Aug 2022
by Andreas Will

The Crowning for any Showroom: a King on the Guest List

King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf visits Garamantis in Berlin

“Could someone please switch on the showroom? His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden is coming” – even among us, this is not an ordinary favour to ask of our esteemed colleagues. But we have to admit that when we look back at the VIPs who have visited our showroom on the EUREF campus this year alone, we feel a little proud.

Royal visit to the Garamantis showroom

The King of Sweden, for example, stopped by for a presentation of our interactive technologies and projects as part of his regular royal technology mission. Accompanying him – much to our delight – was an exclusive delegation of more than 30 CEOs from Sweden’s largest companies, including Vattenfall, Scania, Polestar, ABB Sweden, Ericsson and SAAB. We are more than happy to have been in the right place at the right time… because the last time the Royal Technology Mission’s visited Germany was in 1986.

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We are happy to welcome international visitor groups

The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi di Maio was among our guests, too. As was the President of Austria, Alexander van der Bellen – coinciding with a visit of Ars Electronica Solutions’ Senior Director Michael Mondria. Which for us was a perfect occasion to talk about our long-standing cooperation in Linz. Incidentally, all of these visits gave us ourselves an opportunity to become once again aware of how impressive an interactive presentation in a holistically designed showroom actually is.

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Our showroom’s attraction is of course partly due to its special location. Since 2018, we have been part of the community of EUREF Campus Berlin, an innovation hub where more than 1,000 people each year visit our Garamantis Showroom. And our audience is as divers as our projects are: students from all over the world, company representatives and CEOs, and only recently representatives of Telekom, KPM, the German armed forces (Bundeswehr), Berlin Hyp, and KEBA.


For this constant stream of visitors our special thanks go to the Board Members of EUREF AG (Reinhardt Müller, Karin Teichmann, Johannes Tücks, and Kevin Hauert) as well as the excellent and, by the way, super nice Visitor Services provider INPOLIS.

And When Are You Going to Drop By?

Whether you come with a crown or a long list of questions, we welcome you (and help you). Preferably here on our own premises. Of course, we can make all kinds of promises and assure you of the sheer immersive power of our interactive installations. But why not play it safe and come and see for yourself? A full consultation is included.

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