Trade Fair and Event, Shop and POS, Museum and exhibition, Company and Showroom

Trade Fair and Events

When it comes to trade fairs and major events, our multi-touch table or our interactive display case offer the best solution. You are also welcome to rent both from Garamantis. Just tell us which content you want to use and which target group you want to address – we take care of the rest, including on-site assembly and disassembly. Of course, we also collaborate with trade fair organizers and event agencies.

Our interactive showcase/display case is ideally suited for presenting non‑representational products and conveying complex content and thus makes them easier to understand and experience.

The multi-touch table can actively address fair visitors in its surrounding on its own accord, recognize print leaflets, and then present the matching digital content. More Information about trade fairs and events

The multi touch table addresses visitors at trade fairs and events, recognizes trade fair flyers and presents proper video content

Store and POS

An interactive installation in your store or at yourPOS piques your customers’ curiosity. Upscale products and/or products in need of further explanation, for instance, can be presented in an interactive display case. Whether this is integrated in a shop window or linked to your online-shop, the customer can now visit and shop at your POS 24/7– even outside business hours.

During idle times, a shopping-wall plays large-scale videos and creates sustainable impact on customers. By means of integrated scanners, optical product recognition and link-up to your check-out system, you fully incorporate both digital and analog shopping into your store. More information about store and POS

An interactive shopping wall in a shop or at the POS is a unique shopping experience for your customers

Companiy and Showroom

For companies and showrooms, we devise interactive installations for a multitude of purposes and occasions, e.g. information systems in company headquarters, exhibitions on the occasion of anniversaries or product launches, multi-touch tables functioning as “digital concierge”, interactive display cases for the presentation of awards and prizes, virtual tours by means of VR‑technology and many more.

Plenty of companies and corporations are currently working on their “digital transformation” and strive to make this renewal immediately perceptible to journalists, investors and employees. In this process, Garamantis is your all-round service provider. More information about companies and showrooms

Interactive information system for companies - SAP training center Germany

Museum and Exhibition

For museums and exhibitions,we offer novel concepts and innovative technologies which interactively involve and impress the visitor and at the same time ensure a maximum of information transfer. Instead of just watching passively, the visitor now can actively participate by playing interactive games and exploring the exhibits.

Museums can benefit not only from the conception and installation of our hardware, but also from our customized software and sophisticated content management system. In this way, a museum can either add or complement digital content or create an entirely new exhibition with the existing hardware. More information about museum and exhibition

Visitors of an exhibition in a museum interacting with a multi touch solution by Garamantis

Michael Mondria - Senior Director at Ars Electronica Solutions

Garamantis is one of our most important collaboration partners. Their dedication, creativity, reliability, their quality and expertise are exemplary, and Garamantis’ numerous successful projects worldwide bear strong witness to that.

Michael Mondria, Senior Director at Ars Electronica Solutions

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