Jan 2023
by Andreas Will

Corporate showrooms as innovation spaces

Corporate showroom as innovation space

Garamantis x trend researcher = innovation service for companies

Companies that have made innovation a routine are more relaxed when customer needs and market conditions change. Because they have trained their muscle for efficient adaptation, they are sustainably competitive and successful. But how do they do this?

For example, through internal innovation programmes that train employees to think creatively and foster a vibrant culture of innovation. Active employee involvement in business development motivates and retains talent. But new customers are also attracted to agile, forward-thinking companies. A well-established internal innovation programme ensures that the market is constantly scanned for new technologies and business models. Maybe that’s how you found us?

Garamantis: taking your innovation to the next level

We specialise in immersive showrooms that don’t need to talk about innovation. They already embody it. But that’s exactly what makes them the perfect spaces to give innovation programmes a home. Do you already have a corporate showroom? Then make full use of it and turn it into an additional exchange point for your company’s culture of innovation! Have you only thought about a showroom? Now you have one more reason to invest: a showroom can be used in countless ways to help your business succeed.

Innovation by subscription: We inform and inspire

Yes, it’s worth introducing innovation programmes into your business. And yes, the journey can be arduous. With your own showroom, you’ve already created the perfect environment for your think tank. And with our support, you can start your innovation programme immediately. Be one step ahead: We do the research, you present – to your employees*, customers, partners and investors – the latest developments and thought-provoking ideas in your industry.

Together with trend researcher Norbert Hillinger, we fill your innovation space with content. This not only saves you research. The external view on your industry shows you objectively and in time the challenges as well as future business fields. In addition, it is much easier to think outside the box from the outside: News that may not have been on your radar within your industry is often a good source of inspiration.

Innovationen und Workshops für Corporate Showrooms - Norbert Hillinger

4 innovation formats for showrooms

We’ve developed trend, innovation and future formats that can be seamlessly integrated into your showrooms. And we want to make it easy for you to invest in your company’s innovation capability now. Start with communication and change management. And get started with one of our four packages!

Basic – Ongoing trend editorial

We regularly research and present the world’s most relevant trends for your business. We work with you to determine which topics are relevant to you and at what intervals you would like to be informed, for example monthly or quarterly. We then feed the results into your showroom content system so that your showroom staff are regularly updated on the latest innovations.

Advanced – Inspiration Keynote

Your showroom is the ideal stage for evening events, in-house exhibitions or events such as an open day. We are happy to provide the programme and present the key trends to your audience in the form of a keynote presentation. Of course, we will discuss the content and other specifications with you in advance. In any case, we can guarantee you this: Our innovation consultants will combine the presentation with the installations in your showroom to create a multimedia experience. The aim is to stimulate discussion and position you as an innovative and collaborative organiser and customer.

Expert Trend Workshop

Half-day and full-day workshops are an ideal way to explore future trends and innovations in a creative and stimulating way. Together we develop new products and services, e.g. using the Design Thinking method. You involve your employees directly in shaping the future of your business. At the same time, they benefit from new skills in innovation methods. Of course, you can also invite customers, partners and other external workshop participants and use the opportunity to draw attention to your company and services. Naturally, we will document the workshop for other interested parties. And we do this directly via digital media in the showroom.

Professional – Think tank as-a-service

If fostering innovation and harnessing trends is of paramount importance to your organisation, we offer comprehensive programmes. In partnership with a corporate foresight company, we can help you set up your own corporate think tank. We start by analysing your relevant issues and individual challenges. On this basis, we identify key trend areas and their international experts. And then we invite you to a fireside chat in the showroom with your management or board. The format provides a protected space to discuss future drivers, threats and opportunities for your business. In subsequent sparring sessions over a period of several weeks, we consolidate these and ultimately derive concrete recommendations for action for the company.

Presenting trends and innovations with modern tools

Each of the four innovation formats enables your employees to make your company fit for the future. For marketing and sales, these experiential formats are a nice complement to pure sales presentations. They provide opportunities to engage with your customers.

What can our innovation service do for your business?

We would be happy to research a customised selection of trends for you, free of charge and without obligation! Just write to us and tell us which topics and technologies are of interest to you, and we will get back to you with a presentation.

Norbert Hillinger

The future is his job. So here is just a very brief excerpt from his CV:

Over the course of his career, Norbert Hillinger has supported various well-known clients and consulting companies in the areas of trend scouting, strategic foresight and innovation management. As a TED speaker, he speaks at international congresses and customer events on future topics. As a Senior Associate at Themis Foresight, he repeatedly demonstrates his skills as a moderator of trend and creative workshops as well as the effortless application of various co-creation and innovation methods.

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