three months. Make that five, rather.  … that the costs for all the interactive components will amount to roughly € 150,000. One thing you are going to learn only from our collaboration is that we appreciate a pragmatic approach. The more project-related services (e.g., construction work, hardware procurement, editing and processing of content) your company is able to cover internally, the better. We are happy to adjust our scope of services accordingly and take care of the rest. The basic components consisting of a multi-touch table and video wall already are going to make some jaws drop. However, if you are interested in a more extensive showroom solution including additional interactive features (such as AR, VR, projections, demonstrators, …) you can find a wide range of options and inspiration for completely individualized exhibitions here. By the way, the seemingly impossible is another one of our passions….

From How to Wow in Time-Lapse

  • Brainstorming: during multiple video conferences we discuss your wishes and assess your requirements. Based on that we can then present to you suitable pre-existing existing solutions that can be adapted to your needs. We offer this consultation to you free of charge with no strings attached.
  • Offer: we work out a detailed offer. The schedule and budget plan listed there on our part is binding.
  • Conceptualization: we devise and present to you a detailed concept including renderings, technical planning, and basically everything else it takes to launch right into implementation.
  • Work in progress: pretty early on we can begin with the upload of content to the CMS. We keep you informed on all things concerning the design and software-development. In that you have the possibility to give feedback or intervene at all times, because some of the best ideas always come in travel.
  • Logistics and installation: we deliver the interactive technology to your premises and install, test, and hand everything over in a way that, from now on, our assistance in any way whatsoever becomes obsolete. Unless you need us for another project, of course.
  • By that time, “Wow!” is going to be a fixed part of your vocabulary and a term commonly heard in relation to your showroom.

Free advice

Sie interessieren sich für interaktive Technologien oder Multitouch-Lösungen? Wir beraten Sie gerne, kostenlos und unverbindlich. (+49 30 55144669)

Christian Krämer

In Garamantis we have found the perfect partner for showroom design. They are gifted with a DNA that allows them to convey everything to do with digital showrooms in a customer-effective and positive way. Their designs are vivid and interactive. They create an atmosphere so dense that clients literally submerge themselves in their digital solutions. Whatever they create is characterized by their service oriented approach. At all times, the collaboration with them was dependable and based on mutual trust. In my opinion, Garamantis is THE top partner when it comes to modern showrooms!

Christian Krämer, Project Manager, Detecon International GmbH
German Innovation Award 2022

With the »Procurement Future« showroom, Garamantis has set new standards in B2B product presentation for Lingemann GmbH. With this multimedia showroom, industrial customers can put their processes to the test using model concepts.

Winner of the German Innovation Award 2022

German Innovation Award, 5/24/2022
Alexander Pawel

The 75 year history of Lingemann stands for the courage to embrace change. With this vision in mind, we decided to demonstrate our step towards Industry 4.0 to our clientele by using state-of-the art technology. With Garamantis we managed to achieve this goal and already have thrilled one or the other client. Lingemann being a pioneer in the industry, we not only want to convey factual content to our professional clients, we also aim to give them a live impression of how our BOOST. products are going to change their workflows.

Alexander Pawel, CEO Lingemann GmbH
Lisa Donhauser

Garamantis was a creative and reliable partner for our project. From the idea to the conception to the finalisation – the cooperation was professional, uncomplicated and pragmatic at all times. The multi-touch table is the highlight in our showroom at the company headquarters as well as at various trade fairs. We look forward to further cooperation in the future.

Lisa Donhauser, Marketing Manager, ESG
Clemens Kiesshauer

The objective of our project was to make Artificial Intelligence and human-machine communication in the energy sector both accessible and tangible. In order to achieve this, we apply Garamantis’ multi-touch technology in our showroom. The collaboration with Garamantis is characterized by their creativity, pragmatism, flexibility and commitment and thus to us has been greatly enjoyable. Even last-minute requests for changes or modifications were duly realized, resulting in a successful and excellent outcome of our project. We are thrilled and looking forward to the future collaboration on further scenarios for our showroom.

Clemens Kießhauer, Chief Technology Officer, ifesca GmbH
Robert Meisner

Our request for an interactive presentation of our portfolio, ranging from satellite design and engineering to a detailed explanation of the application projects, has been met by Garamantis in the form of a monitor wall in our showroom in Frascati in an optimal fashion. Thanks to the multi-touch presentation software, we are now able to convey our projects and missions to visiting international delegations in the best possible way. We are looking forward to the next projects in cooperation with Garamantis and Ars Electronica.

Robert Meisner, Earth Observation communication programme officer, ESA