Best Place Property Center

Superlative Real Estate Showroom in the Heart of Berlin

With this project, the name says it all: in the prime location near Brandenburg Gate on Berlin’s Unter den Linden boulevard, the real estate company Best Place opened their extraordinary showroom in what is literally the best place in town. The Best Place Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG is Berlin’s leading independent platform for condominium owners and developers. The task here was nothing less than to realize Germany’s most interactive real estate showroom within just a few months.

Innovative Real Estate Showroom

In this exceptional showroom it’s all about Best Place’s exclusive real estate property in the Greater Berlin area. Interactive high-resolution maps provide interested parties with an excellent overview on the properties’ locations on both macro- and micro-level. Even international investors thus quickly get a good idea of quality and prestige of a property’s location and neighborhood. Each property unit is presented with a multitude of image and video material, maps, and extra information.
A total of three multi-touch tables are individually networked to three monitor walls. From the tables’ touch surfaces, any content can be swiped with a finger to just one or all three of these walls, to unfold there in maximum resolution and impressive design.

Games and Event Mode Provide Entertainment and Stunning Visual Presentation

Apart from the interactive presentation of real estate property, the showroom is equipped with additional presentation modes and gaming features. In the event mode, for example, all monitors merge into one large digital display surface. Even customized presentations with sophisticated visualizations in Best Place Real Estate’s corporate design are possible, all tailored to the respective client’s property and event. This is achieved through a few simple clicks in the web-based CMS, which manages and controls all content.

Real Estate Presentation with Multi-Touch

The maximum resolution displays inside the showroom reflect the premium standards of the real estate properties: each monitor wall (consisting of 9 Full-HD monitors) displays the content in a native resolution of 5,760 x 3,240 px. Interactive control of the monitor walls works via three tables equipped with 4 K multi-touch displays (3,840 x 2,160 px) and no less than 100 parallel points of contact, enabling a large number of people to interact with the system at the same time. Four additional 75’’ 4K displays arranged to form a right-angled “corner wall” complete the room’s digital flair. High-grade materials used for the room’s interior and white lacquer and walnut furniture make the perfect stage for the extraordinary technology. A maximum outward effect and attraction is achieved through three 75” 4K displays in the storefront window.

Showroom with PIK AG’s AV Technology

A particular challenge of this project was the exceptionally short timeframe for implementation, particularly in terms of sourcing appropriate media technology in times of disrupted global supply chains. Luckily, our collaboration with the Berlin AV system provider PIK AG was smooth and dependable. Our thanks go to the entire project team at Best Place Real Estate and PIK AG.

Best Place Immobilien

Best Place Immobilien

Project Data

  • Client: Best Place Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG
  • Context: Real Estate showroom
  • Time for Implementation: 3 months
  • Project completion: March 2022
  • 3 multi-touch scanner tables (4K) with 100 points of contact
  • web-based CMS
  • customized multi-touch software
  • display on high-resolution monitor walls

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