SRH Gesundheit

Interactive walls present clinics digitally

SRH Gesundheit GmbH operates clinics and medical care centres in four German states. In ten acute clinics, six rehabilitation clinics and numerous medical care centres, more than one million patients receive high-quality medical care every year.

Interactive walls present the clinics of SRH Gesundheit

Together with the central marketing department of SRH Holding, Garamantis developed an interactive wall to present the wide range of departments and medical specialisations at the locations in an innovative way. The wall consists of multi-touch screens and interactive projectors that digitally interact with each other on a four metre long wall. Patients and visitors to the sites can use this innovative technology in the foyer to get an overview of each clinic. All they have to do is touch the departments or other elements of the wall with their finger. This triggers a digital animation on the wall surface. The projection elements are seamlessly integrated into the multi-touch screen, where they can be further explored.

Digital productions in Sigmaringen and Karlsbad

In July 2023, the new building of the SRH hospital in Sigmaringen was officially opened. To mark the occasion, the first interactive wall of its kind was put into operation in the foyer of the new building.

Two months later, another wall with a customised design went into operation at SRH Hospital Karlsbad. It is located at a central hub of the site to reach and inspire as many visitors as possible.


SRH Gesundheit

Project Data

  • Client: SRH Holding (SdbR)
  • Context: SRH clinics in Sigmaringen and Karlsbad
  • Time for implementation: 3 months
  • Project completion: July 2023
  • customised software and CMS
  • interactive projection mapping
  • integrated multi-touch screens

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