Rolls-Royce Power Systems

Interactive trade show exhibits for worldwide use

Garamantis were selected to present Rolls‑Royce Power Systems at future international trade shows by means of cutting-edge and digital technologies. With their brand mtu, Rolls-Royce Power Systems as a provider of products and services represent powerful high-performance drive and energy solutions. The company manufactures propulsion systems for ships, rail vehicles, heavy land vehicles, and industrial machinery. This collaboration kicks off with a customized multi-touch table for the presentation of services in the areas of marine engines and diesel engines for land vehicles. With its additional haptic elements as well as a transparent monitor, Garamantis have designed this first multi-touch exhibit to be particularly appealing.

Individualized Multi-Touch Table for Trade Shows

The multi-touch table in the corporate design is accessible from below and equipped with a 65’’ touchscreen. A white frame conceals the touchscreen’s edge, at the same time giving the table an exceptional appearance and providing space for capacitive markers and model elements. Those capacitive markers are 3D-printed objects that serve as active triggers for different software scenarios when placed upon the table’s surface. For this, the 3D elements adhere magnetically to the frame and can be placed anywhere. The lighting and the mechanical movement of these models make for a particular eyecatcher: for instance, the small wind turbines rotate, and the LED-lit energy storage units display their fill level.

Multi-Touch Software Shows Scenarios on Water and Land

The table’s digital surface proper shows an isometric view of a coastline. In this real-time scenario, trees sway in the wind, vehicles are parked in the road, and large ships are moored in a harbor. The water itself is elaborately animated, and seagulls circle in the sky.

Visitors can now tap on the ships and land vehicles, whereupon interactive menus unfold around them, serving as the gateway to Rolls‑Royce Power System’s comprehensive product and services universe. This includes interactive performance comparisons between propulsion systems, links to other topics as well as a thematic focus on marine and terrestrial propulsion systems.

Transparent Monitor Creates Long‑Distance Effect on Trade Shows

The visual impression and reach of the presentation table is further enhanced by a partially transparent monitor in the background. Staff standing on the table can “shift” content from the table to this monitor in order to optimally visualize it for larger audiences at, e.g., trade show tours. The interactive multi-touch presentation table is therefore suitable both for free exploration by single individuals as well as for group presentations.

Interactive Trade Fair Exhibits at the Ready for the 2024 Season

The new system was first successfully deployed at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) trade show in England in September and at the Europort 2023 in Rotterdam. Thanks to the web-based CMS designed by Garamantis, our clients can easily update and expand the content themselves anytime. We say ‘Thank You’ for the good collaboration and are looking forward to the 2024 trade show season!

Rolls-Royce Power Systems

Project Data

  • Client: Rolls-Royce Power Systems
  • Context: interactive trade show exhibits
  • Time for Implementation: 3 months
  • Project Completion: September 2023
  • multi-touch table (4K) with capacitive object recognition
  • functional model elements
  • web-based CMS
  • customized multi-touch software

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