360 Degree Climate Dome

Multi-sensory immersive experience installation with VR goggles for trade shows and events

Climate Dome - multisensory 360-degree video exhibition installation
Multi-sensory experience installation with VR glasses for trade fairs and events

A close encounter with the seemingly unstoppable climate change – that’s something visitor groups of up to 12 people can experience in the “Climate Dome” of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung = BMZ).

A Virtual Reality takes them to Madagascar, a country particularly affected by the effects of global warming and one of the BMZ’s places of action. Equipped with VR goggles inside a 360‑degree video, visitors can get a first-hand impression of the living conditions and challenges of the people there. They not only see and hear, how the inhabitants of the African island state cope with the climate change, they also feel the heat and dry air of the steppe or sense the cool ocean breeze at the seaside. They can smell the arid ground and the herds of cattle searching for sparse water supplies, as well as the salty, fishy odor of the shoreline. They ride a motorcycle across a local market, past stalls with spices and vegetables. Inside the 360‑degree Climate Dome, the trip to Madagascar feels downright real. Visitors soon tend to forget that, actually, they are at a trade show booth of the German Federal Ministry and dealing with a rather complex subject matter. In any case, their five‑minute adventure trip is likely to stick in their memory.

Commissioned by the BMZ, our partnering business Super an der Spree has realized this multi-sensory adventure, which from the outside looks like an airy globe and accommodates up to 12 people in its inside experiential space. At the entrance to the Dome visitors are provided with especially prepared Oculus Go VR headsets and then take a seat on swivel stools, so they can conveniently turn in every direction and look at different perspectives. The olfactory and tactile sensory impressions are generated by a “climate tower” at the dome’s center, designed by Garamantis. A presenter controls the 360‑degree video, which plays synchronously on up to 30 VR-headsets, via tablet PC. This film was specially recorded in Madagascar for the Federal Ministry and produced for the mobile Climate Dome. Currently, there already are plans for further employments of the installation and for more videos, as during its premiere on the IdeenExpo trade show in Hannover the Climate Dome attracted long queues to the BMZ booth.

Photos: Super an der Spree

Project facts

  • Client: Super an der Spree
  • Context: IdeenExpo trade show 2019
  • Finishing date: June 2019
  • Virtual reality with 360-degree video
  • Climate Tower provides heat, wind and smell
  • 30 synchronous Oculus Go VR glasses

Stefan Trabant - Managing Director Creation at SUPER an der Spree

Again, the technical realization of the 360-degree climate dome for the BMZ was super with Garamantis. Technically, qualitatively, innovatively and humanly a pleasure!

Stefan Trabant, Managing Director Creation at SUPER an der Spree

m+a report Messemagazin - September 2019

In a 360-degree video, visitors were given an insight into the living conditions and challenges of the local people via VR glasses. They not only saw and heard how the inhabitants of the African island state dealt with climate change, but also felt the heat and dry air in the steppe, or the cool ocean breezes on the coast.
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m+a report Messemagazin, September 2019