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We are looking forward to inquiries coming from magazine and newspaper editorial departments. Our founders and technology experts are always available for interviews and glad to provide background information. Our technological focus is on:

  • interactive installations
  • interactive showrooms
  • multi-touch technology
  • multi-touch software
  • virtual reality / augmented reality
  • graphics hardware
  • display technologies
  • immersive projection spaces
Andreas Will

Andreas Will
Head of Communications

About Garamantis

Garamantis was founded in Berlin in 2014 and develops interactive exhibitions and showrooms. Individual software development is the focus of the worldwide projects that give the user an impressive interaction experience, for example at trade fairs, events and in museums. Garamantis is a long-standing partner of Ars Electronica and was awarded the title of “Culture and Creative Pilot” by the German government in 2020. Innovations such as the Garamantis multitouch scanner table and the interactive multitouch showcase emerged from the individual project business.


  • In the beginning of the year 2014, Garamantis was founded in Berlin by a group of experienced software developers gathered around Oliver Elias and Markus Dittebrand, who by that time already were able to look back on years of close collaboration with Ars Electronica. Ever since then, Garamantis and Ars Electronica have been partners in realizing interactive installations, projects, and exhibitions all over the world.
  • Beyond the project-based business, since 2015 Garamantis have committed themselves to the development and customized upgrading of interactive products, which, by virtue of their implementation of novel technologies, offer additional value far exceeding that of previous solutions.
  • In early 2017, Garamantis won the Innovation Award IT of the Medium-Sized Business Initiative (“Initiative Mittelstand”) for their multi-touch scanner table. Their interactive display case was rated “Best of 2017” by the same organization, and Garamantis’ interactive projection took home the prize “Best of 2018” in the “innovations” category.
  • The summer of 2018 saw the opening of Garamantis’ branch office –complete with showroom, creative workshop, and additional office space –on the groundbreaking EUREF‑Campus, Berlin’s latest technological think tank.
  • In the end of 2018 Garamantis became an official member of the Partner Network Berlin, which facilitates immediate access to economy, politics, and science in the German capital.
  • In summer 2019, a partnership with the agency Hustle & Bustle was concluded and a showroom was opened in Singapore to start sales in the Asian region.
  • As of 2020, the Garamantis team consists of seven permanent staff members who are supported in their tasks by a network of freelancers and partnering businesses. Garamantis worked with Sanofi on the “Pharmacy of the Future” as part of Startup Creasphere. The “Multitouch Scanner Table with Optical Object Recognition and Person Sensor” is awarded as Berlin Innovation by the Technology Foundation Berlin.
  • 2021: The German government honored the team as “Cultural and Creative Pilots Germany”. Despite the pandemic, the projects are becoming even more international with Dubai, Mexico and Hong Kong.
  • In 2022, the interactive Garamantis B2B showroom with multi-touch scanner table won the German Innovation Award.
  • 2023: Immersive spaces take centre stage. Realisation of an deep space in Shanghai in cooperation with Ars Electronica. Participation with an immersive space at Khroma Berlin.
  • 2024: The Garamantis team now has ten full-time employees and we celebrate our tenth anniversary.
  • Clients: business companies, federal ministries, universities, agencies, trade fair organizers and museums.
  • References: renowned names like the European Space Agency (ESA) and Europe’s largest software group, but also governmental institutions such as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) or the Federal Administration.
  • From the very beginning, a holistic overall concept has always been at the center of Garamantis corporate philosophy. Our objective is to create a new experience of interactive technologies for users by means of customized software development in combination with appropriately configured hardware.
  • Garamantis deliberately foregoes any cooperation with investors, external capital or subsidies. Thus, independence, self-reliance, and flexibility have been integral objectives of our business development from the very start.

Press Releases

11. October 2023 · Awards, Press release, Showroom Garamantis wins Gold at TITAN Business Awards 2023

Garamantis was one of the leading contenders in the “Marketing – Best Brand Experience – B2B” category and won the prestigious TITAN Award in Gold. The interactive B2B showroom project for FFT Produktionssysteme was realised by the Garamantis team at FFT’s headquarters in Fulda. Exceptional showroom…

17. February 2023 · Garamantis, Press release Garamantis and FFT present immersive showroom for intelligent production systems

FFT Production Systems Open Their Doors to Entrepreneurs in Fulda Fulda, February 16th, 2023 – Swipe your finger over the car production line in planning, zoom in on details in seconds and show them to your client? All this is possible today! FFT, a leading manufacturer of intelligent production sys…

3. June 2022 · Awards, Press release Garamantis Win German Innovation Award for Interactive B2B Showroom

With their groundbreaking showroom “Procurement Future” for Lingemann GmbH, the Berlin company Garamantis has set new standards in the field of B2B product presentation. Now this multimedia showroom has been honored with a German Innovation Award in the ‘Excellence in Business to Business’ category….

11. April 2022 · Press release Gesture‑Controlled Products at a POS

Berlin Start‑up Garamantis Realizes Interactive Display Window in Hong Kong The Berlin-based tech company Garamantis realizes an innovative contactless shopping concept in a Hong Kong mall. Laser-based sensor system recognizes finger- and hand gestures throughout a 21 square meters area. 12 especial…

1. December 2020 · Awards, Press release Garamantis rank amongst “Germany’s most creative heads”

German Federal Government’s Award for the Cultural and Creative Industry 2020 Berlin, December 1, 2020 – For the 11th time now, the Federal Government of Germany has honored the 32 most creative minds in Germany – the country’s most innovative ideas and entrepreneurs – as Germany’s Culture and Creat…

7. September 2020 · Garamantis, Press release Garamantis @ Future Work 2020

On September 8, 2020, BDA and Microsoft Germany will once again host the largest festival on the future of work in Berlin on the EUREF campus. On three stages, a large number of top-class and international speakers will once again discuss how we will shape the working world of tomorrow. Under specia…

9. January 2020 · Press release, Trade fair Experience climate change for yourself at the Green Week

A real threat that is still very abstract for many people: Climate change is a complex topic that is difficult to make tangible in just a few sentences. At the Green Week in Berlin (17-26 January 2020), visitors to the stand of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) can…

28. June 2019 · Garamantis, Press release, Showroom Garamantis launches in Singapore

On June 28, Hustle & Bustle, a Singapore-based event agency, celebrated the office’s first anniversary together with the Co-Working Space The Common Ground and at the same time the expansion of office space in the heart of the Southeast Asian city-state. Garamantis managing directors Oliver Elia…

25. February 2019 · Garamantis, Press release Five years of interactive technologies made in Germany

Berlin-based Garamantis can look back on a successful five-year anniversary: The media installation specialists have significantly increased their turnover and number of customers in recent years. Their references include renowned companies such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and the largest Eur…

Press Reviews

Wanda Rossi

With great professionalism, expertise and openness, the Garamantis team developed a real-time 3D multi-touch application that exceeded our expectations! The collaboration with our account team and designers was straightforward and fun. We look forward to working with Garamantis again in the future.

Wanda Rossi, Digital Project Manager, kraftwerk
invidis consulting

“The Wave” is an immersive installation in the former gas tank, now Museum Gasometer Oberhausen. Visitors to the current Planet Ocean exhibition can stand in front of or under the wave. Thanks to a software application by Garamantis, they even become part of the “water world”.

Projektion: Die fiktive 40-Meter-Welle

Titan Award 2023

TITAN Business Award 2023 – Gold Winner

Interactive B2B Showroom for FFT Production Systems wins gold in the category “Marketing – Best Brand Experience – B2B”

Interactive B2B Showroom for FFT Production Systems

TITAN Business Award 2023 - Gold Winner

A rotating 360-degree screen also features word clouds that show which topics people were most concerned about during which phase of the pandemic. They are fed by terms that were most frequently used in social media content.

Ausstellung zur Kommunikation in der Pandemie


Visitors can embark on an interactive time travel through communication during the Corona pandemic. Multimedia elements are used to make communication tangible and encourage visitors to reflect on their own experiences.

Ausstellung über die Krisenkommunikation in der Pandemie

Süddeutsche Zeitung

It may sound paradoxical in the age of online retailing, but showrooms are becoming increasingly important for companies and brands, not only because they provide potential buyers with a haptic and therefore positive shopping experience.

Corporate Showrooms erfolgreich planen und realisieren


FFT, a leading manufacturer of intelligent production systems for the automotive industry, shows how complex products can be presented in a contemporary way in its new high-tech showroom at the company’s headquarters in Fulda, Germany.

Garamantis und FFT präsentieren Hightech-Showroom für intelligente Produktionssysteme

digital signage Magazine

Designed by Berlin-based agency Garamantis, the immersive presentation room serves as a point of contact for prospects, customers, employees and applicants. In the interactive showroom, for example, products can be dragged onto the three-metre-wide video wall at a large table with a touchscreen and viewed in detail with a wave of the hand.

Immersiver Showroom

Digital Signage Magazin
invidis consulting

FFT, based in Fulda, Germany, supplies the latest production systems to the automotive industry. The group showcases its robots and driverless transporters in a futuristic showroom designed by Garamantis from Berlin.

Futuristischer Showroom in Fulda