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New technologies dissolve the barriers between user and interactive device. In our vision, the focus is on the user, with technology approaching him/her in an innovative way. If custom-fit hardware becomes one with intelligent software, it is possible to make information transfer an emotional experience.


In January 2014, Garamantis was established by a group of skilled software engineers led by Oliver Elias and Marcus Dittebrand, who could both look back on many years of close collaboration with Ars Electronica. Together, Garamantis and Ars Electronica have since realised interactive installations, projects and exhibitions all over the world, with museums, trade fairs and companies counting among their clients.

Since 2015, Garamantis has extended its scope of activities beyond project-related work to the development and enhancement of interactive products. This way it becomes possible to improve already existing solutions and provide additional benefit by means of creatively applied state-of-the-art technology. In the beginning of 2017, Garamantis won the "innovation award IT" of the "initiative for medium-Sized businesses" for the development of the multi-touch-scanner-table. The interactive showcase was awarded as "Best of 2017" solution.

The Garamantis Directors: Marcus Dittebrand, Oliver Elias, Andreas Köster

Management board

Oliver Elias - founding member and CEO of Garamantis

Oliver Elias is founding member and CEO of Garamantis. Already during his studies of Media Informatics at the Berlin Beuth Hochschule für Technik (Beuth University of Applied Sciences), he was able to gain experience in the field of interactive installations, e. g. at the ART+COM. As early as 2007 he developed his first multi‑touch table, which was presented on several events and in exhibitions. His diploma project was the technical conception and development of Ars Electronica “Deep Space”, a 16 x 9 m (52,5 x 30 ft.) large VR environment and the highlight of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria, newly opened in 2009. He has since maintained a close working relationship with Ars Electronica, which involves the collaboration on interactive projects all over the world.

Marcus Dittebrand - founding member and CTO of Garamantis

Marcus Dittebrand is founding member and CTO of Garamantis. Before he started to work for various companies as a Senior Developer –  with the main focus on mobile applications –, he studied Technical Computer Science at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg). He approaches any problem to be solved with a 360° perspective from a technical vantage point.

Andreas Köster - Head of Communications at Garamantis

After completing his training as an IT-system electronics technician, Andreas Köster studied Business Communications (M.A.) at University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW). He did research in the field of social media communication and is the author of numerous professional articles. Afterwards, he went on to work for BIG Social Media (a company of USU AG) for five years, first as a consultant and later on as divisional head of Social Media Analysis. Since 2016 he has been Head of Communications with Garamantis.


A visit to our showroom in Berlin is the best way to fully experience our interactive installations and gain an overall impression. The showroom is on the EUREF-Campus (near S-Schöneberg) and permanently fitted with several installations.

You are welcome to visit us – let yourselves be inspired by our latest projects and state-of-the-art technology, get to know our staff and talk with us about your ideas, specific requirements and application scenarios.

Building 7
10829 Berlin

Hauptstr. 117
10827 Berlin

Showroom of Garamantis Interactive Technologies in Berlin

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Partner: Ars Electronica

We, with Garamantis, are proud of being an official partner of Ars Electronica. Since 1979, Ars Electronica has explored the connections between art, technology, and society, setting milestones in the field of interactive technologies. With its roughly 200 staff members, Ars Electronica today counts among the world’s most important and renowned media art institutions.

The Ars Electronica Festivalas a test bed, the Prix as a competition for the most excellent brains, the Center as a year-round platform for presentation and interaction, and the Futurelab as a nucleus of research and development – all those have created a network connecting science and research, art and technology. Those four pillars of Ars Electronica inspire each other and put visions to the test, in a unique circular flow of creativity.

Partner Ars Electronica Solutions - Ars Electronica Center in Linz

Garamantis maintains particularly close relationships with Ars Electronica Solutions. Ars Electronica Solutions devises customized concepts for interactive products and offers services in the areas of brand lands & exhibitions, event & show design as well as urban media development. In cooperation with this partner, Garamantis has so far realized several interactive installations all over the world – for instance in Doha, Singapore and China – with both sides benefitting from the transfer of technology and resources, particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Michael Mondria - Senior Director at Ars Electronica Solutions

Garamantis is one of our most important collaboration partners. Their dedication, creativity, reliability, their quality and expertise are exemplary, and Garamantis’ numerous successful projects worldwide bear strong witness to that.

Michael Mondria, Senior Director at Ars Electronica Solutions

Thanks a lot for your confidence!

Clients’ Statements

Michael Mondria - Senior Director Ars Electronica Solutions

Integrating a Deep Space 8K into the newly refurbished Sinaloa Science Center in Cualicán as its highlight and centerpiece has been quite a challenge, on various levels. Under these difficult circumstances, Garamantis not only proved themselves one of our most reliable partner businesses but, with their outstanding commitment, flexibility, and professional expertise, were a cornerstone of the project’s success.

Michael Mondria, Senior Director Ars Electronica Solutions

Ramona Kasper - Head of MarCom, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH

We are thrilled! Garamantis‘ interactive tables help us to present our products and solutions in a straightforward and intuitive way. Despite the short lead time, the timely completion of the project was at no point at risk – collaboration on the highest level with on-target planning and execution. We’re confident to have found in Garamantis a high-level partner. Follow‑up projects are already in planning.

Ramona Kasper, Head of MarCom, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH

Marc Wolfgang Bedau - Oberleutnant und SysIng EF, Kommando Luftwaffe

For this project, Garamantis has been the perfect partner. Thanks to the close collaboration as well as Garamantis staff’s reliability and diligence, the Airforce’s project could be put into practice to our full satisfaction. The outcome was a success and demonstrated what actually today is possible in the field of multimedia presentations.

Marc Wolfgang Bedau, Oberleutnant und SysIng EF, Kommando Luftwaffe

Karin Teichmann - Member of the Board of EUREF AG

Even on the EUREF campus, the sun does not always shine. That's why it's great that our many national and international guests can go on a gasometer tour throughout the year. It's also great fun with VR glasses in the Garamantis showroom. The EUREF campus is a real future destination!

Karin Teichmann, Member of the Board of EUREF AG

Michaela Fragner - Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

As a longtime partner of Ars Electronica Solutions, Garamantis is one of the first calls when it comes to the implementation of innovative exhibition projects. High quality and intuitive operation of the installations and software components are very popular with the customers. At the Liebherr Service Center at bauma, for example, the interactive display case, the multi-touch software and the Content Management System from Garamatnis were used. Thanks to this, the customer was able to quickly and independently fill all the installations of the service center with photos, videos and texts in different languages.

Michaela Fragner, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

Thomas Viehböck - Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

From the initial idea, to the development of a concept, to the realization of customer installations, Garamantis is a reliable partner with whom Ars Electronica Solutions always enjoys working together. If creativity, professional competence and charm come together, the positive result is already preprogrammed!

Thomas Viehböck, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

Stefan Trabant - Managing Director Creation at SUPER an der Spree

Again, the technical realization of the 360-degree climate dome for the BMZ was super with Garamantis. Technically, qualitatively, innovatively and humanly a pleasure!

Stefan Trabant, Managing Director Creation at SUPER an der Spree

Mathias Rusterholz - Head of Online Communications at BASPO

Thanks to the expertise of Garamantis, an application was created that is simple and intuitive to use. The multi-touch software gives us the opportunity to open digitized archive content for our anniversary to a wide audience in a variety of ways. The audience interacts without any problems and is fascinated by the possibilities!

Mathias Rusterholz, Head of Online Communications at BASPO

Dr. Stefan Franzke - CEO Berlin Partner

The Berlin Partner Network thrives on fresh ideas and innovative thinkers from a wide variety of industries. Garamantis is setting new impulses here with its pioneering technologies for knowledge transfer and is a valuable partner that we greatly appreciate.

Dr. Stefan Franzke, CEO Berlin Partner

Reinhard Müller - CEO of EUREF AG

The EUREF-Campus is a place for the future where well-established enterprises and start-ups alike as well as science and research organizations can work together on subjects concerning energy, mobility, and digitalization. Being a young business, Garamantis with their innovative presentation technologies fit in perfectly with our EUREF community and are going to assist us in visualizing the often complex facts in a graphic manner. Already now, the Garamantis showroom is an important port of call for visitors to the EUREF-Campus.

Reinhard Müller, CEO of EUREF AG

Larissa Mikulasch - Strategic Controlling, City of Mannheim

We are delighted to have found in Garamantis an innovative and reliable partner for the development of interactive digital applications. Voting processes went smoothly and straightforward. Excellent advice and technical support complete the picture.

Larissa Mikulasch, Strategic Controlling, City of Mannheim

Bernd Mahler - Projectmanager, mediapool

The multi-touch table by Garamantis has turned out to be an absolute crowd puller. Especially in the diverse range of a fair a welcome attraction for the exhibition stand of the Federal Government. The applications realized on the table were performant. For short-term requests for changes and additions, the Garamantis team responded creatively and quickly. I look forward to upcoming projects with colleagues from Garamantis.

Bernd Mahler, Projectmanager, mediapool

Harald Moser - Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

The ESA Φ Experience has been a top-level project we had the chance to put into collaborative action. Particularly important in this context was a mutual pre‑testing of all the target hardware’s applications in an interim review together with the client. For keeping the schedule, Garamantis’ input was of the utmost importance. During the on-site implementation, Garamantis always lent a sympathetic ear to any requests for modifications and were constantly by our side with advice and support. The outcome achieved by this amazing project team who mastered even the most difficult situations sure doesn’t have to hide!

Harald Moser, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

Felix Stache - Kommunikationskongress

The collaboration with Garamantis was to our complete satisfaction. The concept was implemented with great attention to every detail. The table had been a great support to bring the participants into contact with the focus topic of the congress.

Felix Stache, Kommunikationskongress

Harald Moser - Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

In the LIWEST theme store, Garamantis’ multi-touch table is a central element. Garamantis have handled the complex task of finding a way to interactively configure the product best-suited to the individual client’s household in an extremely professional way. Besides the air hockey game at the multi-touch table, the entire store is equipped with the Garamantis CMS and hence allows customers the highest flexibility. Due to the tight on-site schedule, everyone worked full-steam; but Garamantis, as usual, always kept a cool head and remained focused. That’s the way to enjoy collaboration!

Harald Moser, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

Nicole Brandt - Project Manager Marketing, secunet Security Networks AG

Working with the Garamantis team was both inspiring and constructive. The team was very competent and always had the right solution to my many questions and requirements. The whole package has absolutely convinced me!

Nicole Brandt, Project Manager Marketing, secunet Security Networks AG

Stephan Pointner - Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

There are obviously good reasons why we keep enjoying to work with Garamantis. First, the outcome is always a good one, but apart from that we also value the interaction with them outside of work. In this project, the fairly tight roll-out schedule was once again mastered superbly and efficiently in the usual Garamantis fashion. Content-wise, especially the flexible use of the monitor walls has to be stressed: by means of the CMS, the ten and twelve screens, respectively, can be subdivided by the customer into different individual formats – a feature we are surely bound to use more often in the future.

Stephan Pointner, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

Martin Glaß - Projectmanager, mediapool

Both new developments and project handovers have worked well with Garamantis. Flexibility, teamwork and communication led to the highest level of professionalism and an optimal result for the customer.

Martin Glaß, Projectmanager, mediapool

Harald Moser - Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

Building a bridge between tradition and new media while at the same time paying humble reverence to the brand Sacher was a lovely project, which we had the chance to realize together with Garamantis. Garamantis is a reliable partner when it comes to implementing creative solutions for very special requirements, like for instance our diorama installation. The underlying software and CMS are so flexible that within a few minutes, a new animation can be added to any given window in the diorama. In this way, customers can easily configure the diorama’s supply with new animations by themselves.

Harald Moser, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

Manuela Naveau - Head of Ars Electronica Export

I´m sure you know what it’s like: You come up with an idea, and if you find the right partner for its realization you’re perfectly happy. But are you also familiar with a situation where this partner inspires you to an implementation of your idea with an even better result? Such a partner you’ll find in Garamantis!

Manuela Naveau, Head of Ars Electronica Export

Robert Meisner - Earth Observation communication programme officer, ESA

Our request for an interactive presentation of our portfolio, ranging from satellite design and engineering to a detailed explanation of the application projects, has been met by Garamantis in the form of a monitor wall in our showroom in Frascati in an optimal fashion. Thanks to the multi-touch presentation software, we are now able to convey our projects and missions to visiting international delegations in the best possible way. We are looking forward to the next projects in cooperation with Garamantis and Ars Electronica.

Robert Meisner, Earth Observation communication programme officer, ESA

Clemens Kießhauer - Chief Technology Officer, ifesca GmbH

The objective of our project was to make Artificial Intelligence and human-machine communication in the energy sector both accessible and tangible. In order to achieve this, we apply Garamantis' multi-touch technology in our showroom. The collaboration with Garamantis is characterized by their creativity, pragmatism, flexibility and commitment and thus to us has been greatly enjoyable. Even last-minute requests for changes or modifications were duly realized, resulting in a successful and excellent outcome of our project. We are thrilled and looking forward to the future collaboration on further scenarios for our showroom.

Clemens Kießhauer, Chief Technology Officer, ifesca GmbH

Daniel Dombrovsky - Federal Office FDP, Dept. of Organization & Finances

The social media table by Garamantis was the highlight of our Liberal Market at the last federal party convention. Thanks to the creative and ambitioned team and their self-sufficient work style, only a minimum of input on our part was needed for them to develop the content for a media-effective interactive desk. It garnered a lot of interest from young and old alike –particularly because of its interactivity and its use as an information point. Due to Garamantis’ professionalism and know‑how our expectations have even been exceeded. We greatly appreciate the good cooperation and look forward to future projects.

Daniel Dombrovsky, Federal Office FDP, Dept. of Organization & Finances

Knut König und Christine Dahm - Berlin Hyp AG

“150 years make a good start!“ This was the motto of the year to celebrate our bank’s 150thanniversary. For us as a modern real estate bank right in the middle of a digital transformation process, Garamantis have developed an interactive application that managed to depict our history, to visualize changes taking place in the world of work in a playful way, to venture a look into the future, and to provide a digital guest book at the same time. All of that rolled into one in the form of a multi-touch table which was designed according to our specifications and demands. Its roll-out during our jubilee celebration was a huge success and a real eyecatcher for all our guests. A big Thank You to everyone at Garamantis for their great ideas and the perfect and relaxed implementation!

Knut König und Christine Dahm, Berlin Hyp AG

Stephan Kleinschnitz - Director Operations Marketing, Weigang Pro GmbH

The collaboration with Garamantis was refreshingly uncomplicated and perfectly target-oriented. We as an agency provided the contents and ideas, and Garamantis consummately put them into practice and developed the matching design. Our client was very pleased with the result and, with the multitouch table, had a real highlight to show at his trade fair presence.

Stephan Kleinschnitz, Director Operations Marketing, Weigang Pro GmbH

Claus Zweythurm - Business Manager, Ars Electronica Solutions

No matter whether we’re in need of creative software solutions for one of our outlandish ideas or rather like to fall back on tried and tested technologies like their CMS– with Garamantis we’re always well cared-for. In all our projects Garamantis has been the guarantor of straightforward communication, solution-oriented work and high-quality results. Also because of their friendly, accommodating and reliable support we, as satisfied customers, are always happy to return. Thank you!

Claus Zweythurm, Business Manager, Ars Electronica Solutions

Martin Heinz - CEO at Jörg Heinz GmbH & Co. KG

The interactive display case by Garamantis provided the perfect platform for staging our 50th anniversary jewelry-highlight at the Inhorgenta Munich 2018. The audience was thrilled by this interactive mise‑en‑scène. Despite a very short lead time, the entire execution met the highest possible standards. Thank you very much for the pleasant and uncomplicated cooperation!

Martin Heinz, CEO at Jörg Heinz GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Busch - CEO Landau Media GmbH & Co.KG

A newsroom used in corporate communication needs applications for crossmedial visualization of content and news streams and for planning and producing new content, while ensuring a 360 degree view on all the different media channels. With their professional multi-touch technologies, Garamantis have created the perfect implementation of all those requirements for our customers. For each and every user in the field of corporate communication and marketing, Garamantis develops the exactly fitted interactive newsroom solution – ranging from entry-level to high-end and flexible as well as modular. We’re thrilled!

Michael Busch, CEO Landau Media GmbH & Co.KG

Stephan Pointner - Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

For long-term projects like this one it is paramount to have reliable partners on board who also possess the necessary flexibility. In Garamantis we not only have such a partner, but at the same time an important creative idea giver in many a difficult project phase. From the first collective brainstorming right until the rollout at the trade fair, Garamantis always provided advice and support, and they never let the fun fall by the wayside to boot.

Stephan Pointner, Project Manager at Ars Electronica Solutions

Anna Ohlsen-Mangold - Senior Project Manager at Spielfeld, Roland Berger Digital Hub

With Garamantis we were lucky to win a professional partner for our Retail Experience Lab. Their technologies and solutions are very innovative and creative, and never cease to thrill our clients. Within no time, together we have developed a concept for the interactive wall. The realization went swiftly, and the ongoing support is extremely service‑ as well as customer‑oriented.

Anna Ohlsen-Mangold, Senior Project Manager at Spielfeld, Roland Berger Digital Hub

Dr. Robert Richter - Scientific Director of the ProductTestLaboratory, Berlin Museum of Natural History

For the Long Night of Museums 2017 Garamantis designed an interactive application that thrilled both the museum’s visitors and it's staff. Despite the very short lead time this project was a complete success from start to finish – technologically, design‑wise and organizationally speaking. The collaboration was totally uncomplicated and I am looking forward to further projects with Garamantis in the future.

Dr. Robert Richter, Scientific Director of the ProductTestLaboratory, Berlin Museum of Natural History

Norbert Hillinger - Co-Founder & Managing Partner at GDOS playroomrocks GmbH

We appreciate working with Garamantis especially because of their pragmatic and straightforward approach to problem-solving. Within no time, their team is able to come up with creative possible solutions and in this way managed to digitize our analog construction material – cardboard – with just one simple hack!

Norbert Hillinger, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at GDOS playroomrocks GmbH

Marie Okuniek - Event & Location Management at Zächel GmbH

The multi‑touch table as a part of the BMZ’s trade fair appearance at ITB 2017 was a complete success. The interactive map of the world helped to rapidly attract visitor’s attention to the fair stand.

Marie Okuniek, Event & Location Management at Zächel GmbH

Simone Orgel - Head of Project, republica GmbH

Garamantis at the re:publica? Technology and innovation meet fun, attractive design and community interaction. Thank you for this exciting project and the good collaboration!

Simone Orgel, Head of Project, republica GmbH

Lola Güldenberg - Founder of LOLA GÜLDENBERG - Agentur für Trendforschung

I can come up with the wildest futuristic ideas – with Garamantis I am always guaranteed to find a way of turning them into an experience.

Lola Güldenberg, Founder of LOLA GÜLDENBERG - Agentur für Trendforschung

Franz-Michael Günther - Curator at German Spy Museum

For me, the collaboration with Garamantis on this – in every aspect – very complex and complicated project in the German Spy Museum, Berlin, can be summed up under the following three results: First, "This won’t work" is not in their vocabulary. And even if so, this was rather because our wishes and requirements were phrased too vaguely, and Garamantis helped clarify them by suggesting possible solutions. Second, Garamantis’s ideas and networks, like the interactive display cases, have opened up new and innovative ways of presentation for our exhibition concept as a whole and have consequently been integrated into the permanent exhibition. Third, this project took an immense toll on everybody’s nerves and strength. The entire Garamantis team was always an important "filling station" of "garamantic" sense of humor and mediating easiness for all of us. It has been great fun and we consider a recommendation imperative!

Franz-Michael Günther, Curator at German Spy Museum

Dr. Friederich Kupzog - Senior Scientist at Austrian Institute of Technology

Our product, an intelligent control unit, is technically complex and requires intensive explanation. In Garamantis’ interactive display case, we were able to put it on view in an attractive fashion and at the same time comprehensively explain all its functions to the viewer. The display case was a high-quality experience for our visitors. It enjoyed a lot of attention, and many people interacted with it.

Dr. Friederich Kupzog, Senior Scientist at Austrian Institute of Technology

Felix Handschuh - Project Manager at Neofonie Mobile GmbH

We approached Garamantis with a technically complex problem, and we received a tailor-made software and hardware solution. I can only recommend this company!

Felix Handschuh, Project Manager at Neofonie Mobile GmbH

Stefanie Kinsky - C/O Berlin Foundation

For the Long Night of Museums in Berlin, Garamantis has – in a very short time – developed a software product that interacts with the user and immediately picks, as well as prints, matching images via an interface to Instagram. Because its operation can be grasped intuitively, along with the additional bonus of physically palpable photographs, this installation soon became a magnet for visitors.

Stefanie Kinsky, C/O Berlin Foundation

Elke Kellner - Managing Director of ICOM Austria

The display case demonstrated state-of-the-art museum technology and excited the Austrian museum community with its elegant design and intuitive user interface. In this way a lot of additional information on and around the object on display becomes available to the visitor, in the best sense of the expression “modern museum storytelling”

Elke Kellner, Managing Director of ICOM Austria

Katharina Kepplinger - Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz

The collaboration with Garamantis was excellent, right from the start of the conception process up to the scanner-table’s final assembly for the Humboldt-Forum conference. Thanks to the customized software, we managed to achieve our main objective – the long-term binding of interested parties.

Katharina Kepplinger, Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz

Karsten Göbel - Managing Director Strategy & Consulting at "Super an der Spree"

The interactive stand at "International Green Week" trade fair in Berlin, designed for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), was a huge success. The multi‑touch scanner table and the interactive display case simply are "something new" and thus attracted the trade fair visitors. We knew we could rely on Garamantis and were once again thrilled with their creative visions and the technology applied. We are already looking forward to the next great project!

Karsten Göbel, Managing Director Strategy & Consulting at "Super an der Spree"