From Conception to Finished Installation in 5 Steps

With Garamantis you’ll have at your side more than just a partner for high-end multi-touch hardware. We accompany your project and walk along with you every step of the way from the first spark of idea right up to its completion and first use on a trade show or in your showroom. Our full service includes conception, design, software, hardware, and service. You can put your trust in – and benefit from – our more than 10 years of experience in the development of interactive projects:

  • contribution of our professional expertise and experience to your business’ success.
  • impressive, unique, and interactive presentation of your content
  • trustful and enjoyable cooperation and collaboration with our staff
  • completion within established time frame and allocated budget guaranteed


1. Ideenfindung & Brainstorming

Profitieren Sie von unserer Erfahrung und lassen Sie sich unverbindlich inspirieren und beraten. Sie erhalten ein detailliertes Angebot sowie eine Zeitplanung mit sämtlichen Schritten. Rufen Sie uns einfach an!

2. Konzept & Planung

Wir entwickeln Ihre Idee in einem Konzept bis zur Umsetzungsreife und umgehen frühzeitig eventuelle Stolpersteine. Das ist die Basis für eine zügige Realisierung.

3. Hardware

Wir beschaffen und integrieren die passende Hardware entsprechend der technischen Planung.

4. Design, Softwareentwicklung & Realisierung

Wir verschmelzen Konzept, Software und Hardware zu einem ganzheitlichen interaktiven Erlebnis. In Feedbackschleifen haben Sie jederzeit Eingriffsmöglichkeiten.

5. Rollout & Integration

Wir installieren und testen alles bei Ihnen vor Ort und sind erst zufrieden, wenn Sie begeistert sind!

From Conception to Finished Installation in 5 Steps

1. Conception

The ideas abound, but time’s on short supply. You simply can’t wait to start on the work – but wait a moment! First let’s pause for thought, put our heads together and find out how best to achieve the maximum of effect. A thorough analysis of both content and intended target group, along with our fresh outsider’s perspective on your subjects, will result in a creative guiding principle to later model our concept and all further planning steps on. Either on the phone or during creative workshops with all involved stakeholders, we’ll work out a harmonic concept in no time that’s going to save us a lot of trouble and keep us from all minds of imponderables in the project’s course.

2. Design

The user interface must look nothing short of fantastic, and all interaction has to be both simple and intuitive – after all, it’s the user experience the entire project’s success hinges on. All components are harmonized with your corporate identity: the hardware, the user interface, animations, 3D models etc., all of which we forge into a well-rounded embodiment of your overall idea. If you prefer, we’re also happy to collaborate with a marketing or event agency of your choice.

3. Software

A customized software is the heart of every interactive installation. Using agile development methods, we design your project in the superior Unity 3D environment. All the while, we keep you updated on the progress with software mockups and preliminary beta versions, always with an open ear for your feedback. We either integrate your digital content by means of the cloud-based Garamantis CMS or feed it directly into the software through your IT interface – this procedure allows maximal speed and flexibility in terms of form and content. We test and optimize the finished software until its quality is nothing but outstanding.

4. Hardware

We also design, craft and integrate all hardware, like multi-touch tables, interactive display cases and other interactive terminals. As a result, we have every liberty in their execution –ranging from standard size to entirely unique one-off production. In the process, we employ multi-touch technologies, different kinds of object recognition technologies as well as modern sensor and control systems, in order to make the user’s interaction with the hardware an exceptional experience. Our many years of experience help us in finding the optimal hardware configuration, and we always opt for professional systems intended for 24/7 operation. To make the operational procedure as simple as possible, we’ve also developed special hardware, along with the matching transportation boxes, for temporary use and portable applications.

5. Service

Sustained personal assistance and support for the duration of the entire project to us is simply a matter of course. From the first consultation until the final on-site implementation, one of our Garamantis experts will be at your side to help you with transportation, roll-out, staff training, maintenance and servicing and provide telephone and email support.

If you like, you can also hire our knowledge and expertise in the realization of large-scale interactive projects for workshops or consultancy days.