immersive space

The world of experience: an illusion. The excitement: completely real.

Imagine walking through a door and entering a reality that cannot exist. This is not only possible in science fiction, it is deceptively real in the here and now. Immersive spaces masterfully remove the boundaries of the virtual. Spatial and interactive projections make your audience forget where reality ends and illusion begins. Because they are in the middle of it. Because they're not wearing VR goggles and can move around the room without restriction. Since 2009, we have been working with a special kind of immersive space: large and especially interactive projection systems.

How we create an immersive space for your business:

  • We know what we are doing: since our founding, we have been working with Ars Electronica and other partners to create breathtaking immersive projection spaces around the world. With this experience, we are happy to offer you concrete advice and concepts.
  • Selection and configuration of projection equipment? Check: The necessary projectors, lenses and players/PCs are expensive to buy and operate. We get the maximum resolution, brightness and brilliance out of your budget.
  • Unique interaction? Check: Yes, immersive Van Gogh-style projection rooms are nice. But the real excitement comes with responsive, interactive rooms. Stay in people's minds by bringing your target audience into contact with your brand!
  • Translate brand experiences? Check: Luckily, designing, planning and creating immersive experiences is our day-to-day business. Off-the-shelf products are not part of it. Rather, we work with you to create uniquely powerful spaces that revolve around your brand essence. Not the other way around.
  • All-round package? Check: We introduce your company to immersive experiences, see them through to completion and provide ongoing support.

Our projects with immersive spaces worldwide

Deep Space 8K Mexico
Interactive Interplay Exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre
Immersive spaces with projection technology
The lake and the surrounding landscape are projected animated on the floor from the bird's eye view
Virtual projection room with person detection
Projection room for immersive underwater worlds in the Gasometer Oberhausen

Scalable setup

Immersive projection systems for small groups can be realised in just a few square metres. We design an efficient, immersive setup for any type of space. The impression is always the same: big!

Customised and thoughtful

Maximise immersion with technology and content designed specifically for your space. We can take you from idea to implementation and beyond.

Immersion through interaction

Your brand touchpoints stay with your visitors. That's why we let them actively influence what happens. By walking, pointing, touching and other forms of interaction, they become part of this extraordinary experience.

Indescribably powerful

There are images and videos that can give you an impression of immersive spaces. What interactive immersive spaces really do to your brain is something only you can discover. But let's put it this way: your synapses will get to know each other in a whole new way. And that's a high-five.

How to create your immersive space

  • Conception: We use video conferencing and workshops to identify your needs and requirements. This allows us to show you our best practice or develop completely new approaches with you.
  • Technical planning and advice: We develop and present a detailed concept including immersive applications, technical planning and everything needed for implementation.
  • Custom software development: We develop your immersive virtual reality to match your corporate identity. The applications will look so stunning that your visitors will love interacting with them.
  • Content creation and management: You can manage the applications centrally and control them from a tablet. We reduce the complexity of the immersive space to that of a simple remote control.
  • On-site implementation: Together with other trades and our partner Ars Electronica, we set up the space and the technology. Once installed and configured, we launch the experience and hand it over to your team.

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“The Wave” is an immersive installation in the former gas tank, now Museum Gasometer Oberhausen. Visitors to the current Planet Ocean exhibition can stand in front of or under the wave. Thanks to a software application by Garamantis, they even become part of the “water world”.

Projektion: Die fiktive 40-Meter-Welle

invidis, 3/28/2024