Interactive Roadshow in Exhibition Truck

Mobile exhibition for Lagermax

The Lagermax Group is among Austria’s largest companies in the shipping, car transportation, and logistics sector. With over 100 years of experience and know-how as well as the help of cutting-edge technologies, the transportation company develops customized logistics concepts all over the world.

Expo-Truck for Lagermax Roadshow

Under the slogan “Future of Logistics”, since April 2023 Lagermax have been showcasing their business areas, their vision, and their more than 100 years of company history in a mobile show truck. The advertising agency A365 and our partner Ars Electronica Solutions were responsible for the design and implementation of this mobile and interactive exhibition. This included concept development, design, and exhibition layout. Garamantis were in charge of the realization of interactive touchscreens, software as well as the CMS.

Multi-Touch Installations Inside Exhibition Truck

The highlight of the interactive exhibition inside the show truck is an interactive wall on Lagermax’s corporate history. Here visitors can immerse themselves in the company’s history and gather digital impressions concerning the development of “Lagermax Lagerhaus und Speditions AG” at touchscreens and AR tablets. In this way, they can explore the effects of logistics decisions and strategies in a playful way and thus develop a better understanding of challenges and opportunities in the logistics industry.

The exhibition truck also gives visitors the opportunity to discover latest developments and trends of the industry. A multi-touch table with a connected monitor wall vividly explains megatrends such as globalization, mobility, and ecological and environmental aspects. This mobile roadshow’s clever combination of presentation technology with interactive elements creates a fascinating experience. “Future of Logistics” invites visitors to take on a new perspective on the future of logistics and experience Lagermax’s innovation power for themselves.

Photos: Isa Schölmbauer/Ars Electronica Solutions


Lagermax Lagerhaus und Speditions AG

Project Data

  • Client: Ars Electronica Solutions
  • Context: Lagermax Roadshow inside expo-truck
  • Time for implementation: 4 months
  • Project Completion: May 2023
  • Multi-touch software for touchscreens
  • Customized software and CMS

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