The social media table for trade fairs and events

From Post-it to Posting? Yes, We Scan!

The agenda of our little riot is that short, it fits on a sticky note. We demand: Workshops without shopworn facilitator’s toolkits, social media participation without annoying login procedure, and nothing less than worldwide peace between the realms of analog and digital. We offer: pen and paper, combined with our unique multi-touch scanner table that transforms handwritten notes and scribbles into digital postings, which can be disseminated throughout the social web at a keystroke. This much interactivity is sure to get a big Like from your workshop participants or visitors to your event. And, by the way: in the process you generate reach for your business and draw worldwide attention to your successful appearance. #blessed

A “candy storm” for our Social Media Table:

From analog to digital in a jiffy: message goes on Post-It. Post-It goes into built-in scanner. Post-It appears on tabletop. And all of that happens faster than the time it took you to read those three sentences. Afterwards, the notes can be viewed, sorted, and shared.

No data leech, no inhibitions: Because sharing means caring, we take it particularly easy on your users–no log-in, no account needed. Instead, we create a social media channel or hashtag customized to your project.

Well‑networked: Our Social Media-Tisch is linked up directly with Twitter, Facebook and Co. to allow your visitors to interact with any desired news feed, trend, or hashtag. Only Spiderman has a better network.

Four-midable: a 55″ UHD multi-touch screen with room for four or even more users and up to 80 possible simultaneous touch inputs may not sound like much of an influencer itself, but it certainly accommodates enough of them.

Interactive info box: if your social media table is not teeming with people right now, maybe that’s because it has just drummed up business for one of your events. Altruist that it is, it freely offers information on your event, e. g. sitemap, speaker list, or live postings.

Custom-made branding: We design the entire table in keeping with your corporate design: the software‘s user interface, the design of the social media channels, the overall design of the table itself, and even the Post-Its. It just goes to show that in fact sometimes life is a bowl of cherries to pick from.

Multitouch software with Twitter connection
interactive Mut_Table at the communication congress 2018
Social Media Table Federal Government
Federal government multi-touch scanner table recognises analogue feedback cards
Multitouch-Scanner-Tisch GIZ
interactive multitouch Twitter table at re:publica 2017 in Berlin


Eye catcher and visitor magnet. A 100 % match for your topics.


The table involves visitor proactively, brings them together, and digitally enhances your event.


Lean back – we take care of everything!


We customize hashtags, content, and design to match your particular event.

Social Media Table Details

  • a multi-touch scanner table of its own kind, which automatically digitizes and shows visitors’ self-designed postcards and spreads them through social media
  • scanner units recognize print flyers, badges, and other print material
  • 55″ Ultra HD multi-touch screen offers room for many users at the same time
  • direct social media channel integration (Twitter, Instagram etc.) and interactive communication for any desired subject, hashtag, and trend
  • interactive presentation of schedules, maps, speakers, and project partners
  • extensive branding in your corporate design: customized software user interface, creation and graphic design of social media channel, full-surface printed corpus, production of postcards and matching stand-up displays
Social Media Table Garamantis
Full service package
  • free and non-binding advice and conception customized to your event
  • table’s graphic user interface in your corporate design
  • full-surface printing of table’s corpus in your corporate design
  • design and production of 2,000 participation cards and a card stand in your corporate design
  • creation and design of Twitter account or integration into pre-existing profile
  • adaptation of digital content to any subject and occasion
  • lease of hardware and software
  • transportation, assembly and disassembly, staff training (within Germany)
  • optional: assistance and support during event by trained personnel
  • subsequent evaluation of success and measurement of reach on Twitter and Facebook
  • all‑inclusive full service and personal contact person at a fixed price

More reach by means of social media event marketing: let your visitors advertise your event

Extend the scope of event marketing measures for your company with playful and innovative social media marketing. The Social Media Table takes up analog stimuli from visitors and creates from them content and reach on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Co. The table automatically converts handwritten messages and drawings into social media posts and spreads them at a touch gesture. In this win-win situation, visitors have fun while occupying themselves with the event’s subject matter and at the same time generate reach for your business. If desired, it’s of course possible to restrict the display and evaluation of content to the table without publicly sharing it.

More than a Twitter wall: make all event-related information digitally available with the Social Media Table

The Social Media Table not only is an eye-catcher, it is also your event’s contact point and info box. Based on hashtags, it shows social media posts related to the event in real‑time and at the same time gives live updates on the event schedule, speakers, site plan, and project partners.

Join and share: use social media channels for play-along activities at your event

No previous experience or Twitter account is required, neither from you nor from the users. Based on your event and its subject matter, we create a temporary account and facilitate intuitive and playful social media access for your guests. Like a digital playground, the table quickly attracts visitors and encourages them to share your event with the outside world through various channels. 

Join all your visitors at one table – thanks to cutting-edge multi-touch technology

With its 55″Ultra HD multi-touch screen, the table accommodates 4 simultaneous users on each of its sides, with up to 80 parallel touch inputs. Thanks to its people sensor, it is always aware of the current users’ position and thus can prompt them to, for instance, design a postcard and scan it.

On the tabletop, visitors can see the results of earlier creative processes and learn what others before them have thought about the event’s subject matter. The table’s surface can be mirrored on a vertically mounted monitor, in order to achieve an even better long-range effect.

Ideas for staff events: collaborative work and fun for company festivities and team events

The Social Media Table is also ideally suited for playful and enjoyable occupation with your internal corporate issues. Inquire your employees’ ideas and suggestions when it comes to expanding into new fields of business or an imminent corporate reorganization. Your co-workers can get together at this modern interactive desk and actively contribute to the matter at hand – collaboratively and anonymized. The content on the analog postcards they design in the process are then digitized and presented on the table for consideration and later evaluation.

From analog to digital: design a postcard – scan it – post a tweet

Using the Social Media Table is easy as pie:

  1. Design  a postcard: write, draw, or paste something on the analog card.
  2. Scan the postcard: insert the postcard in the scanner unit at the table and edit the tweet.
  3. Post  a tweet: press “post tweet” and take your analog postcard home as a souvenir.

The way to get your custom-made Social Media Table in 4 easy steps

  • Send us date, place, and subject of your event in planning.
  • Shortly after, we’ll make you a customized proposal concerning the realization with a cost estimate.
  • We design both software and hardware, produce the postcards and the card rack as well as the full-surface printing for the table.
  • We install the Social Media Table on-site and, if desired, take care of support during the event itself.

Free advice

Are you interested in interactive technologies or multitouch solutions? We advise you free of charge! (+49 30 55144669)

Pow Ying Hern

To break the norm of car show, car marques have to integrate various interactive elements to better engage their would-be customers. At Isuzu, they managed to find new fans with Garamantis’ multi-touch interactive surface where visitors could physically draw their ideal truck design and have it scanned and digitized into the virtual truck of their creation. The Garamantis team was swift and efficient in creating and optimizing the content for us. The end product is nothing short of being flawless and engaging, kudos to the Garamantis Team!

Pow Ying Hern, Chief Creative Officer, Hustle & Bustle
Daniel Dombrovsky

The social media table by Garamantis was the highlight of our Liberal Market at the last federal party convention. Thanks to the creative and ambitioned team and their self-sufficient work style, only a minimum of input on our part was needed for them to develop the content for a media-effective interactive desk. It garnered a lot of interest from young and old alike –particularly because of its interactivity and its use as an information point. Due to Garamantis’ professionalism and know‑how our expectations have even been exceeded. We greatly appreciate the good cooperation and look forward to future projects.

Daniel Dombrovsky, Federal Office FDP, Dept. of Organization & Finances
Blach Report

The whole process works as simply and intuitively that even visitors lacking any basic knowledge in social media application in no time manage to broadcast their individual messages via Twitter.
„Social Media Tisch“ mit Multitouch-Funktion

Blach Report, 5/23/2017
Simone Orgel

Garamantis at the re:publica? Technology and innovation meet fun, attractive design and community interaction. Thank you for this exciting project and the good collaboration!

Simone Orgel, Head of Project, republica GmbH
invidis consulting

“Love Out Loud!” was the motto of the re:publica 2017. The Berlin based digital and multi-touch experts from Garamantis Interactive Technologies carried out a suitable interactive action with their 4K multi-touch table.
Digitale Liebesgrüße von der republica 2017

invidis consulting, 5/11/2017