Jul 2021
by Andreas Will

htw saar presents interreg projects on multitouch table

htw saar presents interreg projects on multitouch table

The University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken is our latest client from the higher education sector. However, it is not presenting itself on the interactive table, but rather, as the lead beneficiary of the projects, the two Interreg projects “Prodpilot” and “PUSHGR”. Interreg, or as it is officially called “European territorial cooperation”, is part of the European Union’s structural and investment policy. For more than 20 years, cross-border cooperation between regions and cities, and thus cross-border cooperation, has been promoted.

Interactive trade fair presentation to inspire interested parties and new participants

We planned the mobile multi-touch table with a 55-inch ultra-HD display to attract new participants to the European projects at trade fairs and events. The joint conception and realisation took about 3 months. All data and facts are now just a fingertip away on a dynamic and playfully designed 3D surface. Externally, the table is fully designed in the corporate design of the projects.

Capacitive markers represent projects

There is more to touch than the touch display: By placing round markers on the high-resolution table surface, visitors can see the matching projects and themes around them. This makes it even more fun to place, move and get information. The table can accommodate four active visitors and can detect up to 80 fingers on its surface at any one time – enough for even the busiest stand.

Interactive map presents the Greater Region, partners and start-ups

The linchpin of the individual multi-touch software is an interactive map of the Greater Region. Depending on the project and topic, this filters out all the partners and start-ups involved. Otherwise it would be confusing in view of the large number of institutions involved. Visitors can call up more detailed information by touch or use a QR code on their smartphone to access further dialogue offerings such as surveys and registrations.

Explore the course of the project in the interactive timeline

The two projects, Prodpilot and PUSH.GR, have already reached many milestones, but there is still much to be done. Visitors can explore both on interactive timelines. Tap on a milestone and it will be explained by the table with videos, images and texts in the three languages of the Greater Region (German, French and English).

htw saar multitouch tisch software screenshot

The interactive map as well as the timelines and projects are the central elements of the multitouch software.

Ready anytime, anywhere – with flight case

The mobile multi-touch table can be transported or shipped in its flight case on wheels to any location and is ready for use in minutes. Updating and expanding the digital content is just as easy: as always, our web-based content management system Garamantis is used. An intuitive web interface allows htw saar to add and update milestones, partners, map entries, etc. at any time.

We would like to thank the team at htw saar for the nice, uncomplicated and goal-oriented collaboration and are already looking forward to working with them again!

mobiler Multitouch Tisch der htw saar mit mehreren Benutzern

Training of htw saar employees on the new multitouch table

“The implementation of our ideas and the cooperation with Garamantis was fun for our entire team. No request and no change request was too much and we felt understood even without many words. The final result and the visualisation of our projects made possible was successful. We are already looking forward to the trade fair visits with our new companion.” Deborah Nobile, project employee PRODPILOT and PUSH.GR

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