Virtual Reality for Companies

When Reality Just Won’t Do.

Want to get inside a gearbox? Excavate part of Pompeii? Or see the Earth from an astronaut's perspective? If the answer is yes, we are ready to beam you up! We build nothing less than an entire world around your product or desired theme for your target audience to dive into (and splash around in). Sounds too good to be true? In fact, our VR has its own problems: people stubbornly refuse to re-emerge! Long queues are to be expected. And there have even been reports of addiction among users... Meta and Google also see the future in the virtual world. But we already have it today!

Features that dreams are made of:

Wireless VR Headsets: If you've ever been a seahorse floating around a coastal area, you probably don't want to come ashore. That's why our VR headsets give you a range of up to 10 square metres. And that's a lot of room, even for a seahorse.

High-quality hands-on content: Houston, we have no problem! The controls are so intuitive, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to use them. And with one of our controllers, users can effortlessly reach for the stars.

Efficient 3D modelling: Our Unity 3D development environment really is the land of opportunity. But of course, your budget may be different. Instead of creating everything from scratch, our 3D artists use existing content as much as possible to keep costs down.

A well thought out concept: We boldly go where no one has gone before, and we seek out familiar worlds that we know how to master. Together, we'll translate your ideas into immersion without losing touch with reality: we'll let you know from the start what's possible - and what's not.

360° support: We will not let you down in the real world either. Our service includes on-site support for your VR station and staff training. And if we really cannot be there, we are happy to support you via remote access.

BMZ climate dome - multisensory 360-degree video trade fair installation
Augmented Reality Glasses Magic Leap
Virtual Reality Experience with HTC Vive pro
Virtual Reality with an Oculus Go Glasses
Interactive factory planning with virtual reality
Immersive projection room for large groups at the Science Center Sinaloa


Want to be the first mover in your industry? Wow your customers with VR at the next trade show!


Your customers are sure to remember the products and stories they experience in VR.


Open up new dimensions and provide digital insights that no other technology can offer.


An intelligent approach minimises costs and maximises the potential of hardware and software for your presentation.

Virtual Reality Details

The way to get your custom-made VR station in 5 easy steps

  • You contact us – by phone, email or chat.
  • We give you free, no-obligation advice and helpful suggestions about your project.
  • We provide you with a detailed quotation and project plan.
  • We conceive, design and programme your virtual environment and take care of the technical set-up. We can either use existing 3D models or create them from scratch to your specifications.
  • We assemble and set up the VR station at your premises or at a location of your choice (trade fair, etc.) and train your staff.

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Business Punk

Digital spaces are also being conquered by the cultural and creative pilots Garamantis. They develop interactive installations, mobile applications and multi-touch solutions for companies and institutions. The focus is always on creative and uncomplicated use of new technologies.

Digitale Räume: Wie kulturelle Events ins Internet verlagert werden

Business Punk, 6/11/2021
Janine Koehler

In a time far away from business as usual, together we succeeded in implementing a great and innovative project. The special challenges of working with a large public authority, the enormous amount of content and the short processing time did not cause any problems thanks to Garamantis’ professional approach. I appreciate the great cooperation and look forward to further exciting projects!

Janine Koehler, Projectmanager, mediapool
Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage

Award winner 2020 PRIX VICTORIA IN SILVER in the category “Live Staging, Video Art, Video Mapping” for the multisensory climate module with virtual reality application


Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage 2020, 7/2/2020

There is a clear basic idea behind the multisensory experience: Interactive experiences remain in the memory longer and ensure that you are more concerned with a topic.

Garamantis: Klimawandel 360°

StartingUp, May 2020
Berliner Zeitung

Virtual Reality, infrared lights, and odor‑emanating nozzles facilitate this omni sensory 5‑minute trip to regions where climate change already affects people’s lives. […] With VR, even journeys into the past or into the future are no longer a problem.
Klimawandel in der Kuppel

Berliner Zeitung, 2/26/2020

Visitors to the Green Week can experience how climate change is changing people’s lives in Madagascar today – until Sunday in a so-called climate bubble. A seven-minute film takes you to the island in the Indian Ocean in a dome-shaped tent. The special thing: With virtual reality glasses, you can look around freely in the film, as if you were really on site.
Virtuelle Reise in die Welt des Klimawandels

Tagesspiegel, 1/24/2020

“Climate dome” at the Green Week – How climate change in Madagascar feels with VR glasses

rbb24 Video, 1/21/2020
Märkische Oderzeitung

At the Green Week, visitors to the stand of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development can travel to Madagascar via virtual reality in a “climate dome”, where the consequences of global warming can already be clearly felt.
Klimawandel hautnah

Märkische Oderzeitung, 1/16/2020
Michael Mondria

Integrating a Deep Space 8K into the newly refurbished Sinaloa Science Center in Cualicán as its highlight and centerpiece has been quite a challenge, on various levels. Under these difficult circumstances, Garamantis not only proved themselves one of our most reliable partner businesses but, with their outstanding commitment, flexibility, and professional expertise, were a cornerstone of the project’s success.

Michael Mondria, Senior Director Ars Electronica Solutions
ma report

In a 360-degree video, visitors were given an insight into the living conditions and challenges of the local people via VR glasses. They not only saw and heard how the inhabitants of the African island state dealt with climate change, but also felt the heat and dry air in the steppe, or the cool ocean breezes on the coast.
Am eigenen Leib

m+a report Messemagazin, September 2019
Karin Teichmann

Even on the EUREF campus, the sun does not always shine. That’s why it’s great that our many national and international guests can go on a gasometer tour throughout the year. It’s also great fun with VR glasses in the Garamantis showroom. The EUREF campus is a real future destination!

Karin Teichmann, Member of the Board of EUREF AG
Stefan Trabant

Again, the technical realization of the 360-degree climate dome for the BMZ was super with Garamantis. Technically, qualitatively, innovatively and humanly a pleasure!

Stefan Trabant, Managing Director Creation at SUPER an der Spree
events magazin

Up to now, VR has been difficult in the event context, as it usually only offers experiences for individuals. The climate dome allows several people to immerse themselves in virtual reality at the same time.
Erlebniswelten 4.0 – Interaktive und multisensorische Installationen auf dem Vormarsch

Events Magazin, 04/2019

Up to now, VR has been difficult in the event context, as it usually only offers experiences for individuals. The climate dome allows several people to immerse themselves in virtual reality at the same time.
Erlebniswelten 4.0 – Interaktive und multisensorische Installationen auf dem Vormarsch

Events Magazin, 04/2019