Space Eye Visitor Centre

Immersive experiences in Swiss observatory

In September 2023, the Space Eye multimedia visitor centre opened in the Gantrisch Nature Park near Bern. This state-of-the-art observatory offers access to Switzerland’s largest public telescope and an immersive 8K planetarium. Developed by Ars Electronica Solutions in collaboration with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Garamantis, Space Eye sets new standards in interactive and playful knowledge transfer.

Interactive Journey into Space

In the Space Eye observatory, visitors embark on a fascinating journey through various topics relating to satellites and the universe. Interactive technologies such as touchscreens, touch tables and an elevation model with projection mapping make this journey a sensory experience. An animated astronaut character, Nova, guides visitors through the exhibition, providing exciting insights and information.

Innovative technologies in the observatory

Touch screens and interactive touch walls allow visitors to immerse themselves in the subject matter and explore information intuitively. A particularly impressive touch wall, which can be operated by more than one person at a time, offers a playful experience of space exploration. Touching certain points on the wall reveals detailed animated information, ranging from the history of space travel to current celestial observations.

A touch table with an attached screen allows visitors to navigate through a large library of photographs. At another interactive table, they can place markers on the table surface, whereupon the animated stratosphere around the globe fills with corresponding satellites and space debris.

Visitors can even walk on a detached part of a rocket. Visitors can look out through a hatch into space, which is simulated in the form of a large-scale projection. Inside the component, they can explore further details using a touch screen.

Garamantis was commissioned by Ars Electronica Solutions to design and implement the interactive software, the central content management system and numerous stations. Petros Kataras (Ars Electronica Solutions) developed the software for the height model.

Centre for Education and Innovation

Space Eye is not only a place of entertainment, but also a centre for education and innovation. The facility places particular emphasis on teaching maths, IT, science and technology, sustainability and digitalisation. This is supported by interactive learning stations and educational programmes for children and adults. Experience the fascinating world of space at the Space Eye and expand your knowledge in a fun and interactive way!

Photos: Isabel Schölmbauer (Ars Electronica Solutions), Adrian Moser (Space Eye)

Ars Electronica

Ars Electronica Solutions

Project Data

  • Client: Ars Electronica Solutions
  • Context: Visitor centre in the “Space Eye”
  • Time for implementation: 12 months
  • Project completion: September 2023
  • Support of the conception
  • Customised software development
  • Centralised content management system
  • Interactive projections
  • Numerous touchscreen installations
  • On-site commissioning
Ina Badics

Together with Garamantis, we had a lot of fun translating complex space topics into playful and easy-to-understand interaction concepts. As always, Garamantis achieved this with flying colours in the implementation of the installations.

Ina Badics, project manager, Ars Electronica Solutions

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