Interactive Club Museum „FohlenWelt“

65 inch multitouch scanner table made of black acrylic stone with numerous multiplayer games

In the 1970s, a remarkably young Borussia team conquered the top ranks of international professional soccer and the hearts of countless fans all over the world alike, with their spirited, brash and counteroffensive soccer play. Its members’ young age average gave rise to the team’s moniker as “foal squad”, which to this day plays a role in the self-image of the time-honored soccer club Borussia Mönchengladbach. Today, the club can count on its 84,000 members and more than a thousand fan clubs worldwide and is proud to look back on its successful and interesting history.

Now this history is being recounted with up-to-date multimedia means on the 1,250 square meters of the club’s own brand-new museum called “FohlenWelt” (literally: FoalWorld). After the completion of a new building complex in Borussia Park, including a hotel and a theme store, on May 5th FohlenWelt opened its gates to the public for the first time.

The interactive exhibition shows roughly 1,400 exhibits. On behalf of the meap agency Garamantis had the chance to realize one of its central media installations: a 65’’ multi‑touch scanner table that gives museum visitors the opportunity to learn more about the club and – of course – to play. The custom-made table designed to recall the team colors consists of black acrylic stone with green LED lighting, provides a multitude of interactive content and can be used by four to eight people at the same time.

In the shape of a 3D globe, visitors can spin the “world of foals” (FohlenWelt) and get an overview of over 1,000 fan clubs all over the world. In countries and regions with an especially large number of fan clubs, visitors first can zoom into greater detail with a touch gesture and then select individual fan clubs they want to learn more about. At the same time, a social media interface allows the exact worldwide localization of every relevant posting related to the club.

In addition, the interactive globe gives access to several gaming features by zooming into the BORUSSIA Park stadium, where a multi-player quiz on the 118 years of club history awaits the visitor. In order to score, the players not only have to find the correct answer, but the unguarded corner of the goal as well.

The real highlight on BORUSSIA PARK’s “digital turf”, however, is the fast-paced multiplayer “Tipp-Kick” game. As many people as fit the table can join the match at any time to try and land the ball in the opponent’s goal. What’s more, it’s possible to select an actual historic team line-up, or put together one’s own personal “dream team” from all Borussia players past and present. To save his (or her) personal high score, the player simply inserts the tablet-guide into the table’s scanner unit. The digital information on the visitor collected upon entry are then displayed in the high score menu and saved in the table’s CMS.

In the event of an unforeseen and sudden rush of visitors to the interactive museum, its administrators can adapt the player mode via web console and, for instance, only run the faster multi-player games. Furthermore, they are able to maintain and expand all content, like, for instance, the data regarding fan clubs and team members or the quiz questions, via web-based CMS.

The exhibition is subdivided into nine chronological sections in which Borussia’s career is traced in a descriptive and multimedia enhanced way. Added to this are 21 thematic sectors where visitors can deepen their trivia knowledge, relive legendary moments in the club’s history or create their very own personal Borussia moment. An additional highlight feature of the exhibition is the tablet guide system, which rounds off the interactive Borussia experience.

meap GmbH

Project facts

  • Customer: meap GmbH
  • Context: Club Museum “FohlenWelt”
  • Implementation time: 12 weeks
  • Finishing date: May 2020
  • 65-inch Corian multitouch table
  • Location of the fan clubs on an impressive 3D globe
  • Multiplayer quiz
  • Multiplayer tip kick game
  • Communication with tablet guides
Playing field Multitouch software Multiplayer
Multitouch Game Football Multiplayer Quiz
Multitouch Player Selection Dream Team
Game Selection Football Multitouch Table
Globe zoom with fan clubs on multi-touch table
3d globe in Unity multitouch software
Multitouch Table black Corian
Multitouch soccer game in the foal world

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