Interactive Newsroom

Keeping track of an abundancy of news and information via a real-time display in any desired resolution

Communication and media are changing ever more rapidly. Not only media enterprises, but virtually every larger company nowadays faces the challenge of keeping track of an abundancy of news and information on a multitude of channels, of evaluating them and – if necessary – reacting accordingly (e. g. in crisis communication, real-time content marketing, topic planning).

Leading companies place their trust in media observation specialists, such as Landau Media in Berlin. As one of the leading professionals in the field of media monitoring, this full-service provider (print media, TV, online, social media and radio) provides a complete overview of the media landscape and, by means of analysis technologies, makes it available to enterprises to serve as a sound foundation for relevant business decisions.

In cooperation with Landau Media, Garamantis has developed a concept for an interactive newsroom, which supports organizations in their daily internal and external communication work. The system is based on Landau Media’s live data interface that bundles and filters information from more than a million sources. As soon as an article published in print or online media or broadcast via TV, radio or news ticker matches certain predefined relevance criteria, this interface automatically dispatches it to the newsroom application. This not only works for social media channels, but internal communication channels, RSS feeds, TV streams and stock market prices as well can be displayed, if desired. Comprehensive meta-information supplied by the system are, for instance, reach, tonality and relevance of the posts.

The messages arrive in freely configurable view on flexibly scalable multi-touch screens where they can be selected, analyzed or processed and edited via touch gestures, depending on the company’s individual application. There’s also the option of gesture control or control via iPad or smartphone, which makes this device especially suitable for presentations.

The native 3D computer graphics software designed by Garamantis is independent of sluggish web technologies and thus allows instantaneous real-time display in any desired resolution with brilliant animations. Hence the interactive newsroom combines all the pros of cross‑platform media analysis with the flexibility of a local interactive installation. For instance, the newsroom can represent a company in their headquarters’ foyer or can be directly integrated into the workflows of company communication.

Landau Media

Landau Media

Project facts

  • Partner: Landau Media GmbH & Co. KG
  • Context: Cooperation interactive newsroom
  • Finishing date: January 2018
  • live data API
  • more than one million sources
  • native 3D software
  • individual multitouch GUI
BASIC Thinking

Relevant, individual, diverse – behind the interactive newsroom lies the technology of Landau Media. Through their media monitoring customers have access to all German-language newspapers, magazines, TV channels, social media channels, RSS newsfeeds and radio stations – just to name a few sources. Using predefined keywords, an algorithm filters out the relevant content for each customer.
Interaktiver Newsroom: So wird aus der Informationsflut relevanter Content für dein Unternehmen

BASIC Thinking, 4/9/2018
Michael Busch

A newsroom used in corporate communication needs applications for crossmedial visualization of content and news streams and for planning and producing new content, while ensuring a 360 degree view on all the different media channels. With their professional multi-touch technologies, Garamantis have created the perfect implementation of all those requirements for our customers. For each and every user in the field of corporate communication and marketing, Garamantis develops the exactly fitted interactive newsroom solution – ranging from entry-level to high-end and flexible as well as modular. We’re thrilled!

Michael Busch, CEO Landau Media GmbH & Co.KG

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