Convince with individual multitouch software

Multitouch software as unique as your product. We develop the perfect presentation software for you.

Multi-touch table, interactive projection, or VR-experience – the crucial factor all our products have in common is what happens if you turn them on. We bring back to life a long-extinct species, we have it play air hockey against its principal predator, and to get a better look on all that, we zoom ourselves up into space. You’re wondering what the use is? At least it demonstrates that we set no boundaries to your imagination, not even hardware-related ones: just swipe your content from the table onto a monitor wall! Whether that content be a Dodo, your product portfolio, or a 3D tour through your corporate history – that choice is all yours.

A short selection from our inner values:

Features galore: phew – were to begin? With the interactive timeline? Or rather with the integration of almost infinitely zoomable gigapixel images? Or better yet, with our media newsroom? It’s a vast playground, so we best start with your idea!

Individual storytelling: any story is only just as good as the storyteller’s skills –inventiveness, the ability to surprise, and a fair amount of pathos added are the key ingredients here. That’s why we don’t work with standardized kits, but take your particular story, your requirements, and your target audience into account.

Creative flexibility: When it comes to your software, nothing’s set in stone - but in our cloud-based CMS instead. This way you can flexibly adapt the content according to the occasion.

Excellent hardware: imagine you just changed the world for the better, and then all of a sudden it starts to jerk and stutter. That’s not going to happen with us. Our software works smoothly and independently of internet access, with 60 frames per second, on a high‑performance PC, and 24/7. In short: it’ll run perfectly smooth around the clock.

Anything. Is. Possible: whatever it is your virtual world needs we are prepared to deliver. For instance, motion control, robot programming, interactive projection, interactive digital signage, brain interface ... do you want us to continue? Ok, here goes: Motion tracking. VR environments. Augmented reality ...

htw saar multitouch table software screenshot
In addition to touch inputs, the interactive tables also recognise all products present on the stand
Multitouch software in the JARVIS AI look
3d globe in Unity multitouch software
Software Multitouch Table - interactive timeline and product presentation
Capacitive markers on multitouch screen control the software


No more “top “ or “bottom” and upside down– any desired number of users can interact with the software simultaneously and from all directions.


Perfectly smooth rendition and animation (60 frames per second) with exceedingly high resolution.


Start now with the most important key features, and later refine the software together with us.


Every pixel of the UI as well as the CMS are exactly tailored to your content and your target audience.

Multi Touch Software

The way to get your custom-made multi touch software in 6 easy steps

  • You contact us – by phone, email or chat.
  • We give you free and non-binding advice and offer helpful suggestions concerning your software project.
  • You receive a detailed offer and a project schedule from us.
  • We design your software in an agile development process and keep you updated on the progress with mock-ups and status info. We also adapt the CMS to your data.
  • We populate the CMS with your data – they’re immediately available and ready for use in the software.
  • We install the multi-touch software on-site on your hardware and train your staff in its usage.

Free Consultation

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Michaela Fragner

With a cross-national and challenging project like the EXPO Dubai, having a reliable and dedicated partner like Garamantis at our side has been particularly important. Garamantis have again proven themselves as facilitators of a smooth implementation who always had innovative approaches to a solution up their sleeves. The installations were realized swiftly and rolled out in Dubai in several phases. My thanks go out to the entire team for their commitment, and I am looking forward to the next projects!

Michaela Fragner, Project Manager, Ars Electronica Solutions
Berlin Hyp AG

We are happy about the successful digital implementation of our SAP HANA project, which we were able to realize on the multitouch table together with the support of Garamantis. Our project symbol, the brave penguin, became a living figure in 3D animation and interactively accompanies the user of the table on his journey with the project. Interested parties are now able to acquire important project information in a playful and entertaining way.

Till Kasperbauer, Director IT, Berlin Hyp AG
Mathias Rusterholz

Thanks to the expertise of Garamantis, an application was created that is simple and intuitive to use. The multi-touch software gives us the opportunity to open digitized archive content for our anniversary to a wide audience in a variety of ways. The audience interacts without any problems and is fascinated by the possibilities!

Mathias Rusterholz, Head of Online Communications at BASPO
Air Force

For this project, Garamantis has been the perfect partner. Thanks to the close collaboration as well as Garamantis staff’s reliability and diligence, the Airforce’s project could be put into practice to our full satisfaction. The outcome was a success and demonstrated what actually today is possible in the field of multimedia presentations.

Marc Wolfgang Bedau, Oberleutnant und SysIng EF, Kommando Luftwaffe
City of Mannheim

We are delighted to have found in Garamantis an innovative and reliable partner for the development of interactive digital applications. Voting processes went smoothly and straightforward. Excellent advice and technical support complete the picture.

Larissa Mikulasch, Strategic Controlling, City of Mannheim
Harald Moser

The ESA Φ Experience has been a top-level project we had the chance to put into collaborative action. Particularly important in this context was a mutual pre‑testing of all the target hardware’s applications in an interim review together with the client. For keeping the schedule, Garamantis’ input was of the utmost importance. During the on-site implementation, Garamantis always lent a sympathetic ear to any requests for modifications and were constantly by our side with advice and support. The outcome achieved by this amazing project team who mastered even the most difficult situations sure doesn’t have to hide!

Harald Moser, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions
Michael Busch

A newsroom used in corporate communication needs applications for crossmedial visualization of content and news streams and for planning and producing new content, while ensuring a 360 degree view on all the different media channels. With their professional multi-touch technologies, Garamantis have created the perfect implementation of all those requirements for our customers. For each and every user in the field of corporate communication and marketing, Garamantis develops the exactly fitted interactive newsroom solution – ranging from entry-level to high-end and flexible as well as modular. We’re thrilled!

Michael Busch, CEO Landau Media GmbH & Co.KG
Harald Moser

Building a bridge between tradition and new media while at the same time paying humble reverence to the brand Sacher was a lovely project, which we had the chance to realize together with Garamantis. Garamantis is a reliable partner when it comes to implementing creative solutions for very special requirements, like for instance our diorama installation. The underlying software and CMS are so flexible that within a few minutes, a new animation can be added to any given window in the diorama. In this way, customers can easily configure the diorama’s supply with new animations by themselves.

Harald Moser, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions