Multi‑touch tables, Virtual Reality, interactive display cases – and that’s just a blink of our portfolio. Keep your eyes open for more! We conceive, develop, and design unique interactive worlds around your product, your brand, or your experience. We make complex subject matters look like a piece of cake (and your content look terrific). With custom-made technological innovations, with high-quality design, and with one outcome: trade show visitors, clients, investors, and staff with their mouths agape.


We don’t provide a run‑of‑the‑mill, garden variety construction kit that gives you the options to change your logo and call a support hotline. Instead, you have to think of use more as a top-secret lab that cooks up an appearance guaranteed to surprise. As the Q to your James Bond, or the Alfred to your Batman. Only without all the hoodlums, havoc, and hassle.


If you want to offer something so far unheard of to your clientele, why not use features and technologies you yourself have never heard of? Stop googling for the next invention shortlisted for an award, but, with our help, start creating your own.


We provide you with the full package – conception, technical planning, product and interface design, hardware, software development, training, and maintenance. In summary: full-service from the get-go to the WOW. Everyone who doesn’t feel relaxed now, please read on.


Although surprises are an integrate part of our business model, that doesn’t count for bad ones. Thanks to a fair dose of experience, foresight, and inventiveness, before the project starts we set a price that until completion remains as stable as your product’s quality and delivery date.

Interactive Display Case

A Classic Case of Putting Yourself on Display – If It Weren’t for the Multi-Touch, Audio and LED Features. Present your product in a unique way.

Multi-Touch Table

Not Only Recognizes the Sign of the Times, but People and Objects Too! The most innovative and interactive table on the market

Multi-Touch Software

Definitely No Standard-Issue Product, Just Like Yours. Unless You Develop ISO Standards. Individual software development in Unity 3d for a great user experience.

Multi-Touch Revolving Monitor

Why the Whole World from Now on Revolves Around Your Content. Intuitive and immersive 360° presentation.

Virtual Reality

When Reality Just Won’t Do. Use the possibilities of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality for your company.

Multi-Touch Wall

For Those Who Think Bigger. Present your company in maximum resolution and interactive finesse.

Interactive Projection

If Walls Could Tell Stories … Make them Entertaining and Interactive, Please. Use projection mapping technologies to present your product in a vivid and amazing way.

Social Media Table

From Post-it to Posting? Yes, We Scan! Rent an individual highlight suitable for your event.


If You Have A Brain Wave. And Then Another One. And Yet Another One. Easy and effortless management of your content from wherever you are.

Technologie Stiftung Berlin

Compared to conventional multi-touch tables, which are often seen at trade fairs and events, the Garamantis multi-touch scanner table is much more interactive. Interaction barriers are removed and the table is much more accessible and interactive due to the person sensor and object recognition.

Berlin Innovation – “Multitouch-Scanner-Tisch mit optischer Objekterkennung und Personensensor”

Technologiestiftung Berlin, 05/20/2020

There is a clear basic idea behind the multisensory experience: Interactive experiences remain in the memory longer and ensure that you are more concerned with a topic.

Garamantis: Klimawandel 360°

StartingUp, May 2020

For Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) Garamantis developed two interactive sales stations for large trade fairs such as Agritechnica. The two multitouch scanner tables automatically register with person sensors when a trade fair visitor approaches and present the first content and animations in the direction of view.

Innovative Messe-Installationen eröffnen Welten und machen Produkte interaktiv erlebbar

Discover Germany, 4/2/2020

Virtual Reality, infrared lights, and odor‑emanating nozzles facilitate this omni sensory 5‑minute trip to regions where climate change already affects people’s lives. […] With VR, even journeys into the past or into the future are no longer a problem.
Klimawandel in der Kuppel

Berliner Zeitung, 2/26/2020

Visitors to the Green Week can experience how climate change is changing people’s lives in Madagascar today – until Sunday in a so-called climate bubble. A seven-minute film takes you to the island in the Indian Ocean in a dome-shaped tent. The special thing: With virtual reality glasses, you can look around freely in the film, as if you were really on site.
Virtuelle Reise in die Welt des Klimawandels

Tagesspiegel, 1/24/2020

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of digital presentation aids. Especially at trade fair appearances, the know-how of his company is in demand, according to Elias. Particularly large corporations have long since adopted old-fashioned forms of advertising such as flyers or cardboard displays. Rather, solutions are needed that make a business model or a product tangible.
Wenn Besucher auf Dinojagd gehen

Berliner Morgenpost, 08/10/2019



1. Idea generation, brainstorming, concept phase

Benefit from our experience and be inspired and advised without obligation. You will receive a detailed offer as well as a schedule with all steps.

2. Concept, design and planning

We develop your idea until it is ready for implementation and avoid any stumbling blocks at an early stage. This is the basis for rapid implementation.

3. Software development, preparation of the content, implementation

We merge the concept, software and hardware into a holistic, interactive installation. You can intervene at any time in permanent feedback loops.

4. Hardware

We procure and integrate the appropriate hardware according to the technical planning.

5. Rollout and integration

We install and test everything at your location and are only satisfied when you are enthusiastic!

Free advice

Are you interested in interactive technologies or multitouch solutions? We advise you free of charge! (+49 30 55144669)