Deep Space at Singapore Science Centre

E3 - Emmersive Experiential Environments

wall projection and floor projection inside the Deep Space installation
Interactive Deep Space-Installation "Mangarium"
Stereo 3D Installation by Garamantis

Virtual Reality environment with two projections

For the exhibition “E3 – Emmersive Experiential Environments” taking place at Singapore Science Center, a smaller version of the Ars Electronica Deep Space was installed, and Garamantis was jointly responsible for the on-site assembly and system extension.
With the integration of Deep Space into the permanent exhibition, a long-standing cooperation between Ars Electronica and the Science Center has successfully been continued.

The Deep Space is a Virtual Reality environment consisting of a wall projection and a walk-on floor projection. Besides permanent installations like the Deep Space 8K in Ars Electronica Center (with its total of eight 4K‑projections), smaller versions for temporary installation are also available. Deep Space can be considered as a platform able to render any type of application – starting from gigapixel viewers to art installations up to complex virtual reality installations. Its special feature, the walkable floor projection, makes any application appear to be within the visitors’ reach.

Project facts

  • Client: Ars Electronica Solutions
  • Context: Science Centre Singapore
  • Finishing date: December 2015
  • Virtual Reality Environment

Utilized product

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