Garamantis Projects

Interactive worlds of experience and product presentations

With our interactive installations, we work at the cutting edge worldwide and are the first to test visions of software and hardware in reality. Projects around interactive, media installations are our passion. Our partners and customers come from culture, art and the free economy.

Daikin Chemical Europe Innovation Centre

Interaktiver Showroom und mobiles Messe-Präsentationssystem

vision-tec trade show booth at drinktec

30 m2 interactive trade show wall and demonstrators

FFT Production Systems Showroom

Interactive Show Area for Presentation and Demonstration at Company Headquarters in Fulda

Telekom Showroom Experience

Immersive exhibition across two floors of the “Telekom Innovation Laboratories” in Berlin

Rosenbauer Interschutz 2022

Interactive 33 x 6 Meters LED Wall Delivers Spectacular Performance

LogiMAT 2022

Multi-touch table and monitor wall explaining the Linde Energy Manager

Samurai Museum Berlin

Interactive and Experiential Exhibition on 1,500 square meters

Exhibition #GermanyDigital

Interactive Exhibition at Forum of Contemporary History

175 Years of Zeiss

Interactive exhibition shows important milestones in corporate history

Linz Beer Brewery

Multimedia Installation in Historical Tobacco Factory

EXPO Dubai 2021

Sensual-artistic installations in the Austrian Pavilion at the 2021 World’s Fair

“Deck 50” NHM Vienna

Participatory science communication through interactive research terminals and immersive environments

Wristcheck Experience Hong Kong

Next‑Level Shop Window for Watch Enthusiasts and Fans of Interactive Technologies

ESG Corporate Showroom

Multi-Touch Installation for Interactive Presentation of Complex Procedures

Interactive exhibition on climate change

„Global Shift – A Changing World” in Bregenz, Austria

Procurement Future Showroom

Lingemann GmbH Interactive Showroom

Virtual Exhibition „Unity Gallery“

The 30th Day of German Unity in Potsdam is also celebrated digitally

Berlin Hyp Project Presentation

A complex IT project – told as an interactive hero’s journey

360° Views EUREF Campus

Interactive Revolving Monitor Affords Immersive Look Into The Future Of Mobility

Austrian Standards Headquarters

Interactive exhibition commemorating 100 years of company history

Deep Space 8K Mexico

Immersive projection room for large groups in Sinaloa Science Center

Singapore Motorshow 2020

Interactive Trade Show Booth with Self-Designed 3D Isuzu Trucks

Agritechnica 2019

Interactive Sales Terminals at STW Trade Fair Booth

Smart Home Exhibition

Interactive exhibition on technological possibilities and data security

Leica Showroom Singapore

Interactive Display Case Shows Precious Cameras and Corporate History

Anniversary Year BASPO

Interactive multi-touch installation for the 75th anniversary jubilee year of the Swiss National Sports Center

Gigapixels on Jenner adventure mountain

The Berchtesgaden alpine national park in Bavaria proves its modernity and dynamism in the cable car’s peak station

VR Gasometer Visit

Virtual tour through the EUREF Campus gasometer with HTC Vive pro

Federal President of Germany visits German Air Force

Multi-touch presentation software for interactive briefings

360 Degree Climate Dome

Multi-sensory immersive experience installation with VR goggles for trade shows and events

70th anniversary of the Constitution

Federal Government Roadshow with multi-touch scanner table

Interactive Club Museum „FohlenWelt“

65 inch multitouch scanner table made of black acrylic stone with numerous multiplayer games

bauma 2019

Interactive Trade Show Terminals in the Liebherr “Future Pavilion”

Interactive Timeline Mannheim

Multi touch software visualizes mission statement “Mannheim 2030”

Projection Mapping VISA

Interactive Projection at Visa Futures Conference in Barcelona

Liwest Future Store

Brand experience world with 55-inch multi-touch table and capacitive object recognition

Exhibition „Out of Control“

Interactive exhibition on digital trails and data security by the Viennese Chamber of Labor

ESA Visitor Center

Immersive insights into modern Earth observation

Federal Press Office

Multi-touch Scanner Tables for Open House Day of the Federal Government

Innsbruck Information Center

Innsbruck Information Center – State-of-the art visitor center in time honored premises

Showroom secunet

multi-touch table with metal frame as a central presentation tool

Digital Factory Planning TU Braunschweig

Interactive collaborative factory planning with multi-touch software and interface to virtual reality.

Post-City Lab Seoul

Multitouch projection mapping in table form for Ars Electronica Export

ifesca Future Technology Centre

Showroom makes artificial intelligence sensually perceptible – visually, acoustically and haptically

Umdasch Group at Weltmuseum Vienna

Interactive exhibition with two pavilions by Umdasch Group in celebration of the company’s 150th anniversary

Light & Building 2018

RFID object recognition at the “Light & Building 2018” fair for Fränkische Rohrwerke

Inhorgenta 2018 trade fair

Interactive showcase shows anniversary jewelry from the manufacturer Jörg Heinz

Vienna giant Ferris wheel

Media wall with networked screens for Vienna‘s landmark

Diorama at Hotel Sacher

Software and CMS for an interactive paper silhouette in Vienna’s most famous hotel

Interactive Newsroom

Keeping track of an abundancy of news and information via a real-time display in any desired resolution

Schweißen und Schneiden

Multi-touch application development and central CMS infrastructure for an interactive 1,000 sqm trade fair presence

Application Laboratory Museum of Natural History

Development of interactive installations for museums

Interactive Dinosaurs

Multi touch scanner application for the Long Night of Museums 2017 at the Berlin Museum of Natural History

Infopoint Nature Park

Multi-touch table in larch wood on the Hohe Mut Alm in the Naturepark Ötztal

Federation of Austrian Industries

Multi-touch application with 3D globe for various platforms

Social Media Table re:publica

Multi-Touch Scanner table at Europe’s largest digital conference

ESA Showroom Hyperwall

Resolution Screen Wall consisting of 9 monitors is controlled via tablet computer

Interactive stand at “International Green Week”

750 square metre trade fair stand of the BMZ with three interactive trade fair installations

Austrian museums day

Interactive showcase presented winners of the ICOM Austria “Museum Seal of Approval”

Interactive Shopping Wall

Interactive Shopping Wall with multi touch software and CMS at Hamad International Airport in Doha

voestalpine Industry 4.0

Showcasing of industrial production plants by means of transparent monitors

Deep Space in Singapore Science Centre

exhibition E3 – Emmersive Experiential Environments

Scanner-Table Humboldt-Forum

Participants of the conference register at the interactive scanner table

German Spy Museum Berlin

Exhibition technology for the German Spymuseum in Berlin

ESA interactive exhibition

Exhibition “Spaceship Earth” with multi-touch rotary screens in the Ars Electronica Center

Deep Space mobile virtual reality

Singapore Science Centre

Interactive Shopping Wall Umdasch

Innovative stand with RFID technology at EuroShop trade fair for Umdasch viPOS

Interactive company exhibition

Tangible Interface Software at „Audioversum“ of MED-EL World Innsbruck

Air Force

For this project, Garamantis has been the perfect partner. Thanks to the close collaboration as well as Garamantis staff’s reliability and diligence, the Airforce’s project could be put into practice to our full satisfaction. The outcome was a success and demonstrated what actually today is possible in the field of multimedia presentations.

Marc Wolfgang Bedau, Oberleutnant und SysIng EF, Kommando Luftwaffe
Martin Glass

Both new developments and project handovers have worked well with Garamantis. Flexibility, teamwork and communication led to the highest level of professionalism and an optimal result for the customer.

Martin Glaß, Projectmanager, mediapool
Manuela Naveau

I´m sure you know what it’s like: You come up with an idea, and if you find the right partner for its realization you’re perfectly happy. But are you also familiar with a situation where this partner inspires you to an implementation of your idea with an even better result? Such a partner you’ll find in Garamantis!

Manuela Naveau, Head of Ars Electronica Export
Michael Mondria

Garamantis is one of our most important collaboration partners. Their dedication, creativity, reliability, their quality and expertise are exemplary, and Garamantis’ numerous successful projects worldwide bear strong witness to that.

Michael Mondria, Senior Director at Ars Electronica Solutions