An interactive projection will amaze your visitors

If Walls Could Tell Stories ... Make them Entertaining and Interactive, Please.

A plain white wall can be very inspiring. What do you see? The pitch for your new business model? A textbook example of clever climate action? Or an interactive ping pong match? We, for one, see countless possibilities to visualize all this and more for your target audience –with a symbiosis of analog and digital storytelling in 2D and 3D and your corporate design. Content springs to life at a touch – that’s fun for your customers and clients and a good opportunity for you to become creative. We firmly believe: there’s a little bit of Bob Ross in each and everyone of us.

Certainly not a wallflower with all these features:

Digital meets analog: and in Full‑HD or Ultra‑HD at that – just an aside. In any case, the printed wall shows your content crystal-clear. Videos, images, animated content or texts turn the printed surface into a playground for your target group.

Illusion at its best: We adapt your content, e. g. one of your products, to the printed wall down to the last pixel. This technique is called Projection Mapping and of its own would make a great subject matter for an interactive wall

As boundless as your imagination: each of our projectors covers an area of about 2 X 1 meters. And we can put together any desired number of them – if you want, also in combination with an interactive display case, multi-touch screens, or analog fixtures/elements.

Attention‑seeker: our projection surface knows how to use its charms. It is large, and it glows. Moreover, it is also capable of making the derivative of the square root of X seem like a really interesting subject. Well, that’s stage hogs for you ...

Add-ons: If in your opinion your nice white wall gets too messy, we can shift the projection to integrated monitors – seamlessly and with many more features.

Interactive wall with projection mapping and touch screens
Interactive museum exhibits as a highlight in the Samurai Museum Berlin
Interactive wall with projection, showcase, touch screen and prints
Interactive projection IAA Palfinger
Interactive Projection Mapping
Cinema with playful gesture control in the interactive Samurai Museum
Multitouch Projection Mapping in table form
interactive projection on elevation model


Creates the perfect illusion for your visitors through analog print and digital projection.


Your content catches the eye already from a distance. Interactivity on a wall attracts visitors.


Particularly suitable for presentation in front of group audiences or for individual exploration.


Get straight to the point of your story and show visitors the way.

Interactive Projection Details

  • Eye-catcher and surprise effect: amaze your visitors with walls that seem to radiate and react to the touch.
  • Projection mapping technology: the projection’s 2D and 3D mapping visualizes your content dynamically and pixel-perfect – with a long-range effect.
  • Individualized content: for a perfect storytelling we harmonize all content (videos, images, animations, texts etc.) and the control of the wall with your corporate identity.
  • Flexible setup: width of several meters possible, vertical or horizontal
Interactive projection technical details
  • Full-HD (1,920 x 1,080 px)
  • Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160 px)
  • individual resolutions
Interactive projection technical details
Projection surface
  • per projector: ca. 2 m width and 1 m height
  • combination of any desired number of projectors possible

Amaze visitors with the benefits of your projection’s unique interactive options – at trade shows, events, or in your showroom

The printed wall reacts to a visitor’s touch by launching an interactive projection that tells your company’s or institution’s stories. This surprising combination of analog print and digital projection literally enthralls visitors and invites them to explore further. With this technology we can upgrade any solid wall or mobile exhibition wall to a true interactive highlight and thus achieve the maximum effect in the space available.

Exploring content the fun way: create unique interactive experiences for trade show visitors

A large-scale interactive projection has an enormous long-range effect and, by showing animated content, attracts its potential users’ attention already from a distance. Once approached, people at first are taken aback and amazed by their own power to bring a solid wall to life and then – of course – investigate the matter more deeply by trying out its functions. All the while, stories and animations explain and illustrate, for example, your company and your fields of business, and visitors will keep a long and lasting memory of this information they themselves have triggered.

Projections adapted to your corporate design: analog wall and digital projection in your corporate context

The technology is suitable both for temporary mobile solutions used on trade shows and events and for permanent installations in showrooms or exhibitions: simply, the larger the desired projection area, the more projectors are used. You don’t have to waste a single thought on the technical details – Garamantis ensures a stunning and long-lasting experience for your visitors.

Interactive projection with mapping technology: individualized and pixel-perfect in Full HD or Ultra HD

The digital content (animations, images, videos etc.) of the projection is adjusted to the wall down to the last pixel – resulting in a perfect illusion for the user. In order to create such an interactive installation, all we need is a briefing on the subject and desired overall impression of animated content – everything else will be taken care of by our developers, graphic designers and technicians. By means of a web-based CMS you can later alter or update content at any time.

With our full-service package to your own customized trade show highlight

You are looking for a way to promote your business and its complex services and products at trade shows in an innovative and at the same time demonstrative fashion? This is where our service kicks in: we conceive and plan the interactive projection individually matched to your very trade fair booth. We design all content in concordance with your profile and your particular target audience and integrate the necessary hardware into your booth. You can keep this projection in use for years to come, each time with different animated or narrative content, and in this way provide an interactive highlight for your visitors as well as multi-media assistance for your trade show presentations.

Use cases and example application:

  • Business presentation: Elucidate your fields of business or your company’s history with short and simple animations and let your clients explore them.
  • Business plan: Pitch your business model or your new product with clear statements and facts – neatly laid out on a wall capable of explaining everything on its own accord.
  • Topic overview: What do today’s and tomorrow’s issues mean for your customers? For instance, how does your company handle digital transformation or deal with energy revolution and climatic change?
  • Gaming: Let visitors to your trade show booth get together and play –in the playground of your brand world. Apart from enjoying it, your visitors also will pay more attention to the brand and its merchandise and surely remember this experience for a long time.
  • 3D mapping: Introduce actual physical products (or parts thereof) on the wall. User can touch every one of its parts, and in doing so activate additional information or special effects related to the product.
  • Integrated display screens: Multi-touch screens built into the wall further upvalue the interactive surface. The content moves seamlessly between projection and monitors, and the multi-touch screens facilitate additional interactions with the selected product.

The way to your own custom-made interactive projection in 5 easy steps

  • You contact us – by phone, email or chat.
  • We give you free and non-binding advice and offer helpful suggestions concerning your project.
  • You receive a detailed offer and a project schedule from us.
  • We conceive and develop the projection and feed your digital content (images, texts, videos, documents) into the CMS.
  • We set up the installation at your desired location, test its functionality and train your staff or booth personnel.

Free advice

Sie interessieren sich für interaktive Technologien oder Multitouch-Lösungen? Wir beraten Sie gerne, kostenlos und unverbindlich. (+49 30 55144669)

Anna Ohlsen-Mangold

With Garamantis we were lucky to win a professional partner for our Retail Experience Lab. Their technologies and solutions are very innovative and creative, and never cease to thrill our clients. Within no time, together we have developed a concept for the interactive wall. The realization went swiftly, and the ongoing support is extremely service‑ as well as customer‑oriented.

Anna Ohlsen-Mangold, Senior Project Manager at Spielfeld, Roland Berger Digital Hub
Ina Badics

Our partner Garamantis collaborated with us expediently, pragmatically, and with a lot of enthusiasm and love for the project. The extensive wall projection with its storytelling features has become one of the exhibition’s highlights. Visitors marvel at the effects of the numerous interactive stations inside the exhibition, which operate and fulfill their duties absolutely reliably.

Ina Badics, project manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

The “Initiative Mittelstand” (“Initiative for MSE”) awards the Innovation Prize IT 2018 to particularly innovative IT solutions of high benefit to medium-sized enterprises. In the category “communication”, the expert jury rates the interactive Projection Mapping by Garamantis with “BEST OF 2018”. The rated product has convinced the jury and is within the top flights among this year’s Innovation Prize IT participants.

Initiative Mittelstand, 4/20/2018