Feb 2019
by Andreas Köster

Five years of interactive technologies made in Germany

Garamantis opens new showroom on EUREF campus in Berlin

The Berlin-based company Garamantis draws a positive balance on its fifth anniversary: The specialists for media installations have been able to significantly increase their turnover and number of customers in recent years. References include renowned companies such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and the largest European software group, as well as public institutions such as the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German government. Since the fall of 2018, the Berliners have been members of the Berlin Partner Network, which offers direct access to business, politics and science in the capital. Also in the fall, Garamantis opened its new showroom on the EUREF Campus.

More growth, new technologies

“We have achieved a good market position over the last five years and have been able to increase both sales and team size significantly. We are on course for growth and intend to focus even more strongly on our own innovations in the future”, says Garamantis founder and managing director Oliver Elias. Together with Marcus Dittebrand, Elias founded Garamantis as a partner of Ars Electronica in Berlin in early 2014. In the early years, the company focused on established technological focuses such as gigapixel applications, interactive exhibitions and multitouch installations. Since 2016, this has evolved into configurable interactive products such as a multitouch scanner table, a interactive multitouch display case and a projection mapping solution, all of which have been awarded.

Showroom on the EUREF Campus and member of the Berlin Partner Network

Garamantis has been presenting its products at the renowned EUREF campus in Berlin since autumn 2018. On 130 square meters, the company set up a experience showroom with adjoining workshop, where visitors can try out interactive exhibits and experience modern presentation technologies. The EUREF campus offers a highly innovative environment with 100 internationally renowned companies and research institutes as well as several thousand trade visitors from all over the world every year, to whom the showroom has already been well received.

The company expects a further boost from its membership in the Berlin Partner Network, which was also decided upon in the fall. Garamantis was chosen to be part of the business network, to have direct access to Berlin’s economy, politics and science and to help shape Berlin’s future.

Reinhard Müller is the CEO of EUREF AG: “The EUREF Campus is a place of the future where established companies, start-ups, science and research work and research together on the topics of energy, mobility and digitization. Garamantis as a young company with its innovative presentation technologies fits perfectly into our EUREF community and will help us to visualize the often complex issues in a vivid way. The interactive Garamantis showroom is already an important point of contact for guests of the EUREF campus.”

Garamantis opens new showroom on EUREF campus in Berlin - Copyrights EUREF AG small

company history: Innovations “made in Berlin”

The Garamantis team developed technical innovations every year in the course of its still young company history and was thus able to make a name for itself in the exhibition and event industry. The interactive display case is the first multi-touch presentation solution that offers direct interaction with the exhibit behind clear display case glass. In the area of multi-touch tables, Garamantis’ solutions for the first time used personal sensors that can precisely localize the users and thus better interact with them. Garamantis also developed optical object recognition for intuitive interaction with flyers, business cards or products. In 2017 and 2018, the company won the “IT Innovation Prize” for its developments.

More corporate showrooms and interactive exhibitions

From the very beginning, the company’s philosophy focused on a holistic concept that creates a new user experience through individual software development and suitably configured hardware. “The trend goes completely clearly away from individual installations to complete showrooms and fair exhibitions , so Garamantis founder Elias. In numerous projects, interactive technologies have been combined in such a way as to create media brand spaces, such as the ifesca Future Technology Centre or, in cooperation with Ars Electronica, the visitor center of the European Space Agency’s ESA’s Earth Observation Department.

Andreas Köster is responsible for marketing and communications at Garamantis and summarizes the company’s development: “On the occasion of our fifth anniversary, we have reason to celebrate and look forward to the future with great joy. In recent years, we have been able to expand our cooperation with several partner agencies as well as win renowned customers such as the Federal Press Office, TU Braunschweig and Berlin Hyp for us. The new premises on the EUREF campus are also a perfect fit for Garamantis. We would like to thank all employees, partners and customers who have made this possible!”

Garamantis Showreel

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