House of Economy Upper Austria

Innovation hub and media presentation on 40 screens

In June 2024, the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKOÖ) opened the new House of Commerce, the centrepiece of which is an impressive Innovation Hub. One of the highlights of the building is the architecturally impressive Julius Raab Hall. It offers visitors a fascinating mix of multimedia installations and interactive experiences. It was realised by Ars Electronica Solutions with the support of Garamantis, who enlivened the space with innovative technology and artistic elements.

Combination of mirrored glass and interactive screens

The Julius Raab Hall is surrounded by mirrored glass on which 40 integrated screens display content. This installation allows visitors to discover themselves in the various reflections. An immersive experience that redefines the perception of space is created by combining reflective surfaces and digital content. The digital content depends on the visitor’s position and movement in the space.

World map: Visualising global connectivity

At the centre of this all-round display is the world map, depicting the WKOÖ’s global network of over 170 branches. An animated 3D globe unfolds into a world map that provides detailed information on the locations of the foreign trade offices. This interactive map reacts to the visitor’s position and offers dynamic time zones that are activated by walking along the mirrored wall. The world map is framed by dynamic diagrams showing local data and statistics.

Virtual Tree: a symbol of innovation and diversity

Another highlight is the transparent touch screen that displays a virtual tree. In front of a real birch tree in the courtyard, this “digital twin” symbolises the WKOÖ’s sustainable corporate culture. The trunk of the tree symbolises the Chamber itself, while the many branches and ramifications represent the diversity of the community and its projects. This digital tree allows visitors to explore WKOÖ themes and projects through touch interaction. In this way, future and innovation themes are vividly presented.

The overall open, transparent and digital design makes the House of Economy an inviting place for all interested parties and shows how modern technology and design can be combined.

Photos: Mario Schmidhumer, Isabel Schölmbauer / Ars Electronica and Andreas Röbl

Ars Electronica

Ars Electronica Solutions

Project Data

  • Client: Ars Electronica Solutions
  • Context: House of Economy Upper Austria
  • Time for implementation: 12 months
  • Project completion: June 2024
  • Software for screen walls and transparent screens
  • Centralised CMS
Ina Badics

For the new “Haus der Wirtschaft” we wanted to present the global networking and diverse activities of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce in an innovative way and integrate them aesthetically into the open architecture of the building. With the interactive data visualisation from Garamantis we were able to achieve this brilliantly.

Ina Badics, project manager, Ars Electronica Solutions

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