Interactive Projection Mapping

Interactive Projection at Visa Futures Conference in Barcelona

interactive projection mapping at a trade fair stand
innovative retail concepts at Visa Futures Conference
Rendering: interactive trade fair module about future of retail with projection

In cooperation with Roland Berger, Spielfeld Digital Hub and Playroom, Garamantis Inc. presented innovative retail concepts at the Visa Futures

Shop in stores outside of opening hours, virtual trial fittings and purchases at any time by voice command – these are just a few of the subjects addressed by the Visa Futures Conference which took place in September 2017 in Barcelona.

As a partner of Spielfeld and together with the creative experts at Playroom, Garamantis designed an interactive trade show module concerning the topic “the future of shopping”. The trade fair stand’s centerpiece was an interactive projection onto temporary walls made by Playroom. By means of projection mapping, Garamantis brought various shopping scenarios of the future to life: trade visitors could activate a virtual fitting room or initiate purchases by voice command in Alexa and subsequently get further in-depth information about this technology.
The interactive display window as well met with great interest among sales agents and bankers. This device allows customers to rotate and configure real products in a shop window or a display case, retrieve further information and initiate online purchases via touch gesture on the glass surface.

Furthermore, at the two‑day annual conference Visa, the leading specialist for cashless payments, announced the opening of an even bigger retail lab at the end of 2017 in Berlin, where under the name “Retail Experience Labs” a 500‑square meter digital playing and testing ground for innovative payment options at actual points of sale is to be set up
The Retail Experience Lab is being developed in the Spielfeld Digital Hub, a co-working space that emerged from a collaboration between Visa and Roland Berger with the purpose of experiencing and experimenting with future trends and technologies in retail. To this end, Playroom is going to devise a temporary room into which Garamantis will integrate technologies such as projection mapping.

Project facts

  • Customer: Spielfeld
  • Context: Visa Futures Konferenz 2018
  • Finishing date: September 2018
  • interactive short throw projection
  • animated projection mapping
  • interactive store window

Utilized product

Initiative Mittelstand - 4/20/2018

The “Initiative Mittelstand” (“Initiative for MSE”) awards the Innovation Prize IT 2018 to particularly innovative IT solutions of high benefit to medium-sized enterprises. In the category "communication", the expert jury rates the interactive Projection Mapping by Garamantis with "BEST OF 2018". The rated product has convinced the jury and is within the top flights among this year’s Innovation Prize IT participants.

Initiative Mittelstand, 4/20/2018

l'Usine Digitale - 9/21/2017

In partnership with Roland Berger and Garamantis VISA presents a solution for purchases beyond store opening times.
Visa eröffnet ein 100%ig innovatives Einzelhandels-Labor in Berlin

l'Usine Digitale, 9/21/2017

invidis consulting - 9/29/2017

New retail trends were the main topic at the Visa Futures Conference in Barcelona. A few old acquaintances from Berlin and Vienna showed how to present this in a sexy way.
Interactive Projection Mapping bei der Visa Future Conference

invidis consulting, 9/29/2017

Anna Ohlsen-Mangold - Senior Project Manager at Spielfeld, Roland Berger Digital Hub

With Garamantis we were lucky to win a professional partner for our Retail Experience Lab. Their technologies and solutions are very innovative and creative, and never cease to thrill our clients. Within no time, together we have developed a concept for the interactive wall. The realization went swiftly, and the ongoing support is extremely service‑ as well as customer‑oriented.

Anna Ohlsen-Mangold, Senior Project Manager at Spielfeld, Roland Berger Digital Hub

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