interactive trade fair stand

Three magic words for a spellbinding appearance: digital, multimedia, interactive

Attention Through Innovation: Increase Your Trade Show Contacts With Multi-Touch Technologies

Of course, exhibitors at a trade show are usually screaming for attention, even though there is a demurer way to attract an audience successfully: by using a visitor magnet that captivates through innovation. And arouses people’s curiosity to explore all kinds of content. One that does not only offer information, but involvement, too– with multi-media enhanced interactivity. This is the best way to leave a lasting impression in your trade show audience’s memory – not with a lot of noise, but through silent amazement.

  • innovation makes curious: more potential clients at your trade show booth
  • digital presentations are fun: easy start into informative consultation and sales pitch
  • interactivity makes even more curious: visitors stay longer at your exhibition stand
  • conversation makes likable: positive effects on your corporate image
  • interactive storytelling makes memorable: stronger visitor involvement
  • touching? You bet! All our installations are perfectly resistant to disinfectants – to make sure that only the fun of the experience is contagious.

Let Your Interactive Trade Fair Booth Work For You

In combination with Garamantis’s multi-touch solutions, your preexisting exhibition stand becomes a sure-fire success. Already from a distance, multi-touch walls and interactive projections draw trade fair visitors’ attention to your trade fair booth. Sensors can detect approaching visitors who are then greeted by a multi-touch table or an interactive display case. All installations are interconnected and invite hands-on and playful interaction with your products.

  • interaction between people and with technology: several users at once can interact, play, and retrieve information.
  • object recognition: visitors present a flyer, a product sample, or any other item to the table and immediately are provided with matching digital content and activity options to choose from.
  • the playful path into memory cells: thanks to the multi-touch software your prospective clients and customers playfully familiarize themselves with your products and automatically associate your brand with a positive experience.

For example: If a visitor places an item – for instance, a product sample – on the table’s multi-touch surface, it promptly calls up the according videos, images, and additional information which then can be explored with touch-gestures. The table also suggests further matching products. What’s more, it also supports and assists the booth staff in interactive presentations – all digital content, such as 3D models, infographics, or videos, is just one touch away. And for convenience’s sake, the table can ask your visitors to leave their social networking information, like their business cards or LinkedIn profile, all on its own.

Full Service: Excitement In An All-Round Carefree Package

We take full care of your interactive trade fair project. Either in cooperation with your PR agency or completely independent, during the following 2 or 3 months we guide you through all the necessary development steps right up to a successful trade show:

  • Brainstorming and rough concept: how well does your preexisting trade fair concept work, and where do you see as yet untapped potential? What target audience do you want to reach, and which content do you intend to use for that purpose? How can your message be optimally conveyed and anchored in your visitors’ minds? We are happy to answer all these questions in a cost-free and non-binding consultation and then create a custom-fit offer.

  • Conceptualization and design: we devise a detailed concept for your trade fair booth and develop designs and mock-ups for further consideration. We also take stock of the content already at hand (videos, images, text material, documents, etc.) and determine which content still should and/or can be produced within the allotted timeframe, if necessary.

  • Hardware integration and software development: we integrate the interactive hardware into your exhibition stand and develop an individualized multi-touch software tailored specifically to your target audience. And we do all this in an agile way. Which for you means there will be several feedback loops in which we present to you the preliminary results to reflect on and, if applicable, include your ideas and suggestions in the next development round. Speaking of agility and flexibility: we also tailor our cloud-based Content Management System exactly to your content.

  • On-site installation: we complete your interactive trade show elements by the desired delivery date and conduct on-site trainings for your staff. Only if you are a hundred percent satisfied, we consider the project complete.

  • Support and maintenance (optional): you can upload and update the content of your multi-touch installations via CMS web interface any time and thus have maximal independence and flexibility. If, however, you do not want to spare one thought on your installations’ technical aspects in the following years to come, our support team is always available to answer questions and solve problems – by phone, by email, or by remote access.

Minister Müller (BMZ) at the Multitouch Table with object recognition by Garamantis
Product samples and flyers at the interactive booth of Fränkische
Multitouch scanner table at the Federal Government Open Day 2018
Agritechnica 2019 - Interactive sales stations at the STW stand
Euroshop stand with interactive stations and screen wall
interactive exhibition wall with embedded multitouch screens and round monitor
individual multitouch scanner table with 3D prints from isuzu
Interactive projection IAA Palfinger
Multitouch wall with 12 screens: interactive globe of the Reference Wall

Trade Fair Eyecatcher: Installations With A Special Allure

Thanks to our years of experience, we can efficiently conceptualize and realize custom-made interactive installations for trade shows and events. Both with tried and tested tools or with innovative and as yet unparalleled features. You can scroll down through our selection of well-established and proven installations for your trade fair appearance, or you can delve deeper into our interactive solutions.

Multi-touch Wall

You have big plans for the trade show? Let your visitors know!

To put it simply, a multi-touch wall at a trade show is a thing impossible to ignore. A large number of visitors can dive into your brand world and your product portfolio in a near endless variety of configurations, shapes, and sizes. Presentations can be controlled directly on the wall itself, contact-free via gesture control, or from a tablet PC. If you want to think bigger still, of course the multi-touch wall can also be linked with your exhibition stand’s other multi-touch installations.

Multitouch wall with 12 screens: interactive globe of the Reference Wall

Multi-touch Scanner Table

Employee of the month when it comes to sales leads

Multitouch software at the interactive booth of Fränkische

Thanks to its integrated person sensor, even the shyest visitor won’t get past the multi-touch scanner table. It proactively starts a dialogue with visitors and invites them to interaction. Its scanner unit can recognize and read product samples, info flyers, business cards, etc. and link them to digital content displayed on the table’s multi-touch surface. These features awaken people’s curiosity, address their play instinct, and later evoke positive memories of your company.

Interactive Trade Fair Wall with Projection Mapping

Visibility and attention guaranteed

Large-scale projections are visible from a distance and, by virtue of their dynamism, have their own special way of attracting the attention of trade show visitors. And of keeping it, too, when in the next step they learn of their unexpected ability to control the wall with their gestures and motions…

Interactive projection IAA Palfinger

Virtual Reality Installation

Bye-bye, trade fair hullabaloo, hello, total immersion

Virtual reality experience room for up to 12 people at the BMZ booth.

VR environments are in the top tier of interactive trade show experiences because they offer the highest degree of immersion. But expensive hardware alone does not have enough power of persuasion, it is the content and the interactivity features of the VR software that do the trick. They decide whether your visitors really dive deeply into the experiential world offered to them or whether they, say, just go scuba-diving there. Luckily, we at Garamantis are experienced VR‑divers.

Interactive Display Case

Touching the exhibit explicitly encouraged

Any which way visitors twist and turn the product inside the display case with touch gestures on the glass panels – it always remains fascinating. That is because motion-dependent light effects and multi-media storytelling on additional screens set the perfect stage for the exhibit. A brilliant idea – also because the grease-repellent glass surface of this unique interactive display case prevents unattractive fingerprints. Optionally, the display case can also be used with contact-free gesture control.

Trade fair visitors at the interactive multitouch showcase from Garamantis

Social Media Table

Reach a larger audience than the trade show can

Multitouch scanner table on the theme of innovations

The social media table’s scan function provides your visitors with an unusual, but very convenient way to share content on social media. Thanks to this feature, this table is digital info terminal, interactive installation, and social media hub all rolled into one – and hence the perfect place for socializing activities.

And All That For Just One Trade Show?

Our trade show solutions are intended and made for a long lifespan, and we would hate to see them spend this time in a storage room. Because of that, already from the beginning we look for the best option and model for you to make sure you can put it to good, long-term, recurrent – and hence profitable – use.

Arguments in Favor of a Sustainable Use:

  • Convincing, no matter where you put it (except for a storage room): between trade shows, our installations can make contact and generate sales leads just as effectively in your corporate headquarters’ lobby or at a Point of Sale.
  • The epitome of independence: our installations are capable of attracting and enticing your target audience all on their own. In other words: in order to use the installation throughout the year, you don’t have to deploy staff for its operation and supervision.
  • A magnet not only for visitors: you might find it hard to keep your staff away from the installation, because they, too, are going to want to exploit its abilities for their own everyday business activities, e.g., as an interactive sales aid or as a showroom presentation tool.
  • Robust hardware: our interactive installations are anything but prima donnas. They endure transportation to far away destinations just as well as they put up with their repeated assembly and disassembly on various trade shows all over the world.
  • flexible content: new collection, updated content, new products, or even an entirely new business orientation – thanks to the CMS your interactive installation always remains up to date and keeps up with your creative imagination.

Why using multi-touch technology in interactive trade fair appearances is recommended

If now you’re saying, “Give me just one good reason why I should turn to you when planning my next trade show?!” – here’s ten: 10 reasons for using multi-touch technologies on trade shows.

By the way, reason #11 consists in the fact that we have years of experience in bringing the “Wow!” to trade shows and into their attendees’ minds (and keeping it there). We would like for you to make your own pleasant experience with us. And eventually the next trade show is going to happen for sure. So let us get a head start and discuss how you can make an innovative appearance there.

Project Examples

Free consultation on interactive exhibition stand or event

Benefit from our experience and be inspired by innovative trade fair concepts. We will be happy to advise you individually and without obligation.

Ina Badics

Thanks to Garamantis’ customized software for the giant LED wall, we were able to raise Rosenbauer’s presentations at Interschutz 2022 to a new visual level. At the same time, the flexible presentation system offers the possibility to modify content last minute.

Ina Badics, Project Manager, Ars Electronica Solutions
Michaela Fragner

With a cross-national and challenging project like the EXPO Dubai, having a reliable and dedicated partner like Garamantis at our side has been particularly important. Garamantis have again proven themselves as facilitators of a smooth implementation who always had innovative approaches to a solution up their sleeves. The installations were realized swiftly and rolled out in Dubai in several phases. My thanks go out to the entire team for their commitment, and I am looking forward to the next projects!

Michaela Fragner, Project Manager, Ars Electronica Solutions
Deborah Nobile

The implementation of our ideas and the cooperation with Garamantis was fun for our entire team. No request and no change request was too much and we felt understood even without many words. The final result and the visualisation of our projects made possible was successful. We are already looking forward to the trade fair visits with our new companion.

Deborah Nobile, project employee PRODPILOT and PUSH.GR
Business Punk

Digital spaces are also being conquered by the cultural and creative pilots Garamantis. They develop interactive installations, mobile applications and multi-touch solutions for companies and institutions. The focus is always on creative and uncomplicated use of new technologies.

Digitale Räume: Wie kulturelle Events ins Internet verlagert werden

Business Punk, 6/11/2021
Pow Ying Hern

To break the norm of car show, car marques have to integrate various interactive elements to better engage their would-be customers. At Isuzu, they managed to find new fans with Garamantis’ multi-touch interactive surface where visitors could physically draw their ideal truck design and have it scanned and digitized into the virtual truck of their creation. The Garamantis team was swift and efficient in creating and optimizing the content for us. The end product is nothing short of being flawless and engaging, kudos to the Garamantis Team!

Pow Ying Hern, Chief Creative Officer, Hustle & Bustle
Märkische Oderzeitung

At the Green Week, visitors to the stand of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development can travel to Madagascar via virtual reality in a “climate dome”, where the consequences of global warming can already be clearly felt.
Klimawandel hautnah

Märkische Oderzeitung, 1/16/2020
ma report

In a 360-degree video, visitors were given an insight into the living conditions and challenges of the local people via VR glasses. They not only saw and heard how the inhabitants of the African island state dealt with climate change, but also felt the heat and dry air in the steppe, or the cool ocean breezes on the coast.
Am eigenen Leib

m+a report Messemagazin, September 2019
Marie Okuniek

The multi‑touch table as a part of the BMZ’s trade fair appearance at ITB 2017 was a complete success. The interactive map of the world helped to rapidly attract visitor’s attention to the fair stand.

Marie Okuniek, Event & Location Management at Zächel GmbH
events magazin

Up to now, VR has been difficult in the event context, as it usually only offers experiences for individuals. The climate dome allows several people to immerse themselves in virtual reality at the same time.
Erlebniswelten 4.0 – Interaktive und multisensorische Installationen auf dem Vormarsch

Events Magazin, 04/2019

Up to now, VR has been difficult in the event context, as it usually only offers experiences for individuals. The climate dome allows several people to immerse themselves in virtual reality at the same time.
Erlebniswelten 4.0 – Interaktive und multisensorische Installationen auf dem Vormarsch

Events Magazin, 04/2019
Stephan Kleinschnitz

The collaboration with Garamantis was refreshingly uncomplicated and perfectly target-oriented. We as an agency provided the contents and ideas, and Garamantis consummately put them into practice and developed the matching design. Our client was very pleased with the result and, with the multitouch table, had a real highlight to show at his trade fair presence.

Stephan Kleinschnitz, Director Operations Marketing, Weigang Pro GmbH
Stephan Pointner

For long-term projects like this one it is paramount to have reliable partners on board who also possess the necessary flexibility. In Garamantis we not only have such a partner, but at the same time an important creative idea giver in many a difficult project phase. From the first collective brainstorming right until the rollout at the trade fair, Garamantis always provided advice and support, and they never let the fun fall by the wayside to boot.

Stephan Pointner, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions