VR Gasometer Visit

Virtual tour through the EUREF Campus gasometer with HTC Vive pro

For those with a fear of heights, this virtual reality installation is a challenge: visitors stand virtually at a height of almost 80 metres on top of the Gasometer Schöneberg, the landmark of the EUREF Campus in Berlin.

Virtual view of the EUREF Campus and the Berlin skyline

The wind blows fiercely, the metal platform squeaks, and then birds and a zeppelin fly overhead. Thanks to a photo-realistic representation of the environment and deceptively real 3D models, the VR glasses create a deceptively realistic impression. Even the sense of touch is perfectly fooled: the two square metre metal platform is a replica made of metal. Users can feel the grating under their feet and hold on to the cool metal railings. If the view of the vastness and depth is not enough, you can even dare to open the metal door and step out onto the metal grating plank. The more intrepid can even use a landing net to catch flying EUREF stars while balancing in the air. Experience shows, however, that more than half of the users prefer to remain standing on the platform, holding on to the railing with both hands.

Immersive environment thanks to VR goggles and sensory deception

What feels life-threatening in virtual reality is, of course, completely harmless in reality. In reality, the platform is only a few centimetres above the ground. The virtual tour of the gasometer uses the senses of sight, sound and touch to create an alternative reality that visitors will experience with palpitations and remember for a long time. Garamantis designed and implemented the VR tour of the Gasometer at short notice. We integrated existing 3D models from EUREF AG into the Unity software. We carried out a drone flight to recreate the site and the horizon as realistically as possible.

Flexible concept

We can transfer the technology of this virtual reality tour to almost any location in the world. Whether it is a company headquarters on another continent, a factory site under construction or an impressive factory building. The visitor has the feeling of being right there. Incidentally, the Gasometer is now a state-of-the-art office building with space for 2,000 Deutsche Bahn employees.

EUREF Campus


Project facts

  • Client: EUREF-Campus
  • Context: Sommerfest 2019
  • Implementation period: 1 month
  • Finishing date: August 2019
  • HTC Vive Pro Headset
  • Implementation of 3D models as well as drone shooting
  • Immersive VR environment
Karin Teichmann

Even on the EUREF campus, the sun does not always shine. That’s why it’s great that our many national and international guests can go on a gasometer tour throughout the year. It’s also great fun with VR glasses in the Garamantis showroom. The EUREF campus is a real future destination!

Karin Teichmann, Member of the Board of EUREF AG

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