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Imagine being able to share your enthusiasm for your business at the touch of a button. Imagine being able to convince your target audience of your products and services with all their senses. Now imagine an empty room and fill it with everything you think you need to do just that. You probably already know where we’re going with this: the global trend towards interactive corporate exhibitions, showrooms and immersive brand universes continues unabated.

But it takes more than four walls to create a showroom, and the design, planning and implementation can be more challenging than expected. Unless, of course, you are already an expert in the field because it is part of your daily business – in which case, welcome to Garamantis!

Our Daily Business – Showroom design example:

Interactive showroom or corporate exhibition – we specialise in full-service excitement

From on-site interactive product displays to innovative presentations of your company’s history, we have over a decade of experience in conceiving, designing and implementing bespoke showroom solutions for audiences of all shapes and sizes. Preferably – because it is most efficient – from start to finish:

  • Provisional, non-binding rough concept: Benefit from our experience and contact us for free inspiration and advice. We will provide you with a detailed quotation, including a time schedule, a rough concept of the interactive stations and, of course, a cost estimate.

  • Detailed concept, design and planning: We give your ideas a solid foundation. This includes a detailed needs analysis, as well as the definition of target audiences, objectives and hardware. We work with everyone involved in the project to develop a concept for the content, design and technical features that will help you avoid potential pitfalls at an early stage. From there, we create a project plan that you can really rely on.

  • Software design, content adaptation, implementation: We fuse concept, software and hardware into an integrated interactive exhibition. Regular feedback loops allow you to intervene at any stage of the process. The implementation phase for smaller installations – such as a multi-touch scanner table with monitor wall – typically takes 8 to 12 weeks, while larger showroom projects involving many people take longer. Either way, we adapt to your requirements and work autonomously and expeditiously towards the grand opening day.

  • Rollout / Integration: We install and test everything on site and we are not completely satisfied until you are absolutely delighted! To ensure you get the most out of your showroom and all its interactive components, we provide not only a customised Content Management System (CMS), but also training, technical support and maintenance.

Corporate showroom design - examples

Showroom in white design with multitouch scanner table and LED wall
Multitouch table in the ESA interactive visitor center in Italy
The multi-touch system controls the lighting mood in the entire showroom
KEBA Innovation Space - digital showroom with AGV

A showroom’s range of applications: interactive stations and use cases

A little less conversation, a little more (inter)action please!

Don’t just explain your business, turn it into an experience – with an innovative exhibition tailored to your company’s history, target audience and themes. Below you will find an overview of the stations and installations that are best suited to your needs.

Multi-touch table

Storytelling for all senses and different occasions

The possibilities for presentation and branding offered by a multi-touch table with customised software are virtually endless. Metaphorically speaking, it is the Swiss army knife of interactive stations, except that its multi-touch software was conceived and designed in Berlin, Germany. With classic features and unique solutions:

  • animations,  3D models, and interactive storytelling, e.g., for insights into manufacturing processes and workflows or into your products’ particular features and qualities.
  •  interactive timeline, staff portraits, and digital documents, for instance for telling your corporate history or for anniversaries and jubilees.
  •  infographics and explanatory animations, e.g., for making complex subject matters and products more accessible and easier to grasp.
  • scanning and representation of your products and samples, e.g., by means of capacitive or optical recognition and RFID technology
  • motion or gesture control and speech control, person sensor for additional modes of interactivity
  • full showroom control, including lighting and sound system and activation of additional peripheral exhibits via touch-surface
Multitouch table and screenwall in the ifesca showroom

Multi-touch wall

Your best choice for presenting your big endeavors

Multitouch wall with 12 screens: interactive globe of the Reference Wall

If your motto is “Think big!”, why not show this to your visitors and investors not only in, but also by your business presentation – not with a PowerPoint on a TV monitor, but with a high‑resolution multi-touch wall in your showroom.

  • control with gestures, touch or via tablet PC
  • flexible flow instead of fixed sequence: interactive and spontaneous selection and retrieval of content for each occasion
  • extremely high resolution and luminosity
  • in combination with a multi-touch table for use in presentations for group audiences

Interactive display case

A surefire presenter for your products

This interactive display‑case is at least as innovative as the products it can display. Visitors can control the objects on display by touching the clear glass panels of the showcase, while at the same time triggering multimedia storytelling content. Whatever object or product it holds, you can easily and conveniently replace it at any time using the web-based CMS. In our experience, you won’t want to replace this display case any time soon. This interactive presentation tool is not only suitable for products, but for many other things as well:

  • models and miniatures are highlighted spot-on and magnified on the additional monitors for up-close inspection.
  • company sites/branches and/or project sites can be mapped on a rotatable 3D globe. The additional monitors then show detailed information on the according sites/countries.
  • trophies, awards, and medals are kept safe from harm within the display case, with a maximum of accessibility at the same time through multi-media explanation.
  • business processes, workflows, and services can be described and explained sequentially by and through the display case, and it’s the users who decide on the sequence and the pace.
Multitouch Showcase Leica

Interactive projection

Analogue AND digital – employing the best of both worlds

interactive globe projection in 4K - corporate showroom ESA

Bring a flowchart, infographic or mind map to life! Thanks to large interactive projections, you can digitally extend and augment an analogue chart or illustration with appropriate content and information, quickly and easily via multi-touch. When touched, this interactive wall launches into multimedia storytelling and interacts with its users. As well as the content itself, installations like this are fascinating for the unexpected ‘magical’ interactivity of a solid wall.

Virtual Reality

The fastest way of travelling to another place

Virtual Reality offers the highest level of intensity and immersion for the human senses. Your clients and customers are completely immersed in the virtual environment: the slightest head movement, every change of perspective is translated into realistic visual feedback in real time. Thanks to wireless VR headsets, users can move around freely and place their hands on virtual objects. In short, VR gives you and your company complete control over the layout and design of your prospect’s environment. For example, you can use VR representations of the machines or products you sell, or you can let your customers interactively configure, test and explore your goods.

Virtual reality experience room for up to 12 people at the BMZ booth.

Multi-touch rotating screen

Your window into another world

Rotatable screen for immersive views and all-round panoramic perspectives

A multi-touch monitor with free 360° rotation gives your visitors a full view. Virtual environments, for example, without the need for a VR headset. Or to distant locations, such as a live feed from your factory half a world away.

Placed in the centre of your showroom, this multi-touch rotating screen can also be used as an augmented reality surface to display additional information about your product display.

How-To Showroom

If all this in you has provoked the unsurmountable desire to go build your own unique showroom from those amazing components RIGHT NOW, well – welcome to our world! Or better yet, to our own Berlin showroom, where we’ll be happy to give you a live demonstration of each of those components and other technologies, as well.

For now, what you mainly care about in a showroom are its costs, implementation time, and success factors?

We have summed up all our knowledge and expertise in our whitepaper “Successful Planning and Realization of Corporate Showrooms – An Instruction from How to Wow”

Showroom for companies - Garamantis Whitepaper

Project Examples

Free consultation on interactive corporate showrooms

Benefit from our experience and be inspired by successful showroom concepts.
We will be happy to advise you individually and without obligation.

Ina Badics

For the new “Haus der Wirtschaft” we wanted to present the global networking and diverse activities of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce in an innovative way and integrate them aesthetically into the open architecture of the building. With the interactive data visualisation from Garamantis we were able to achieve this brilliantly.

Ina Badics, project manager, Ars Electronica Solutions
Lars Lott

With Garamantis we were able to quickly create an interactive multi-touch table to visualise our data for an exhibition on the MS Wissenschaft. The project management and software implementation were focused and the end product met all our expectations. The hardware was delivered on time and the customer support is extremely service-oriented. Overall a very positive experience and working with people who were enthusiastic about working with us.

Dr. Lars Lott, Research Associate, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Wanda Rossi

With great professionalism, expertise and openness, the Garamantis team developed a real-time 3D multi-touch application that exceeded our expectations! The collaboration with our account team and designers was straightforward and fun. We look forward to working with Garamantis again in the future.

Wanda Rossi, Digital Project Manager, kraftwerk
invidis consulting

“The Wave” is an immersive installation in the former gas tank, now Museum Gasometer Oberhausen. Visitors to the current Planet Ocean exhibition can stand in front of or under the wave. Thanks to a software application by Garamantis, they even become part of the “water world”.

Projektion: Die fiktive 40-Meter-Welle

invidis, 3/28/2024
Marija Marchuk

With the creative minds of Garamantis, we had a master team of digitalisation at our side for the development of the exhibition at the Infocenter Berlin TXL. Projection mapping combines the technical with a sensual presentation, adding an aesthetic dimension to the communication of urban planning.

Marija Marchuk, Team Leader Innovation Centres and Community, Tegel Projekt GmbH
Titan Award 2023

TITAN Business Award 2023 – Gold Winner

Interactive B2B Showroom for FFT Production Systems wins gold in the category “Marketing – Best Brand Experience – B2B”

Interactive B2B Showroom for FFT Production Systems

TITAN Business Award 2023 - Gold Winner