Jan 2018
by Andreas Will

10 reasons for using multi-touch technology at trade shows

10 reasons for multitouch technology at trade fairs

There is hardly a company that is not on the lookout for a real brainwave when it comes to designing its next trade fair appearance. After all, exhibitors want to stand out from the crowd and make their stand a real eye-catcher for visitors. As a result, more and more companies are using portable multi-touch installations at trade shows. These are the 10 key advantages of multi-touch technology over more traditional exhibition equipment such as display cases and leaflets.

  1. Eye‑catcher

Touchscreens at trade fairs can be seen and noticed from a great distance, attracting visitors’ attention from afar with bright and animated imagery. This effect is enhanced by an attractive display mounting, such as a multi-touch stele or a large multi-touch display wall. A simple wall enclosure, for example in an unusual shape, makes the display even more striking.

Multitouch Wall am Messestand -interaktive Weltkugel

  1. Interactivity

Perhaps the most important advantage of multi-touch at trade shows is its interactivity: visitors touch the displays and interact in a playful way. They are already familiar with common gestures such as swiping, zooming in and out, etc. on their smartphones. This allows them to access the content they are interested in quickly and easily. A gamification approach or branded games can add to the fun factor of the stand.

  1. Multiple users

Multi-touch devices are specifically designed for multi-user applications. With a single 55″ multi-touch table, four people can simultaneously “work” and “show” and “share” content. The multi-user approach facilitates a shared experience while being efficient in terms of the hardware required.

  1. Innovation

Multi-touch technology is also gaining ground at exhibitions. With each passing year, the hardware has become more affordable, and visitors to trade shows have virtually stopped paying attention to a “passive” booth that only offers printed flyers. At the moment, however, multi-touch technology is still the exception rather than the rule at most exhibitions, and visitors are grateful for an innovative distraction. Provided the software and content on display is good!

  1. Visitor magnet

We are all familiar with the human “herd instinct”, which is also evident at trade fairs: no one is likely to stop at a stand surrounded by gaping emptiness. In general, people are drawn to the busier stands, the ones that are already crowded. A stand with one or more multi-touch tables is usually a crowd-puller – with the help of games and entertaining means of interactivity.

  1. Combination of online/offline content

A multi-touch device is not intended to completely replace traditional PR tools such as flyers or brochures, but to complement and support them in a useful way. For example, a multi-touch table equipped with object recognition can recognise printed flyers and then display corresponding video footage or 3D models. The depth of information is virtually limitless, and the technology can direct potential buyers to relevant websites.

  1. Up-to-date content

If the multi-touch installation has a web-based CMS, its content can be kept up to date and even linked to the company’s product/content databases. This makes it quick and easy to adapt the content of the touchscreen to a specific show and/or target group, providing the best possible support for the show concept.

  1. Lead generation

The purpose of most exhibition stands is to generate new business leads. This is exactly what a multi-touch table can do, for example through interactive competitions or lotteries. Another reason for a visitor to enter their contact details is to receive further information or mailings. An ideal way to handle this is to use the object recognition feature of a multi-touch table: a business card scanner makes it easy for a visitor to leave their digitised contact details.


  1. Sales pitch assistance

All of the above reasons for using multi-touch technology at trade shows increase exponentially when combined with trained booth staff. A sales consultant can guide a potential customer through a conversation supported by multimedia content, responding flexibly to the individual’s interests by quickly producing the appropriate information. For the visitor, this transforms an ordinary sales pitch (and the technology used to deliver it) into something memorable.

  1. Analyzation and evaluation

Thanks to the multi-touch software’s evaluation tools it becomes easy to later quantify the success of the trade fair appearance in a subsequent evaluation. From the number of user interactions or contact details left by users to identifying the most popular content, everything can be analysed in detail – and optimised for the next show.

10 Gründe für Multitouch-Technologie auf Messen

Surprise your visitors at your next trade show with an interactive stand! We will be happy to advise you on the options available and the possibilities they offer. Read more about Trade Shows and Events here.

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